Tuesday, September 12, 2017

3rd times a charm

I'm off to work today but yesterday I spent my day off doing enough to be able to schedule three posts for this week.

For today, although it's still not perfect, the third attempt at putting that napkin on the glass jar worked much better. It's wrinkled which is ok, but there aren't all kinds of tears and holes in it this time.
The top edge was a little rough but I was planning on adding the jute twine any way.

I took it in the dark bathroom so I could do a night time version

As a side note, Some of you mentioned yesterday that they should have had my oven fixed for fair week. Actually it's been having issues for a while and they have been working on it. It was fixed and then we had a brown out that messed things up. They ordered new parts that took forever to get there then something else went on it. It was fixed a week ago and then the last few days it had started acting up but was still usable. Sunday it decided it just didn't feel like working at all. I stopped in the store yesterday morning and the guy who works on it was there so hopefully it's going to behave when I get to work today


  1. Well, with so many recurrent problems, they should have bought a new one! Aren't I awful? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It is awesome, and spells FALL!

  2. It looks so different with and without light. Beautiful each way. Like getting two for one.

  3. what an amazing idea, that is beautiful

  4. That is adorable. Adorable. Great job. I knew you'd figure it out.

    I hope the oven works. You need all the resources you can get this week.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. Here's hoping that oven is fixed and cooking!

  6. Looks great Ann!
    So, how did you do it after all?

  7. That's really cute! I like that it isn't smooth...I think it adds charm.

  8. Love the pumpkin jar, looks so lovely lit up.

  9. Gibbs has warned you aginst holding your breath--hasn't he?

  10. Beautiful each way. Like getting two for one.


  11. Oh I love it...it turned out great. Do you know what you did different this last time for it to come out so good. The jute just makes it.


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