Monday, October 12, 2009

Note worthy

Yesterday I went with a friend to a place called Shaker Woods. They had Christmas in the woods which was a huge craft show, all set up in the woods. It was a bit chilly but the cold didn't stop us from spending 4 hours walking around browsing at all the wonderful things. It was of course mostly Christmas items but there were a lot of other great craft items as well. Believe it or not the only thing I came home with was a package of dip mix and the most delicious bottle of steak sauce that I have ever had. Debbie was trying to get ideas for gifts that she could make for Christmas and was taking notes on the things she liked the best. I probably should have been doing the same but I always think I'm going to be able to remember these things once I get home. I did see several things that I would have loved to have bought, unfortunately they were all out of my price range. (Have I ever told you how cheap I am?) Maybe that could be another blog

So this is what it's looking like in my neck of the woods these days. You can see there is a definite look of autumn around us. The clouds aren't real in this picture, I did some playing around with it. It might have looked better had I left the leaves a brighter color but I liked it a bit more muted.

And finally to finish my post off for the day, that first picture up there at the top, turned into this.

I just started messing around with different things and before I knew it this was staring back at me from the monitor. I liked it so I kept it.

And that wraps it up for the night. Have a great night and a greater day tomorrow.


  1. That's awesome Ann! I love playing around with photoshop also..The result, sometimes, is amazing!

  2. Sounds like a fun craft show. Hard to beleive that we are once again thinking about Christmas.

    Keep playing with Photoshop. It seems like the more you learn, the more you realize you have yet to learn. At least that has been my experience.

    Enjoy those muffins. So easy, tasty, and low-fat too. I froze quite a few because I'm the only here that eats them.

  3. Great results on Photoshop Ann..keep on playing there are still so many things to explore inside photoshop.

    Have a nice day!

  4. I don't even know the first thing about Photoshop so it always fascinates me. Someday I'll figure it out though!

  5. Well whatta you know? We've got a lill' Picasso on our hands.

  6. Love the photos!! Especially that last one! Cool work!! Have a Great day Miz Ann!!hughugs

  7. Neat artwork Ann :) You are very good in photoshop!

  8. Oh, love craft shows ... and miss them too much :(

    Cool, awesomest pics

  9. Sounds like you had a great day out and how cool to have a craft fair in the woods!

    Oh and Ann....I'm like you but I prefer the word frugal :). Cheap makes you sound mean and I highly doubt you are mean.

  10. The items at craft shows are always out of my reach, but I love looking at all the creativity. I don't know the first thing about Photoshop, but your photos always look amazing.

  11. I love all the trees in your area! Our house is located in what used to be a huge field, no trees! Well, we have a lot of very young trees, so someday, maybe it'll look like your picture!

  12. It looks like it would be a lot of fun! I love craft shows although I really don't buy much since I too am extremely cheap. Unfortunately, I don't have your skill to be able to make them myself so I end up craft free.

  13. you really do some wonderful things with your photography Ann...I have tried in the past but usually end up with something resembling a 2 year olds paining...*sigh*

  14. You have to love craft shows. And a Christmas one in the woods must have been great.I use to do them when I was younger.I don't mess with my pictures. I just get them worse.
    Have a good evening.

  15. IcyBC, it is a lot of fun, my favorite past time :)

    Sheri, my biggest problem is I sometimes get stuck in a rut and keep doing the same things over and over instead of learning something new

    January, Maybe some day I'll get to go to the full blown version instead of just elements

    Beaded tail, when I first started playing around I was in total awe of some of the things it could do, still am at times :)

    Roschelle, oh geeze, I hope I don't have to cut off my ear or Was that Picasso that did that?

    Donna, thanks bunches, you have a good night too

    Vickie, I love them too, wish there was one every week, but then I would probably get bored with them :)

    Theresa, yes frugal does sound much better.

    Jude, I'm glad I'm not the only one, and thank you very much

    Lynne, I wish I had more in my yard but then I would probably be complaining about all the raking

    Anne well I can do some stuff but somehow mine never turn out as nice as the things I'm trying to copy

    allotments4you, thanks so much, you want to see some of my earlier stuff, might make yours look like works of

    Grampy, it was fabulous, I'm thinking that the summer show might be really nice, not so cold but lots of shade

  16. I wish I had more time for craft shows! I'm cheap too! Great pictures

  17. I love fall! The trees are so gorgeous.

  18. Thanks for following our trip to Pittsburgh! Having now driven through some of the beautiful scenic valleys along I-76, I'm sure you'll have plenty more great photo opportunities this autumn!

  19. I love the way you turned the coffee cup and note pad into what looks like a lovely pencil rendering!! I just love that look....

  20. I love to see all things new and new ideas that often begin at humble craft fairs. I do think though that sometimes people over price items. They become too greedy. In England some craft exhibitions and market stalls will have produce that are priced the same as Harrods or similar stalls. This is false economy because in the end most people walk on by - which is a great pity especially when someone has spent a large amount of their spare time making these items.

    I suppose we all like to think we have purchased a bargain ... no matter who we are it adds to the thrill of the shopping experience.

    Your post has now made me wonder ... should I start shopping for Christmas yet? I am usually a last minute shopper - not right until the first snowflake - but I do like to wait until December!!

  21. What a great picture! I wish I could have come with you to the craft show. They are just so much fun! I usually go looking for ideas, though I do end up buying stuff too because I know that I'm just not going to remember the item, or make it for myself. LOL

  22. Very nice photo of the trees and the road. It seems this fall has not been the best for color. The trees don't seem to be on the same schedule here. Sigh. The craft show in the woods sounds really cool!

  23. Angie, I wish I had more time too, that darn job of mine really gets in the way sometimes

    countrymom, thanks and glad you stopped by

    Vange, I may not love the season but I sure do love the colors

    J Giddy, I'm hoping, if I can remember to keep my camera handy I'll be doing good

    Willoaks, thanks, I seem to have a thing for an abstract sort of look :)

    Kloggers/Polly I don't really like waiting till the last minute but I tend to put things off and then it all sneaks up on me

    Audgreysountrycrafts, my sister in law used to buy things at shows just to have a patern for making her own

    DK Miller thanks, so far we've had a pretty good variety of color but it feels like it came extra early this year

  24. I love those Christmas shops any time of the year. There's one in the Outer Banks of NC that we always check out, even though the holidays are months away. And I'm with you on the cheap thing totally! That's a nice fall pic and I'd never have guessed that those are faux clouds! :o)

  25. Sorry I'm so late Annie, you know how I procrastinate and play catch up, I should be ashamed.


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