Friday, June 18, 2010

Brenda Photo Challenge (6-19) Bed Time

It's time for another Brenda Photo Challenge. The theme is bed time. Now this is one that I can really get comfortable with. If I had sweet little grandchildren I would be able to use pictures of little angels in slumber but I don't have any. I could take pictures of me sleeping but, well, um, I would be sleeping and how do I take a picture then.
I decided on a typical week night bed time routine.
Of course you have to brush the teeth before you go to bed.
 I'm not the morning type at all, so as little thinking as possible when I get up is my plan. Therefor I always pick out my clothes for the next morning and set them on the dresser. That way all I have to do is grab them and get dressed.
 As much as I would like to forget to, I have to set the alarm. I wouldn't want to be late now would I? 
 Well that about covers it. Now it's off to bed and nothing but sweet dreams. But wait. What is this? There seems to be someone already in my bed.
Shhhh, don't wake the puppy. Now you know I had to sneak Duke in here.

Now go and check out the rest of the bed time entries. That's where I'm headed right now.


  1. Hahahaaa...I don't have ANYTHING cute or sweet Here to snap photos of either...
    But I see you DO have something cute and sweet...Master Duke!Hahaa
    What a doll!
    Happy weekend Girl!

  2. That's great! I'm with you about laying the clothes out the night before, because my brain does not start functioning until after my first cup of coffee.
    Oh, and 4:20AM?? Ouch, that's early.

  3. 4:20am? Such an early start to the day! Duke is just so cute! Does he also get up at 4:20am?

  4. 4:20 am??? Jeeze there are days/nights when I am just going to bed at that time....and blue is very much Duke's colors!

  5. Wow!!! You still awake at 4.20am and taking pictures!

  6. I'm beginning to get sleepy now...Zzzzssshhhh...

    You could actually have Duke take a picture of you while you are sleeping. The only problem is that the cutie sleeps ahead of you. LOL

  7. 4:20AM ~ yuck!
    That's the same toothpaste I use!!

  8. At our house, one would do well to not tarry when it comes time to go to bed. For with four puppies, space is at a premium, and woe be it unto the one who tries to scoot another over.

  9. Thanks for your comment!
    I like your bed time story!

  10. 4:20AM!!! I thought I got up early at 5am! My goodness.
    LOVE all the photos :)

  11. Great shots. That time os morning is rediculous!! Are you just going to bed, or getting up?

  12. Love the bedtime story. Of course the pictures are excellent. Are you getting paid off by Aqua Fresh?LOL I know you are getting paid a lot of love from Duke.
    Have a wonderful weekend, wonderful lady.

  13. 4 pounds of dog woke me up since I couldn't stretch out with a queen size bed,Had katz on the other side.My dog likes to get under the blankets, but after a week away from katz wants to rule the roost, maybe thought we got rid of them.

  14. love the thought process in this one. i was pretty basic and boring i reckon, but it was bedtime. actually i was still in my morning stupor , not very creative. but i'm up.
    good shots, and of course i love the duke :))
    happy weekend!

  15. Nice collection of bedtime photos!

  16. It wouldn't be a photo challenge without Duke :) I also have to say that Aquafresh is my fave toothpaste too. Alarms I hate so I never set them. I usually wake up on time but if I don't, I have a good enough imagination to come up with a fib as to why I am late :D

  17. Donna my cute canine buddy is always a good fill in

    tahtimbo oh it takes more than one cup of coffee for me to start functioning in the morning :)

    Beaded tail Duke sleep about an extra 5 or 10 minutes. He waits until I go downstairs then he knows that I'll let him out.

    Grace it's not so bad getting up that early it's the getting dressed and leaving the house that's the killer

    vanilla seven believe me I didn't get up and take the pictures, they were all staged for the

    junezach Duke has a little bit of a problem with the shutter button so he can't take any pictures

    marie I love aqua fresh, I tried a different brand one time and couldn't stand it, had to go back.

    fishhawk so how early do you have to go to bed in order to get a prime spot?

    M and D you are quite welcome and thank you

    Audrey I'm out of the house by 5. That's why I love the weekends so much

    dibear just getting up. and the worst part is that I'm so used to it I even get up early on the weekends

    Russ I should probably send them a bill for posting that shouldn't I?

    out on the prairie LOL 4 pounds isn't too bad, I remember when I used to have a 70lb chocolate lab sleeping next to me. It was the pits when he got older and terrified of thunderstorms. He would lay right on top of me shaking and panting.

    SOUL I was just amazed that I had a thought process when it came to this

    DKMiller thank you

    Poetic shutterbug of course Duke had to be included. I think it's in his contract or something. I wish I could ditch my alarm clock, maybe some day

  18. Howdy. Love all the photos. Nice to know that some one else is an early riser and a dog person!

  19. Those were great bedtime photos and of course Duke makes it just perfect. You do get up early but I like to get up and get going in the morning although lately that has been hard to do. Hope you get some rest on the week ends and let Duke sleep a little later.
    Have a great week end.

  20. Ha! A picture of Duke wins every time! And he's your automatic bed warmer!

  21. Bedtime wouldn't be the same without Duke in the pictures. He makes it all that more appealing.

  22. Duke's got it made in the shade! I like your bedtime routine photos. Great shots!

  23. You did this in a very creative way. I like that. Anybody can post pictures of children, which is still good, but this took more thought. And seeing Duke at the end is a bonus. Dogs are my favorite, and he's a good one.

  24. Great pictures. You are smart to plan what you are wearing then night before and then lay your clothes out. I should do that too but I'm too lazy I guess. I almost posted a picture of my tooth brush too. And oh my I thought I got up early at 5:30!

  25. Ahhh the whole bedtime routine, down the sleepy puppy.

  26. I love your creative approach!

  27. What a great idea for the challenge post. 4:20am is a little early for me however. Duke is so cute.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Love seeing the nighttime routine. That's a terrible hour to have to get up for, I see why you lay out your clothes ahead of time. Love the furbaby waiting!

  29. WR thanks, yes it is nice to know that I'm not the only one getting up before the crack of dawn.

    Marg yes mighty early and I'm so used to it I get up early on the weekends too. Maybe not quite as early but still don't sleep very late

    Donna Duke is a winner for sure the bed warmer is just my added bonus

    Leeuna yes he certainly does

    Brenda Duke's the cat's meow

    Kass he's loaded with cuteness

    Ratty I've only come across a handful of dogs that I didn't like. I think just animals in general are wonderful

    Jeanette I can't think in the morning so I have to plan the night before

    Sheri I may have left a couple steps out but you know how it is, jump in bed and have to get back out because you forgot just one more thing

    Holly thank you very much

    squirrelQueen I was actually surprised doing the rounds how few were of cute sleeping babies. Somehow I thought there would be a lot of them.

    Jeanne I really don't mind getting up that early I just hate having to get dressed and get moving

  30. Aw Duke! Precious as usual and he knows his spot. 4:20! That's an hour before I get up. Another week begins...

  31. Wow, you actually get up earlier than I do. Great job! Love Duke - what a cutie!

  32. Sheri, Some nights I wake up with him sitting on the end of the bed looking out the window like he's guarding me. He's such a protector

    CTG Ponies Getting up wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean I had to go to work :)

  33. why is it that the masters/mistresses bed is always the most coveted? great idea for the theme!

  34. dancingmatilda good question, I'll have to see if Duke has an answer for that one.


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