Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look up

Isn't it funny how you can walk by something hundreds of times and never really notice it and then one day it just sort of jumps out at you? While walking through the park I passed by a house that sits at near one of the entrances. Behind the house is a very run down garage. I can certainly understand why I never paid much attention to it. It's really quite unattractive. On that particular day I was looking up while I was walking and noticed the roof of the garage all covered with moss. Maybe it was the moss, maybe it was the way the light was hitting it, but I just liked what I saw.
I wouldn't want this thing sitting out behind my house unless it was fixed up but the roof just happened to catch my attention.
While I was looking up I took this picture too.


  1. What a big garage to let go to waste. Yikes. That roof isn't going to last much longer.

    I love the tree shot though. Very nice.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. I know what you mean, I do that a lot, too. I will look up be like, Hmmm...when did that get there? lol

    I love the shot you took while looking up at the trees. I like to see photos from different perspectives.

  3. That roof doesn't seem to go on that garage - looks like they are many years difference in age. I like the tree photo too!

  4. Is that house abandoned? Would be a good place for photo shoot :)

  5. That would make a great workshop! I know it's probably my imagination (after all, I spent the last 2 days rewriting a ghost story), but it looks like there's someone in the upper left window.

  6. That garage can certainly use some work! Great view of the tree. Are those pine cones?

  7. I like the colors on the roof, but that is only because I'm not living directly behind this thing. Looks like it would fit right in around here!

  8. You never noticed that mom? the moss has been there a long time.

  9. Alas, I used to walk around with my head held high, but then one day, someone called my attention to all of the little people I was grinding under my feet. So, being the rather magnanimous sort that I truly am, I now keep my eyes lowered in order to avoid leaving unsightly stains.

  10. The texture of that roof sure is interesting :)
    Somebody better do something before it falls in!
    Love the tree shot!!!

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  12. I agree I would not want that in my back yard but it is very interesting to look at.

  13. That roof is on it's last leg but I can see why you found it fascinating. I really love the tree with the sky backdrop as well. Nice shots.

  14. That does look like it was a nice building at one time. The roof used to be very nice, I bet cha.
    Like the shot of the tree too. Good job with the photos.
    Have a nice evening.

  15. Sandee I think the roof is already done for, there's a huge hole in it

    Tanyia I'm trying to look at things differently with my camera instead of the same old same old

    Beaded tail it does look out of place, the whole thing though really is a mess

    vanilla seven, no, someone lives there but obviously they don't care about the garage

    tahtimbo if it was in good shape it would be a nice garage, too bad they let it go, I'm gonna have to enlarge now so I can see who's in that window :)

    sheri tons of work. yes those are pinecones

    Lin yeah i thought it was cool to look at but wouldn't want to see it in my yard either

    Amanda oh I probably did but not like I did this time

    fishhawk you mean I was grinding people under my feet that day. EWWWW

    Duni I liked the texture too. from the looks of the house they don't seem to be the type for home improvements

    Philippa WOW thank you so much, you made my day

    BBoysMom yep, I guess trashy things have a way of looking better when they sit on someone elses property

    Poetic shutterbug I'm not sure it has much of leg left any more :) The tree shot I lightened a little the original looked pure black but when I lightened it you could see some of the green in the tree

  16. Marg, I imagine that the garage was very impressive in it's early years. It's a shame it wasn't taken care of.


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