Tuesday, June 1, 2010

STOP! Thief!

On a recent walk we strolled by the Albion feed mill
I know, it's not a very attractive looking building. It's quite handy though. They sell pet supplies, garden supplies and who knows what else. 
When we got back home I was telling Wade that we stopped there and they had all their flowers sitting right outside. Did I mention that they were closed? So anyway, I told him about the flowers and how pretty they all were and how I brought some home. His eyes got a little big and he questioned what I had done. Yes, I brought some home. What? Taking flowers from a store when they aren't open is a crime?
So I showed him my camera and all the pretty flowers I carried home with me.
Now seriously, do you really think I would have stole them? It would have been pretty easy though, they were all sitting right out, no fence or nothing. I wonder if they have a surveillance camera that has me sitting there taking the pictures?


Donna said...

Oh Yes they have cameras..You Bet'cha!
And Wade was probably thinking how much money he was 'gonna need to bail you out...LOLOL

Beautiful shots though! Well Worth the theft...Hahaa

Ann said...

Donna, I'm thinking Wade would have made me sit in jail...lol

Sandee said...

Where on earth do you live that a business would leave their plants outside? Good grief they would have been gone here within 5 minutes of the store closing. They are beautiful though, and I knew you wouldn't steal any of them.

Have a terrific day Ann. My best to Duke. :)

BeadedTail said...

LOL, I was expecting you to say you lived in such a small town you can take home flowers and go back when they open to pay for them! Flowers are left out at our stores too but I never thought of taking photos of them - you're so clever and the photos are lovely!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

You had me fooled for a minute! These are gorgeous!

tahtimbo said...

I was thinking along the same lines as BeadedTail. It must be nice to live in a place where trust is not just a five-letter word (Uh, does that even make sense??)
Great photos, as usual. Maybe I can just enlarge them and put them out in our front yard. At least that way we would have something growing, besides the weeds :)

ManOverBoard.com said...

Ahhh we all know you wouldn't have taken a one Ann :-) At least not them blog about it anyway, lol

PJ said...

your photos are beatiful ann. stopping in to say hi and found a wonderful sight with your photos! thank you.


June Zach said...

What more can I say? Perfectly beautiful flowers! :D

The cops are now looking for you so you have to bribe me so I wouldn't tell them.
Just trying to be funny though... LOL

allotments4you.com said...

I think it's a wonderful way to bring things home when there is a store closed....and not a bad way to shock the hubby..lol

FishHawk said...

I wish all of the people living around our old place were more like you. For we had plants stolen off of our front porch 2-3 times before my wife gave up and quit putting them out there.

Russ said...

Great pictures. Only one problem. I hear the store wants to charge you for taking the pictures.LOL

DK Miller said...

Beautiful photos!

Out on the prairie said...

I would say they have some trustworthy customers so don't worry.

VanillaSeven said...

You are forgiven to steal that beautiful flowers ann :)

I would do the same if I were you.

NICO Designs said...

I laughed at this one. I kept wondering is someone was going to come knocking on your door:)

Anne said...

Your flower photos are beautiful. I am glad that you didn't steal them. I am sure they must have some way to track that and I would hate to see you arrested after the fact. I am sure that taking the photos was legal.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Not at all Ann. For sure it would be hard for you to carry all those beautiful flowers with Duke. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Marg said...

Had me fooled although I don't really think you would have stolen them. What a good idea to bring them home in the camera. You have such good ideas. By the way, our Mom loves stores like that that sell a little of everything.
Hope you have a wonderful day with your new flowers.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

First, gorgeous photos and it would have been very tempting :) I think that they probably do have surveillance cameras and that being said, I'd hate to be the clerk that closed up forgetting them outside :)

Audrey said...

Beautiful photos!! Reminds me that I need to water my flowers :)
It's so nice living in a community where you can leave things outside knowing that they will be there tomorrow isn't it?

Bossy Betty said...

Oh. Feed stores bring back such great memories of going with my dad to pick up feed. I love the smell of feed stores too! You could have told Wade that you shot the flowers before you brought them home! All true!

Donna said...

Coffee trick: I have a hand held Whipper...add the sugar & dry creamer, fill half way in the cup with coffee and then use my little whipper...I love the foam!

Ann said...

Sandee, a little town in northwestern pennsylvania, population around 1600

Beaded tail hmm I wonder if I could get away with that. I know a couple people that work there, maybe I could

Cinnamon girl hee hee

Tahtimbo yes that made perfect sense to me. but it's not always so good. I've had things stolen out of my yard. Might not be a bad idea with planting the pictures. I should try it too

Man over board your right, if I ever do really steal something, which I wouldn't, I will not blog about it...lol

PJ so glad you stopped by glad you liked the flowers

juneazch I'll draw the shades and lay low for a couple days and maybe they'll forget about me :)

allotments4you shocking wade was the fun part.

fishhawk I've had stuff stolen from my front yard too I guess it's hit or miss around here. but for the most part it's a nice area

Russ OH NO, I hope it's not too expensive

DKMiller thank you

out on the prairie oh good, I'll sleep much easier tonight now :L)

Vanilla seven thanks, I'm glad I'm not alone

Nico well they haven't knocked yet, I may be safe...lol

anne I don't think I would enjoy jail so much so I won't risk it..lol

sugar well it is only a few short blocks, I might have made it

Marg it was much lighter than carrying the actual flowers

poetic shutterbug they leave them out like that all the time

audrey, yes it is nice, and 99% of the time things are safe being left out here.

donna. oh thanks, I'm gonna have to get one of thos hand held whippers you coffee looked way good :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh such pretty flowers! So glad you were able to "steal" a few to take home and share with us!

Ann said...

split rock ranch, thanks, stealing is kind of fun especially when you do it legally :)

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