Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I dare you.

Would you dare to travel down route 666?

If you are brave enough to have answered yes...







this guy?

Or maybe even worse?


  1. lol you're a nut! And no...uh uh...you are the big sister, YOU do it!

  2. Move over Frankie, Miawa is coming through! Ah, Ah, Ah!

  3. January, very brave of you :)

    Miawa, Frankie don't stand a chance....lol

  4. I'd love to meet him! He looks pretty lonely ;) My momma said never to judge a book by its cover... hehe

  5. I was brave enough until I saw what was waiting down that road!

  6. Whew! Sure. Why not? It's just a road name though. LOL

  7. lol, I would go down it if I had to. :P

  8. Real cute!! I've spent most of my adult life trying to rid my psyche of all the superstitions my mom and grandmom branded in my mind as a kid. Even with that said...I don't think I'd take that route!!

  9. I'd venture down...seeing my ex-husband again doesn't scare me a bit. ;) bahahaha

    And...YOU WON THE DRAWING! (http://onecreativequeen.blogspot.com/2009/10/uprintingcom-sticker-giveaway.html) Thank you so much for being one of the three people to enter...sigh...this is hopeless. lol

    Email me at queenkatherineATgmaildotcom so we can get your info in and get your prize to ya!

    Also, thanks for being a loyal visitor. Since I've dropped off the radar at EC, my readership is dwindling (it's gone from 0 to -4 lol) - and I just want you to know I really appreciate you being so sweet. There aren't many who would still drop by and read my semi-coherent ramblings. :) xx

  10. I'll send my son after him! :-) In his Zombie Doctor costume of course! Fun post today!

  11. Well I go to Hell, Michigan so I guess I would drive down this road! Fun post.

  12. Absolutely! After all it can't be that bad if the Minister Creek Campground is there.
    Perfect post for this week.
    Love Frankie and the Witch Moon.

  13. Frank is ok, LOVE the moom with a witch hat next to him. That's really cute!

  14. Aaaaahhhhhh! Run for your lives!

  15. He just looks like he is getting ready for the holiday. I like his happy moon friend too.

  16. HAHAHahahaaa....What an Adventure Girlfriend!! Lets GO! You drive...Hahahaa...hughugs

  17. Some people really are superstitious when it comes to 666 and 13, I'd probably take a chance if I had company.

  18. I never knew that a road like that existed. As for the "gentleman" in the picture. Sure! Hey, he could be a really nice guy. Looks like a really cute place too.

  19. Oh I'd definitely travel down route 666, then I'd leave the hubby and kids for him though I think the kids might scare him away...lol

  20. No, but I'd send a few family members!

  21. Nessa, you've got a point, they say beauty is only skin deep :)

    Beaded tail, he was looking pretty scary when I saw him

    junezach, go for it :)

    American idiot, only if you HAD to?...lol

    Roschelle, with all the superstitions out there I knew when I saw the sign I had to take the pic and turn it into a blog post...lol

    One creative queen, rofl, I thought that was my ex. NO WAY I WON!!!!!!!!!! and I love reading your ramblings, they seem very coherant to me...hmmmm I wonder what that means.

    DK Miller, that's the way send the kid...lol

    B Boys mom, no way, there really is a hell on earth...lol

    Connie Girl, ya know I didn't see that campground I wonder if that was just a ploy to get you to turn there

    Buggy, yeah the moon was cute as could be

    Daisy, don't be scared, there's all these people who will protect you :)
    Anne, I think you may be right.

    Donna, I'm ready, where did I put those keys...lol

    Jude, there is safety in numbers :)

    Sheri, I didn't either until we went down it.

    Allotments4you, ooo, the kids are scarier than that guy? Im sorry....lol

    Lin, I like your style....rofl


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