Saturday, December 1, 2018

I had good intentions

Yesterday while I was at work I thought of all the things I wanted to accomplish when I got home. Unfortunately once I got there I thought about things like putting on my comfy clothes and my fuzzy Christmas socks

I managed to cross laundry off the list although it's still sitting in the dryer.

I thought this picture I took with my cell phone of the lights on my tree was pretty cool

Have plans today to go to a reindeer walk. Should be fun and hopefully I'll get lots of pictures.Doesn't look like much will get accomplished around the house today either.

Happy December.


  1. will there be reindeer at the walk? or is it like our Jingle bell walk and is a 5 k walkathon.. a parade? take lots of pics so my curiosty bump will be satisfied. your socks are cute and you look warm and cozy. love the tree lights. how did you get it to star? of course I have no tree up so I guess it will not help me

  2. I try to do a little everyday...but I'm retired now so it's easier to do now.
    Love those socks! ;0)

  3. Oooh - the tree lights photo is so pretty! You will have to tell us what a reindeer walk is, I hope the weather is fine. Coming home from work and then having to do chores - oh, I remember those days - and not happily LOL

  4. Your feet look happy! I am caught up on laundry and Mark's done a few loads since I've been sick. Enjoy the walk today and the lights look awesome!

  5. Your tree lights are beautiful, and your socks so cute! Can't wait to find out what a Reindeer Walk is!!

  6. Good for you! Those socks and the picture of the lights were a lot more important than doing a bit of housework!

  7. I wouldn't want to do anything but get cozy and sit on the couch after a work day! The lights are gorgeous!

  8. That's usually about all I feel like doing, especially this time of year when it's cold

  9. Ann, while I'm a at work,, I have all grand ideas of what I want to catch up on at home; seldom happens. I get home, kick off my sandals and sit back with my feet up!


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