Sunday, October 18, 2009

That reminds me of....

I have something new to mix it up a bit today. I randomly chose a picture out of my files and after careful consideration I decided which one YOU, my wonderful blog friends, it reminded me of.
So here is my random picture. (Wade would be so happy about this NOT)
Here you have the (UN)common Loon. While the common Loon can be spotted mainly in the water, the uncommon variety perches among the branches of trees.

He can easily be identified by the saw that is under his hand (I mean wing)

So who does this remind me of?

Why none other than Ratty the Everyday Adventurer. Ratty is always posting pictures from his adventures and he just showed some great robin pictures the other day. I wonder what he will think of my Loon sighting.

So who will be next?

If you leave a comment please throw in a random number and that's how I will choose my next picture.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hey there. That's a neat idea. I wonder how many pictures you have that you will be able to compare to your blogging friends. You have to be pretty creative to be able to pull it off. I wish you the best of luck with that. Later!

  2. Well congratulations, Ratty!

    I think that's a very creative and fun idea, Ann. I look forward to more pics. A random number? Uh, five? :o)

  3. That picture kind of reminds me of when I used to prune our apricot tree. Although, I was armed with pruning shears and not a saw. Let me see, a random number...let's say 7.

  4. Err.. what's a Loon??

    I pick 3... my fave number :D

  5. Is ratty that lazy......???

    don't know exactly......but this is a good way to connecting with the blogger frnds......


  6. Great picture LOL.
    How about number 13!!

  7. You are so clever and funny! I'm going to pick #18

    Have a great week, Ann:)

  8. :-) Nice picture and Loon. How about 9 for a number?

  9. It is a fun idea! I'll take #17.

  10. Now Ann dear, you are up to your old tricks again ~~~~~~ I looked at the photo first. My thoughts, now this is just between you and I, 'why is Ann doing a post on Tarzen?' So you grabbed my curiosity for like a cat I am surely curious. Great streaks of lightening - now one little question 'is the loon naked?' Now don't think that I am being either cheeky or rude - but seriously I cannot see any clothes. Now I am teasing you ;) Joy oh joy thank goodness that we bloggers have a heightened sense of humour.

    Now I hope that you give this post a double-tweet as I have enjoyed it so much!!

  11. metalman, hopefully I didn't get myself into something bigger than I

    Holly, the bright ideas I get when I'm bored

    tahtimbo, well no pruning shears here and he was tired of the limbs smacking him in the head while he was mowing so the saw it

    Nessa, a loon is a type of bird or in the case of the picture a silly guy up a tree with a saw :)

    hitesh rawat, I doubt that ratty is lazy at all and even wade wasn't at the time, it takes a lot of energy to climb those

    thank you audrey

    angel, well I try :)

    DK Miller thnks

    Roschelle, we'll see how fun it is when i'm trying to fit pictures with every one else

    Kloggers/Polly ROFL I think that I shall let the question remain unanswered so that my readers may use their imagination as they so choose :)

  12. this is a great idea ann, and your photo does remind me of ratty's adventures! just how many pictures do you have? can we pick in the hundreds? i will pick # 63, just to be safe. have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

  13. he looks like a very nice uncommon loon - my random number for you is 7.

  14. I hope he didn't get hurt in that tree. I hear the tree loon's don't fly too well. Random number was going to be 18 But Angel took it.So I go 47.
    Thanks for your kind words.I have decided to keep going.All the kind words convinced me.

  15. PJ, I lost count long ago, I've got way too many, I never seem to be able to delete any

    Chris, he has his moments :)

    Grampy, no he came down safe and sound, good thing he climbed down instead of trying to I'm am so glad you are going to keep the blog going, I would have missed you :)

  16. We have a lot of those (UN)common loons here in the Small Town. They definitely flock to the trees and neighborhoods here. My random number is 14.

  17. Very clever! That's a pretty big bird up in that tree. I like #3.

  18. great post the pic. My random number is.....33...don't think that ones gone yet!!

  19. Anne, must be a small town thing :)

    Buggys, well it's a big tree

    allotments4you, thanks, the loon didn't like having his pic taken.

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  21. Ha! I have always wondered where the Uncommon Loon could be found. Now I know. My favorite number is 24

  22. Hmmm! I believe I have some of the "loon" in my neighborhood too, maybe even my kin!

  23. This was interesting, as it reminded me of the old days when I used to actually be allowed to climb trees. These days, I'm discouraged to do so due mainly for my propensity for falling out of them instead of simply climbing down. Interesting too in that more than one person has referred to me as a loon. Random is good - how about number 42?

  24. Sharkbytes, bet you didn't think you would be getting a loon lesson did you :)

    Miawa, there are loon

    Bonehead, hmmm, maybe you come from the same family tree as my


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