Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween horror story

Walk with me, if you dare, through the cemetery and I will tell you my story.

Stick close together as we go. You never know what may jump out from behind the head stones.

The day began just like any other Friday, nothing out of the ordinary. I woke early and headed off to work. All was going well until I returned home. The plan was to spend a peaceful night at home enjoying my favorite blogs. I poured myself a cup of coffee and settled in for a night of entertainment. Then it happened. It started out faint, just a whisper, mind you. A sound that was barely audible. The more time passed the louder it got. I couldn't take it any longer. Though fear was rising in me, I had to investigate. I had to know.

Are you sure you want me to go on? I don't know if I can bear to repeat it.

If I must.

As I was saying I had to investigate, I had to know. I walked quietly down the steps. The kitchen was dark except for a dim light that shone above the stove. I looked around but could see nothing out of the ordinary. Still the sound grew. Something was telling me to look in the cupboard. I had an odd feeling that the answer to my question could be found there. I ever so carefully opened the door and peeked inside. Oh the horror of it all. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Someone ate my last Reese's. Now the noise from my stomach grumbling in anticipation of that yummy chocolate and peanut butter confection will never stop.

Happy Halloween everyone. Do any of you have a Reese's by chance?


  1. Great story, you had me going there for a while. This is actually my idea of a horror story, because I love those things ;)

  2. Happy Halloween to you and yours Ann. I just LOVE your blog I especially love your editing of the pictures you take and the writing is perfect as well. You go gurl :-). See you again soon, Glenn

  3. That is one of the scariest stories I've read! I would be horrified to discover that somebody stole my Reese's. That's my favorite candy of all. There needs to be an investigation!

    I'd share if I had any left.

  4. AAAaaaaahhh! What a scairty story!

  5. Oh my goodness what an absolute nightmare!! You might want to consider a backup stash or ten...

  6. Oh, horror of horrors! I'm sorry you are Reeses-less. We are too. We wanted to save some for ourselves, but the trick-or-treaters were restless.

    Happy Halloween!

  7. I thought a cat was going to jump out at you.I have a whole bag of Reeses over here.

  8. Oh no chocolate missing it's a nightmare!!!! Happy Halloween :)

  9. Tahtimbo, well was it you that ate my reeses then?

    Man overboard. Why thank you very much, and a happy halloween to you also

    Ratty, I agree an investigation is called for. Did they hit you too or did you eat them all yourself?

    Daisy, hope i didn't scare you too much

    Jen good idea, I believe that I'll have to keep them under lock and key from now on

    JunkDrawer being reeses-less is the pits.

    Grampy, leave the lights on I'm coming over :)

  10. B Boys mom it sure is, especially when I have a

  11. hehehe, you are so talented. great story! if i had some reeses i would so give them to you.

    have a great day ann...hugz!

  12. That is certainly a scary story! I need to go check my cupboard to make sure my Reese's are safe!

  13. Nope. I don't ever buy those for halloween because I would totally eat every one of them before and kid knocked on my door.

  14. rofl! that was funny, and had me a little freaked out there for a min!

    Reminds me of the Halloween commercial they have on right now with the Reese with a bite out of it lol

  15. You're still a trip woman, love it.

  16. lol...I actually expected Duke to have been in the kitchen cupboard as my cat often sneaks in...maybe that's one to tuck away for next year!! Happy Halloween Anne. :-)

  17. Someone ate the last Reese's! That is a horror story. I do have some and I would even be willing to share. Only because you have such a fabulous name!

  18. We got a big bowl full - as always we over bought - not a lot of kids around here. Of course you will have to fight my husband for them

  19. What a nightmare! Someone stealing the chocolately goodness. :-(

    Happy Halloween! If you decided to dress up, it's not too late to enter the Superficial Ghoulery (Gallery) Costume Contest for your chance to win $100 cash. Hope to see you there!

  20. PJ, thanks I know you would

    Lin, my sentiments exactly

    Beadedtail, if they're still there hide them

    Buggys, darn, I'm never trick or treating at your

    Tanyia, sorry sis didn't mean to freak you out :) ha ha got her

    Miawa, you know I just gotta be me :)

    allotments4you, I had a cat once that snuck in the fridge while I had it opened. Didn't know he jumped in and he ended up being in there for an hour or (true story)

    Anne, you are my best friend. And may I say you also have a very lovely name :)

    Grace, is he a big guy? do you think I can take him?....rofl

    VetTech, yeah can you believe it? Didn't dress up but if I had I would surely have entered.

  21. Ann I hope whomever had the gall to do such a thing gets a BIG fright!! I'm afraid I'd be going nuts if someone did that to me. Fortunately my husband isn't a big fan.

    Funny thing, I had an Aunt who lived near Hershey, PA and when I lived in England she sent me a box of them. Best package I ever got!

  22. I must admit I have never heard of a Reese - are they sweet or a biscuit? We used to have Marathan's over here which sadly they changed the name of to Snickers which always reminds me of soggy nickers so a poor substitute of a name change. Would they be similar to that sort of thing? Do you have Mackintosh's over there? They do a splendid 'Golden Cup' this has to be the very best runny toffy bar in the whole wide world - it's almost shaped like a bone and dribbles down your throat - you could almost compare it to a toffee liqueur - absolutely divine.

    Anyway - hope that you have a lovely celebration this Hallowe'en!

  23. They got mine too. They do it every time I have any. I suspect anyone and everyone. One year my dog was the culprit. She got a whole bag of them, even though she doesn't like human food. I had to watch her for a while because of the chocolate. My sister and her kids are also Reese's thieves of the worst kind.

  24. Ahahaha! very funny, Ann! Your posts are always so much fun to read :)

  25. Happy're too cute!!

  26. That's why I never keep my favorite cookies in the kitchen... I have a secret hiding place for them! LOL!

  27. Oh no! That is horrible and terrifying at the same time. Did you capture the offender? This kind of thing happens at my workplace a lot too. Very scary place. :-) I hope you had a great Halloween!

  28. Bill made sure he saved some because he loves them, he even closed up shop early before all the trick or treaters could get them all and turned off the light. He reminds me of a little kid. Hope you had fun and I loved your horror story.

  29. I didn't know ghost likes Reese's too! :D

  30. Theresa, wow a whole box, lucky girl

    Split rock hope you had a good one too

    Kloggers/Polly oooo your missing out. they are they best yummy chocolate covering a chocolate center (peanut butter cup)

    Ratty oh i'm sorry I had a dog once who ate a bunch then threw them up wrapper and all. There's no wrong way to eat a reese'

    Duni he he he glad you like

    Roschelle, thank you :)

    Nessa i used to hide it all when the kids still lived at home

    DK Miller isn't it thoug. nope didn't catch anyone

    Jude, my kind of guy :)

    Vanilla I guess they do

  31. DUDE. No joke, I was eating a Reeses as I read this. HA!

  32. Horrifying! I can relate - as we had no good candy left over after yesterdays bombardment of trick or treaters. We do have a stash of Dum-Dum lollypops that we can't seem to get rid of, not quite as satisfying as a Reeses though.

  33. Julie, NO that's too funny

    Bonehead, the only reason they are called dum dums is because you have to be real dumb to pick that over something

  34. That was a mouse, wasn't that? I find your photo blog interesting. Would you like to exchange link with me?


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