Monday, June 21, 2010

The green green grass of home

I would like to say that I have a perfectly manicured lawn free of weeds. It would be a lie if I did. There is an advantage to having all those weeds mixed in with the grass though. It gives me something to do when all the birds fly away when I try to take their picture. I know there are much better things I could be doing than sitting in the yard taking pictures of weeds. Why though? I like it when the neighbors think I've lost my last marble.
Here's a few things I found in my yard.
There's quite a bit of this.
And lots of this.
I liked the way this root from the tree looked although I should have moved the grass out of the way.
 And of course this is the cutest thing I saw in my yard.
 He might also be responsible for making the birds fly away. I could blame it on him but then they fly away when I go out alone too so he's off the hook for that one.


Jen said...

Definitely the cutest thing in the yard :o)

DK Miller said...

You made the weeds look lovely and I agree on the cutest thing. Very cute!

LDH said...

Fun pics! And, if you did loose your last marble, Duke would find it for you :)

Sandee said...

Duke is the cutest thing in the yard for sure, but even if it was perfectly manicured he'd still be the cutest thing in the yard. I'm a bit biased.

Our yard is awful as we just aren't home very much. I feel for our neighbors who have everything perfect all of the time. 24/7/365.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

Tanyia said...

that tree root was really cool looking, almost like a dragon eye or something...and of course duke is flipping adorable!!!

Audrey said...

We have quite a few weeds too. Can't do much about it though. I figure as long as everything is green, it's ok :)

Cinnamon-Girl said...

These weeds are pretty! And Duke...always melts my heart when I come here.

VanillaSeven said...

That fluffy white creature are the jewel on your yard :)

tahtimbo said...

I have to say that I've never looked at our weeds like that. I know that there is a subtle beauty to them, but I've never taken the time to see it.
I guess the next time I am consigning them to their final resting place, I can take the time to take-in their natural beauty...Nah, I'll just toss em. :)

Grace said...

What a charming lawn ornament ;)

BeadedTail said...

We bet Duke is not only the cutest thing in your yard but he's the cutest thing in the whole neighborhood!

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

Landscaping, cleaning and decorating your yard is such a satisfying work to do especially when you get to see those wonderful things out there! As for the cutest thing, undoubtedly it is Duke. :D said...

If i removed all the weeds from my lawn I would have no green

Duni said...

We have weeds. I don't mind weeds!
Duke is definitely the cutest out there in your yard :) I could look at him for ages!

Russ said...

There sure are plenty of weeds around.The little white one in your pictures is not a weed. He is a white rose.

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Awww...Duke is so cute! My husband has our lawn treated for weeds, so we don't have any, but I sure do miss the random flowers in the lawn that I was so used to with my father's lawn growing up. I love a lawn with flowers blooming...even after it was mowed!

FishHawk said...

You've still got a marble left?

Out on the prairie said...

my dog will even try nd catch butterflies. You have white clove, plantain , root and Duke to liven your day.

Umm Mymoonah said...

Wow! amazing pictures.

Donna said...

Hahaa...Couldn't be DUKE!! Never!!

Leeuna said...

Awwh, how precious is Duke. He makes everything more beautiful. And that tree root looks like a great big eye.

B Boys Mom said...

That root is really interesting to look at. Good pictures as always.

The Urban Cowboy said...

I think pictures of Duke are far more interesting.

dancingmatilda365 said...

i just read recently to let your clover grow a's good for the bees and i think they need a break from our controlling nature.

Lin said...

Nobody notices weeds when Duke is out there! And who cares about weeds--they are all green too, right?

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ann, these weeds are gorgeous. For me they are wonders of nature. The tree root, very cool and of course, Duke steals the show.

Roschelle said...

Duke is cute as a button (as usual). Great pics. The first one I recognize totally.

We used to string them into bracelets and necklaces when I was in grade school! Thanks for the short walk down memory lane

covnitkepr1 said...

Thanks so much for the visit and even more for the gracious comment. Here's hoping you'll become a follower and somehow my blog could be a blessing to you and at the same time...glorify Him.

Marg said...

Duke, you are definitely cuter than the weeds. Also you are the cutest thing in the whole neighborhood. We do like the weeds too. The first one is clover which is a favorite of the horses. What is the second one. Do you think the neighbors are just thinking you have lost your last marble??
By the way, I want to be a cat too since they can't produce fat.
Have a great day.

Ann said...

Jen, I thought so

DKMiller weeds aren't so bad, it's all in how you look at them :)

LDH good point, I bet Duke could even find a few extras for me

Sandee our yard is kept up pretty well but we don't bother with spraying for the weeds. my next door neighbor does though, they probably hate our

Tanyia, We had almost the same thought, it sort of reminded me of a crocodile in the grass

Audrey that's right, it's all green so it's all good

Cinnamon girl he has the same effect on me when he give me the "Aren't I cute" look

vanilla seven and as long as I have that jewel I'm the richest girl in the neighborhood

tahtimbo, I like your idea, I would just toss them too if I was doing yard work, but since I was loafing why not take a closer

Grace charming lawn ornament but leaves unsightly droppings

Beaded tail I think I might have to agree with you on that

junezach I just wish I had more time to devote to the landscaping. That and more money

allotments4you lol same here. I'm not sure there's too much actual grass in my yard

Duni weeds don't bother me much either.

Russ I like that, I'll have to keep that white rose in mind

alterity button jewelry my next door neighbor have theirs treated too. My dad never did his lawn until his neighbor did and then he only did it out of guilt.

Fishhawk, why yes I do have one marble left, I keep it in a little box so I won't lose it

out on the prairie I don't spot many butterflies I guess I don't have the right things planted to attract them

umm mymoonah thank you

donna not this time any wayj

Leeuna I thought the same thing about the tree root

BBoysmom thank you very much

urban cowboy I like pictures of Duke but when he won't sit still I have to find other subjects

dancingmatilda I let my clover grow all it wants, at least until it's time to mow the lawn

Lin yep, if it's green it's keen with me

poetic shutterbug Duke should be careful about steeling although I doubt anyone would mind if he did

Roschelle you have some of that clover in your brand new yard? I bet those were some pretty cool bracelets

covnitkepr you are most welcome

Marg I'm sure the neighbors are already convinced that I've totally lost

marie said...

One of the best advantages of weeds in a lawn is that weeds stay green...

Green is lacking in my lawn right now ~ I say bring on the weeds!

Love the photo of Duke surrounded by green!

Ann said...

Marie, that is an excellent point. Why don't people like weeds? They are very hearty? :)

earthtoholly said...

I'm with you,'s a jungle out there (in my yard) and more than anything else I'd like to just lie in the grass and shoot. Nice captures, too.

Duke, as we always tell Lucy, "Keep the trash off the property!"

Ann said...

earthtoholly it is rather nice to just lay in the grass with the camera. Duke says thanks for the tip.

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