Friday, October 16, 2009

Broken Hearted

Here I sit all broken hearted
Came to blog
Couldn't get started.
This is a combination of 2 images that I found at Morgue File. Day one is just about over with and I've done nothing. Well except that edit above. I couldn't even come up with anything better for a post.


  1. Well Ann that's a sad picture to begin the weekend. :( I wish you a happy one!

  2. I marvel at the creative way you're blogging about....not feeling creative!! Nice!

  3. I agree with WillOaks that you are very creative but hoping tomorrow brings about a happy heart!

  4. I am almost certain that today will be a better day!

  5. OHMYWORD!!Hahahaaa...I thought something Awful had happened!!LOL...Great photo!!!hughugs

  6. well I think it was a lovely certainly pulled a couple of strings in my heart....hope today is a better day for you!!!

  7. I love your post! So creative. You have a real knack for blogging in a creative way.

    Like I have said before, if you want to share how you do some of your special effects such as blending, use of shadows etc etc, any tutorials would be welcome.

  8. Great post Ann. I would have thought that if you are going to have 5 days off work then if you just wanna do nothing then that is the point :).

  9. I had the same thought as Donna's comment above! I'm glad it's just a picture..

  10. Kloggers/Polly sorry didn't mean to make you sad

    Willoaks thank you very much

    Beadedtail, thanks, happy heart it will be

    Daisy, me too

    Donna, glad I could finally make someone laugh :)

    allotments4you, hope it didn't pull those heart strings too tight :)

    Thanks Jody, guess it's time for another tut

    Theresa good thought and nothing is pretty much what I'm continuing to do

    IcyBC, yep just a picture and a weird

  11. Wow, I must have been having a real Duh-day when you posted, sorry Annie


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