Sunday, October 4, 2009

Find it (post 2 for the day)

I have a little game for you today. There are 5 hidden pictures in the image below
1 a cemetery scene
2 my dog Duke
3 a leaf
4 a burning candle
5 a scarecrow

Can you find all 5?
I don't think it should be all that difficult. They seem to pop right off the page at me, but then again I know exactly where they are too. Just in case you can't find them all I will post the answer tomorrow.
If you enjoy this maybe I'll do more of these, I had fun putting it together.


Miawa said...

I found them, cute idea Annie, Ms clever-you

tahtimbo said...

The only one I couldn't find was the burning candle. Oh, and thank you for the link to the Idaho City cemetery. I never even thought about that place.

BeadedTail said...

The candle is a toughie but I finally found it. At least I think so and will come back tomorrow to see if I was right!

Ann said...

Good job Miawa

Tahtimbo the candle is the hardest one. You're welcome for the link, bet that would make a cool ghost story

BeadedTail way to go,

Grampy said...

I think I have all of them. I will check back tomorrow to see.

Tanyia said...

that was cute :)

Nessa said...

Hey Ann! Cool game :D

I managed to find all.. yay! :) The cemetery scene took me the longest. Look forward to your reveal.

Buggys said...

I can't find the candle, I must need new glasses! Drop by my blog, there's an award for you.

VanillaSeven said...

LOL, this is fun! Thanks for the game Ann :)

Ratty said...

This looks fun. I hope it's okay that I write my answers.

1. middle left
2. top right
3. bottom right
4. Maybe middle, not sure
5. Not quite bottom, not quite left

Roschelle said...

Found all except the candle. But it is 1am and I've been online for hours!!! said...

I think I have found them...but maybe I am making the candle up in my head!!!

Swapna said...

i found four.. this is fun.. I did not find the candle. The first one i found was the leaf.

PJ said...

i didn't find the candle either. that one is hidden well. this was fun! have a wonderful day...hugz!

Chris said...

yep, I found them all. At first I couldn't find the candle. You're very crafty! Have a good Monday

Brett said...

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

I found them all except the cemetery. Wow Tim not only found it, he knew which cemetery it was...wtg Tim!!

Happy Monday Ann!

Ann said...

Great job everyone.

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