Monday, October 19, 2009


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This post is brought to you by Duke the catdog

Hey everyone. I'm so excited I get to do a post fur mom.

First let me tell you that when I first came to live with mom and pop I had a big brother who's name was Pringle. Mom says he was a cat. Pringle taught me some really cool stuff. He showed me all the best places to take a nap. My favorite is the back of the couch. He also taught me that if you want to get a really good look out the window you have to get up on the end table. I don't know why mom doesn't think that's a good idea. Must be she doesn't know what a great view you get.
Once, Pringle even showed me how to get up on the big table that Mom and Pop put their food dishes on. Mom was not happy bout that one. I only tried it two times and both times she got really mad.

My brother doesn't live here any more. Last year after Christmas he snuck out to take a walk and never came back. I still remember all the cool stuff he taught me though.

Boy I sure do miss my brother sometimes.
Here's a picture of me thinkin bout him

This bloggin stuff sure makes me tired. I'm gonna take a nap now, just like my brother showed me.


tahtimbo said...

I am very sorry to hear about Pringle. That is a fear I constantly have with our two cats.
I agree, Duke, this writing stuff does make you tired. Maybe that's why I am always yawning. Have a good nap:)

BeadedTail said...

We're sorry to hear about Pringle not coming home again. It's good that he taught you so many cool things though! Hope you had a nice nap!

Angel, Isabella and Sadie

WillOaks Studio said...

Darn it, got all choked up on that one. I have a real hard time with animal stories without happy endings..I'm a sop about this topic. So sorry you lost your kitty. said...

Hi Duke....I'm sorry that Pringle never made it home...I have just lot my cat so this is very dear to my heart and I feel for you greatly....what you have to remember though is that you learnt all that cool stuff off Pringle and so through you your brother can live on. Hugs to you and your Mom and Pop... xxxx

Lei said...


Anne said...

I am so sorry that Pringle went for a walk and never came back. Hopefully, he found another happy family and is living with them. It is true, cats know all the really good places to nap.

Ann said...

Tahtimbo, even though we tried to keep him an inside cat, he had other plans

beaded tail, oh yes cool things

Willoaks since we don't know what actually happened to him, we prefer to think he just found himself a new home. I'm a bit of a sop when it comes to animals too :)

allotments4you, sorry about your cat, I read your post a little while ago

Lei, thanks for stopping by

Roschelle said...

Hi Duke,
It's certainly a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed your post today and please don't be a stranger. I love doggies!!!

Ann said...

Anne, I must have been responded to comments the same time you were leaving yours. and you even have the same though about what happened to pringle.

Miawa said...

Well Duke you just hang in there buddy maybe Mommy and Daddy will make you another brother and you can teach him everything! Yeah Mom, what's wrong with you - he's lonely.

vickie said...

awwww, sweet puppy ...

Daisy said...

Duke, it sounds like Pringle was a very good older brother. Wherever he is now, I am sure Pringle is very proud of you.

VanillaSeven said...

Ooh! so many losses these days! two of my close blogger friends just lost their cats too... Hang on Duke..

Ann said...

Roschelle, i'm sure duke will have a chance again, he says nice to meet you too

Miawa, I don't think

Vickie, spoiled puppy :)

Daisy, and he's probably also appreciating the peace and

Vanilla well this was a year ago so duke has adjusted pretty well

Theresa said...

Duke, I'm sorry you lost your big brother Pringle but it sounds like you have some great memories of him. Enjoy your nap!

Sheri said...

Oh Duke, I'm so sorry about your losing your Pringle. It sounds like you had some great memories with him and he will live on in all your hearts forever. So hang in there and try to remember that you aren't a feline and you will get into trouble getting up onto things where you don't belong.

You are precious!

Donna said...

Oh sorry about Pringle!! I Love the pictures! How loving!!!
Our friends old dog went "walk about" as well...terrible thing.

Nessa said...

Awwww... Duke is such a cutie! Poor ol' Pringles :*(

What breed is Duke? He looks like a .. er, errr... hmmmm... I have no idea!!

Ann said...

Theresa, he surely does :)

Sheri, he does have a problem remember he's a dog, I don't know if he'll ever outgrow it :)

Donna, thanks, it has been awhile so I have gotten used to it, just cracks me up when Duke still does kitty things :)

Nessa, Duke is a West Highland Terrier (Westie for short)

Ratty said...

My dog used to steal cat ideas too, but she wasn't a catdog. She acted more like a guard in cat prison.

Jude said...

So sorry about your cat, but that is one adorable little dog. My Shadow does many cat things which cracks me up.

Duni said...

Awww...Pringle is one clever cat. I'm sorry he left home :(
There are cats that do come back even after two years!!! so, maybe?
Anyway, you sure look cute when you're tired :)

Ann said...

Ratty, LOL well I think that maybe Duke isn't too sad about the cat being gone, he was pretty jealous of any attention the cat got.

Jude, yep he is a cutie, keeps me laughing

Duni, I've heard that, ya never know.

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