Sunday, October 4, 2009

Did you say Free?

I started doing my drops this morning and came across a post that I had to share with you. It's so important that I dropped the dropping to write this post.
The post I'm referring to was on Cornyman's Money Blog. The title of the post was EntreCard: Do you want FREE advertising for your blog? Well who wouldn't like free advertising? So I read on. You should go check out the post. It led me to a site called dropaholics

You may or may not have noticed the new widget on my sidebar. As of today, the top 10 droppers have a spot on my blog giving them free advertising. The way I see it, if you are dropping on me, it's only right that I should show my appreciation. Rather than doing the top ten for the last month, I chose to set it to the current top droppers, therefore how long your ad runs in the widget depends on how often you visit.


  1. Well, I have NO ideas about think I'll just say HI Sweetie!!Hahaaa...hughugs

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ann. I am going to check it out now! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog too!

  3. Hi thanks Ann for the shoutout :) Hope to see more loyal members who want to show off their pics on our blogs.

    Always a pleasure to visit your blog and see new scrapbook ideas!

  4. I'm so techno challenged! I can't figure out how to do this. Going to try again...and again...and....

  5. cool idea..maybe I will look into this!!

  6. I saw it on other blogs and liked the idea ... so, I custom made my own list for my blog! ;)

    P.S. *crying*, I drop on your blog everyday - where am I :(

  7. That's really cool! I've actually decided to stop with Entre Card once no one wants to advertise anymore. I just don't have time to drop.

  8. Hello to you Donna, thanks for stopping by

    Miawa, glad you came and saw, have a great day

    Cornyman, you are welcome, and thank you for posting about that, what a great idea

    Buggys, stick with it, you'll get it

    allotments4you i thought it was a great idea

    Vickie well aren't you the clever one, I'm too tech challenged to figure it out on my own.
    I don't know what the deal is with that, must be because I set it to current instead of for the month, not sure, you were up there yesterday. it's linked to the rss feed from my ec page and you show up there. I don't get it.
    and now I feel bad for making you cry :(

    Audrey, sorry you leaving EC but you aren't the only one that's for sure. I'll still keep stopping in to see what new on your blog though.


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