Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's the buzz?

I've spent the day doing something totally out of the ordinary. I cleaned my house top to bottom. What? You do that on a regular basis? You say it's easier to keep up with that way? Well maybe you're right but it seriously cuts in to my blogging time and I can't have that. I just don't understand how things manage to get so messy around here when it's just Wade and I. It couldn't possibly be the fact that I get busy working on something and leave everything laying out instead of putting things away. Oh well, no one comes over here anyway so we're the only ones that ever see it. It bugs Wade but I say "tough" if you don't like my mess, clean it up yourself. Otherwise he can wait until I'm darn good and ready to take care of it.
So the buzz for today is I was cleaning and didn't have time for anything other than this picture for my post.
Hope you guys all had more fun than I did today


  1. Woof! Woof! Cleaning the house n your own mess is GOOD. It's a great photo ... Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I clean parts of the house every day, other parts twice a week. If I was the only one living here - it would be quite a bit cleaner! :)

  3. A lot of cleaning went on here too, Ann, but I didn't do any of it lol. I did a little shopping, gave my blog a make over, made dinner, watched a movie with the girls, and just had a nice relaxing day! :)

  4. That picture speaks to me. It says that you were busy as a bee today. I tried to be busy, or at least look busy. Did I clean the house? No, since I can still safely navigate through the rooms, I feel that its time has not yet come. I did however, install a window screen in a window that did not have one. I even had to...measure! I know, scary thought.
    I hope you have a good evening :)

  5. My brother and I are renting a room and it's only during weekends or days off that we have the time to clean up all the mess in our little room. :D

    Your photo is such a great buzz! ^_^

    Have a blessed Sunday! ;D

  6. Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do although I do like the results. For some reason now I feel like cleaning - too bad it's nearly 11pm so am not going to start. Dang!

    Hugs to Duke!

  7. cleaning's a chore but I always find satisfaction in knowing that I've completed the task and sit down feeling quite proud of myself. I have to admit though I do clean constantly....but only pull furniture and stuff out on a fortnightly basis!!! Well at least your cleaning is over now Ann and you can spend the rest of the weekend relaxing!!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, my house pretty much looks like a teenager's room *sigh*. Given the choice between working outside with the horses and working inside with the cleaning supplies is kind of a no-brainer :o)
    Of course at the end of the day, when I come in and sit down and get a good look at the family room....EEEK!

  9. Hope you recovered from all that work. Looks like now you'll have to take it easy by the pool today.I am sure Wade wouldn't mind cooking on the grill and bringing things to you.LOL

  10. Sugar, it would be even better is someone else did it

    Audrey I wish I could say if it was only me it would be cleaner but I'm afraid I might be wrong there :)

    Tanyia well aren't you the lady of luxury :) Please don't tell me you have a maid to do your cleaning or I may never speak to you

    Tahtimbo I like your idea of cleaning. I'll have to remember next time that if I can still safely make it through a room it's not necessary to clean
    I'm very impressed that you measured. I have to ask though did you measure twice and cut once or measure once and cut

    Junezach that's my problem I really don't have the extra time or energy during the week to clean. If only I would be more careful about putting things where they belong I wouldn't need to clean on my days off

    Beaded tail. I hate to clean but I LOVE to be in a clean house. If only I could afford maid service or get Duke to take care of things while I'm working

    allotment4you I used to clean constantly but now I have too many other things that just seem more important to do. Plus with the kids grown and out of the house it really doesn't get as bad as it used to.

    Jen I just wish that I had someone to blame the mess on like I did when the kids were still living at home. Now I know that it's my fault when it gets

    Russ I think you're right. Wade won't mind at all since he does that all the time. Well the cooking part anyway. I'm not so sure about the bringing things to me that one might be a

  11. Oh my gosh, Ann, I need to do a lot of cleaning around here to! Teehee. Esp. now that my three nieces are here for the rest of the summer break! :D

    Love your buzzy, busy bee!

    Hugs to you and Duke! :)

  12. Wheni 1st moved here i had been living at a biological station and traveling for a great deal of time, so my space was small and easy to keep up. I didn't have the tools and borrowed a vaccuum whenI needed it froma proficent cleaner. She kept track of this and even offered a shop vac to do my car, Bought this so I didn't need reminded.HA!Once a week I try.

  13. Words cannot express just how excited I am by this. For my wife is also a genuine slob, and I am sure it will make her happy to know that she is not the only one. Yeah, I think I'll go wake her up and tell her about this right now!

  14. Goodness, good job cleaning your house. It would take me several months of steady cleaning to clean this house. But the animals are the only ones that see it, so who cares.
    Good bee picture.
    Have a great Sunday.

  15. It's just Larry and I as well and I tend to do what you do...Guess I best get that laundry finished...Lolol

  16. I am not able to take a picture like this one, not even in my best day. I wish you the best Sunday ever!!

  17. Ann, I usually let my house go until the dustbunnies start cooking their own dinner... then it is an all day clean fest! But isn't it a wonderful feeling when it's done?

    I LOVE your blog. I'll be back to drop in on you!

    Renee :)

  18. You have the same conversation I have with my husband. He does not like my sewing room. He does not understand my need for so much fabric or so many toys. (Says the man with a garage full of toys).

  19. Whats with all you photographer people and bugs!

  20. I've been on the cleaning streak myself. Sometimes it feels good to do and others, it just has to be done! Love your new header by the way. Perfect picture considering I tend to think of this blog as Duke's too.

    I have lots of catching to do visiting my favorite blogs. It's a super busy time for us!

  21. Funny...I have been cleaning also and yes it has cut into my blogging time. That is why I am late with my comment. I live alone but also work full-time. Dang...we should all have maids so we could play more.:)

    Perfect picture for the post!

  22. It's been a while since I've been around, but I LOVEEEE the new blog layout. Duke is as cute as always. Thanks for your kind words. It always helps.

  23. When my place is clean I always feel more relaxed....afterwards, that is.

    your new look is gorgeous!!

  24. Well, we're on parallel tracks here, Ann...Bees for sure, and an over due date to clean the house....before family descends next weekend, omg.

  25. Tes lets just hope this time I'm better at keeping it clean

    out on the prairie yeah I've been trying to do a big cleaning once a week myself

    fishhawk you're going to wake her up to tell her that she's a genuine slob? That's not very nice :)

    Marg well if I went deeper with the cleaning I would still be at it but at least it LOOKS clean now

    Donna we should work on

    fullet hope you had a good one too

    funky folky LOL that's too funny. Glad you liked it here hope to see lots of you. I enjoyed your blog as well

    Nico lol you should see Wade's shed. I would like to know why it's ok for that to be a mess

    Grace, oops, tomorrow is another one too

    Sheri Why thanks, I've been wanting I new look just not sure I'm going to stay with this one

    Jean I think a maid would be an excellent idea. If I can't have a maid then I should at least be able to give up my job

    Mee2 glad to see you back. Thanks, the look could be changing more yet

    Roschelle I do too but it's just getting it to that point

    WillOaks parallel tracks are much better than on a collision Have fun with the family next week

  26. I hate cleaning the house so I blog instead :D Love this shot, wow, that is amazing!

  27. poetic shutterbug, I blog much more than I clean. I got lucky with that shot. He just happened to fly in while I was taking a picture of the plant.


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