Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where's my sign

You'll pardon me if I begin this post with a short but much needed rant. I just want to know who stuck the sign on my back that says kick me. I won't go into detail about the drama that I call my life. There's a saying that goes "Some days you're the dog and some days you're the hydrant" I want to know when my turn is to be the dog because this hydrant has had enough.

Alright, I feel better now. OK so maybe I don't but the post must go on.
I just have a few little things to share with you tonight. First is a picture I took while I was on vacation. I popped out on the deck to see what I could capture with my camera and noticed a blue jay flying around. I so wish I had a camera that I could zoom in closer on things. I enlarged the bird so you could get a better look at him.

Deb a.k.a. the scrappincop has been playing around with halftone patterns. She did a little tutorial and I tried it out yesterday. The link for her tut is
I was really having fun with this one. This was a paper I made that I really liked.

I also did a couple of overlays. Maybe tomorrow if I can get my act together I'll whip up a download for you with a few of the things I've made.

Finally, this is an old picture that I pulled out and started playing with. It was taken a couple years ago. Wade and I dressed up for Halloween to pass out candy. He was sitting on the front porch when I took the picture. I layered it on top of one of the many pictures I have of the moon. Then I posterized it a little and gave him the creepy red eyes.

Well that's it for now. Maybe I'll go do some more playing in pse and see if I can adjust my attitude a little.


  1. Well, maybe I ain't too bright, but I can't imagine anyone with half a lick of sense ever treating you poorly on purpose. For you have a delightful sense-of-humor, you are very well-spoken, and even from the teeny tiny picture of yourself that you have posted here, you appear to be quite a looker. So, endure it if you believe it is worth it, but this life is too short to put up with "stuff" that you don't have to. Of course, my idea of what I don't have to endure and our Heavenly Father's idea of such differs quite often, but if you humbly ask Him, He will tell you what to do. I hope better days are on the horizon for you.

  2. Sorry you had a bad time!

    I think the Halloween image is cool.

  3. *thinks hard*

    well, they say life is a roller-coaster... the next one will be uplifting, it has to! :D

    Have a great weekend Ann!

  4. FishHawk, aww, I think I'm blushing :) you just made my day with your comment. The only problem with "stuff" is that even though you may make good choices other people may not and you get caught in it whether you like it or not.

    Daisy, ah well, this too shall pass I guess. Thanks I liked the halloween one too

    Nessa, oh good I hope I'm headed for the big hill this time with maybe just a little drop when I get to the

  5. Life is not easy. Sometimes those we love just aren't in sync with our values and it does cause stress and we feel like we are the "hydrant" all the time. I know God loves me and will always see me through in His time.

    I hope your turn at being the "dog" comes soon. I love reading your very clever blurbs so try to keep thinking positive :)

  6. I hope your day gets better. :-) Cute bluebird. I had a similar photo op with a goldfinch outside my work. All I had was the phone camera, no zoom at all, if anything, super wide angle. But did the best I could. Bluebirds are so pretty!

  7. The blue jay is beautiful, Ann, and thanks for the link to do some photo editing..

    Hope your days ahead are better ones!

  8. Jody, You are so right, I will get through yet another chapter of mylife as a hydrant. I'm lucky to have such wonderful readers like you.

    DK Miller bummer, I hate using my phone camera, it takes lousy pictures.

    IcyBC thanks, i was really surprised that I got as good of a picture as I did. Happy photo editing :)

  9. As my grandmother always said...This too shall pass.
    Love Wade's costume! It is a costume right?Lol.

  10. Oh you crafty talented people - I envy you and admire you.

    I always dress up to give out candy on Halloween. Gotta see the look on their faces when I jerk open the door, hold out a bag and yell "trick or Treat"

  11. Hey sis, if you find a way to digitally enhance my moods when needed that would be amazing! lol. Sorry you are the hydrant... you can always explode and spray back at everyone though. Wow...thats about the crappiest analogy ever!

  12. I hope things are better today for you! I am always amazed at the things you can do with photos. You are very talented and I love seeing your results!

  13. Buggys, I haven't seen him look that way in awhile so either it's a costume or the one he's wearing now is pretty

    Grace, ROFL, I would pay to see that one.

    Tanyia I'll see what I can do, may be a market for that. I like your analogy, I'm good at exploding and spraying people might be

    Beadedtail, aww shucks, thanks

  14. Sorry to hear about your bad time. Sometimes even the dog finds that after all the bones are buried there's too little time left to go outside and play. So weather the hydrant or the dog you'll always find a way through when you convince yourself that you will.

  15. Bonehead, ah no biggie, isn't the first time and surely won't be the last but I like the way you put that. Maybe I should just do like the dog and sniff my way back to better


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