Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

And when you find them on clearance for $5.00 how can you resist buying them.
 Of course had I not found these I knew of another place I could get a pair real cheap. The only problem was how to get there.

I don't think I have a ladder that will reach that high. This is right on the corner by my house and those things have been hanging there forever.


  1. Hahahaa...ohmy...leave 'em hanging!
    Like your new ones!!

  2. Looks like somebody REALLY hated golf.

  3. Wow, those things are STILL there! good grief!

  4. Donna, they're going to have to stay there because I'm not going up after

    Lin, either that or the golfer that owned them :)

    Amanda, yep still there. How long has that been now?

  5. oh my! I wonder what caused the person to hurl those shoes way up there... great throw! :)

  6. Wow.. someone hated their shoes so much to hurl them so high up.. hhahahahaa.. but great throw man!

  7. My guess is it was the wife who threw those shoes up there! She probably couldn't get the golf club to stay on the power line!

  8. What are those - golf shoes? We have sneakers hanging everywhere - so stupid, probably dangerous and the question is why?

  9. What a deal on those sneakers. Way to go.

    I have always got a kick out of folks that put their shoes on the power lines.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  10. That's too funny, because there's a pair of sneakers hanging from a power line in our city, too. They've been there for years and my question is: how did they get them up there??

  11. Woof! Woof! Just amazes me HOW ??? Someone had a bad game of golf ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. The pair of shoes hanging on the wirings is inviting you. "Come and get me!" LOL

  13. it amazes me some of the places you find shoes....I always wonder about the one odd shoe lying around...I often wonder to myself..'How can the owner not have noticed that one of their shoes have fallen off??'

  14. Yea, I would definitely pass on the high voltage shoes. You did better than I could for only 5.00!

  15. I think I have to agree with Sharla. Had to be a wife at the end of her line. The clubs are probably in the river. The shoes are a reminder.

  16. Well, I suppose there had to be at least one Tiger-lover left in the 'hood.

  17. I have seen shoes on fence posts with the soles pointed toward heaven, but think on the line is out of spite. Had a neighbor give up golf when he ran out of clubs.Threw them and wrapped them around trees.Call the power company.

  18. I have always wondered why people threw their shoes up there. what happens if they decide they need then again?:)

  19. I like your new stompers, Ann, and I agree. How can anyone pass up a $5 pair of shoes?! Wikipedia has some interesting reasons why people throw shoes up there...

  20. How do shoes get up there? Someone has a really good arm :)
    LOVE the new shoes!!

  21. A pair of shoes for $5?! NO way! You totally scored. I'll bet they're way nicer than those golf shoes hanging on the wires anyway. ;o)

    Thank you for hosting my Entrecard ad!

    PS - the word verification word today for me is "tohell" I hope that isn't a prediction! ;o)

  22. Too funny! I laughed out loud and of course the whole office wanted to know what was so funny. There are three people reading over my shoulder right now!!

  23. Love the new sneakers. The golf shoes on the power line? Not so much. I'd hate to be walking under them if they ever fall down. :)

  24. Um, I believe they've only been up there for a year now. The one wk they were on the sidewalk and then the next someone threw em up there..

  25. Well that is one way to get rid of shoes for what ever reason. Wonder how they got them up there. Maybe someone is great at throwing things.
    That is too funny.
    Have a great day and hugs to Duke. The doggies here also tell me when it is time to do one thing or the other.

  26. That is so funny!!
    Thanks for your kind words when visiting my T-post! I have been really busy in my off-line-life. Working on jewellery!


    In case anyone here is curious about my T-post:
    Anna's Ts

  27. Nessa who knows, I wonder how many tries it took

    Anny would have been fun to watch them do it I think

    beaded tail could be, she should have wrapped the club around a tree first then it would have had a better hook on

    grace yep, golf shoes, who knows why, crazy

    sandee yeah, couldn't believe it when I saw $5.00

    tahtimbo I saw a picture on another blog that had shoes hanging on the power lines too. must be some kind of fad

    sugar really How

    junezach may be inviting me but I'm not

    allotments4you lol I know, gotta be kids I would think

    urban cowboy high voltage that cracked me up

    russ the river wouldn't be a bad place to hide them.

    fishhawk lol if they loved tiger so much why are his shoes up there?

    out on the prairie I've never seen that yes I would say that spite had something to do with it

    Nico I guess they are out of luck in that case

    earthtoholly I can't pass it up unless they are really I've gotta check out wikipedia

    audrey, thanks the shoes are really comfy too

    split rock ranch yes way, I couldn't believe it either. lol on the word verification, maybe it was in reference to the shoes on the wire

    marie well I hope they enjoyed it as well :)

    leeuna well they've been hanging for awhile but I would imagine that those laces gotta give sooner or later

    Amanda yeah, I'm thinking it was closer to fall that they ended up on the wire. I think I do remember wade saying something about them on the sidewalk.

    marg they had to have a good arm to get them up there I don't think I could have done it

    anna off line line does have a way of taking up our time doesn't it

  28. LOL! Ann, I see that all over my neighborhood and always wonder how in the world they get there :D

  29. Poetic shutterbug. Holly suggested wikipedia to me. They do have some interesting reasons for people doing this. You should check it out.


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