Thursday, October 15, 2009

Give me 5

Give me five.
High five.
Take five.
Five for fighting.
It's gotta be 5:00 somewhere.
Five and dime
5 o clock shadow
LOL I'm running out of them.
You must be wondering by now what the obsession with 5 is.
Just happy because I have the next 5 days off from work.


  1. Oh ... we're approaching Christmas so what about five gold rings?

  2. Yay for 5 days off of work! I have 5 days off too - well, now just 4 more.

  3. 5 days off work...I will have this in a weeks time....but a week seems sooo far away!!!!

  4. That's an excellent reason for an obsession with 5. I want that kind of obsession too. :)

  5. Hi Ann! What?? 5 days off?? Lucky you!! :D

    I need a break too... haven't reali recovered from sickness but at least I'm not sneezing like crazy :)

    Enjoy your break.

  6. Kloggers/Polly that's a good one, why didn't I think of that

    Beaded tail, gotta love days off work, but why do they go by so fast?

    Tanya Walton it all depends on which end of the week you're on. if it's the week you're working it drags, if it's the week you're off it flies

    Ratty, I wish I had it more often

    Nessa Yes, it's the last of my vacation time for this year. We have to have our days in before Oct 31. Glad you got rid of the sneezes :)

  7. Have a fun and relaxing 5 days off!

  8. You sure made a nice page describing "5". I wish I could put something like that together so nicely. I think you should give lessons :)

    Enjoy your time off and do what you like to do most :)

  9. Woo Hoo! Have fun this week. I hope you're planning some fun, relaxing time for yourself. Sometimes just sleeping in and lounging around in my pj's is the best day!

  10. whoo hoo for 5 days off! whatever are you going to do with all that free time. whatever it is i hope you have a fantastic break...hugz!

  11. So I guess you can jive from five to five for the next five days until you drive your five senses alive with ... all kinds of spice?

    Enjoy the break.

  12. Daisy, I plan on it

    Jody, thanks, it's just a matter of playing around till you come up with something you like

    Buggys, I don't do much sleeping in but I'm a fan of lounging around in my pj's

    PJ I don't know exactly what I'm going to do but I know I'm NOT going to work :)

    Buzzing J LOL that is just too good. I love it

  13. Have fun. Nothing like having a few days off!

  14. You deserve a break. I hope you have a good five.

  15. Hey, hey, HIGH FIVE! Put on some FIVE FOR FIGHTING on your way to the FIVE AND DIME ... but remember, IT MUST BE 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE, so get home before the FIVE O'CLOCK SHADOW sets in LOL! Then, sigh, TAKE FIVE - you earned it.

  16. Roschelle, well so far I haven't done anything, I suppose that can be fun though :)

    Grampy, why thank you, I think I deserve it too

    Vickie Oh gosh, I hope I don't have 5 o'clock shadow, if I do I think I'm in

  17. Came Via Tes' site to say Hi to the other Ann in blogland.

    The kids like FIVES when they have done good work, and they feel so happy when you FIVE htem. In Australia, they have a kid's Hi Five TV show, and to the kids, the 5 celebs are bigger than Michael jackson.

  18. It's certainly your winning number for the week, woo-hoo!


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