Sunday, October 11, 2009

What happened?

Where did the weekend go? Last I knew it was Friday. I only blinked a couple times and already it's Sunday night. I had several things that I wanted to blog about but never got around to them.

I had fun with the game I posted for you the other day so I thought I would do another. This one is a little different. I have 2 pictures here and there are 6 differences in the pictures. I'm thinking that it's going to be pretty hard to see them with it this small. You'll probably need to click the picture to enlarge it. See if you can find them all.

Instead of making you wait a day for the answers I'm giving them to you today at the end of the post.
Now I have to put a little filler in between them so I'll just tell you what I did with my weekend.
Friday Wade and I decided to go out to eat after work. We had to make a couple stops and neither one of us felt like cooking when we got back home. We chose to go to Ponderosa. Bad choice. I should have known better because the last time we went there my food was luke warm and not the best. Well we paid for our meals and Wade headed to the buffet, which he got with his. Finally they brought our food out (this was around 4:30 so it wasn't very busy) I took one bite of the sirloin tips and guess what? Yep, cold. Ok how about a french fry. Nope, that was cold too. Then the mushroom, they were cold too and SUPER salty. The girl that had our table comes over and asks if everything is alright. I don't think she was expecting my What I said was "Well it would probably be a lot better if it was hot" She said I'm sorry twice and then walked away. OK, then Wade stopped another girl and asked her if we could have our money back for my meal because I was not going to eat it. She said no problem walked away and never came back. I saw her talking to one of the cooks but then she just went about her business. Finally the first girl came back and asked if I wanted another drink. I said no. So she asked if I wanted to talk to a manager. Why yes, I do. :) The manager came out and I told her the food was cold and it was the second time it had happened to me. She said there was no reason for that with all the people they had working. Then she cheerfully refunded all our money minus the cost of the drinks. Oh well I wasn't all that hungry anyway.
Well since I made that such a long story I'll just give you the answers now and tell you what I did today on another post.

So did you find them all?


  1. I found four of them! I passed! LOL

  2. I found four also.. LOL... that was fun! thanks have a nice day Ann.

  3. Oh fun!! I'm with everyone, I found four pretty easily. Sorry to hear about Ponderosa, can't tell you the last time I was there...Hmmm.

    Stopping by from Beaded Tail. Hope you are having a great Sunday night!

  4. This was a tough one. Only managed to find the pigeon! LOL!

    Yup, I hate cold food. At least you got your money back ya :)

  5. I found 4 of them! That one was a toughy!

    Sorry about your dinner Friday night. At least they refunded you which is probably something they do a lot if the food is always cold.

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. Finding the differences was neat. You did a good job with it - the shadows made it kind of tough.

  7. That was really fun. I found 5 of them. Blessings,

  8. Boy! Have I had the same thing happen to me! People are caring less and less these days!
    Loved trying to find all the differences!! That was Fun!!hughugs

  9. yay, i found them. i used to play this when i worked at the bar on those table top game things. this was my favorite game on there.

    i think restaurant customer service is becoming obsolete. i won't send my food back if it is not right, who knows what the cook will do to it. i just don't eat it and ask for my money back.

    have a great day ann...hugz!

  10. I found the two shadows and the bird right away. The other ones were hard!

  11. I found 5...really took some doing to spot my fifth one though...and I didn't know until ages later that the answers were underneath because I stopped at the pictures!!!

  12. I found 5 of them and could not find that fifth one! Good game, thanks.

  13. Oh I love these. How fun! You are too clever.


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