Friday, June 25, 2010

But mom, I don't want to come in.

Aw, poor Dukie.
Doesn't he look so sad? He wants to swim just one more time. I always have to laugh when I look at his face. He looks like he's been eating mud or something. I've used the whitening shampoo on him but I just can not get that clean. I even asked the groomer we go to the last time I was there what to do. She told me there wasn't anything that would get that clean.  I guess Duke is doomed to a life with a dirty face.


  1. Oh, but it gives him dimension and character! I have spots on me that I don't like so much either, but alas, that is me.

  2. Duke has the cutest face whatever color it is! And with that look, I'd let him swim as long as he wanted to!

  3. That must be why Duke always want to be in the pool! He's still a cutie!

  4. He's cute - dirty face or clean - he's adorable! I'd let him swim one more time if he gave me that look. ;o)

  5. The one thing that comes to mind is that it's Duke making it dirty on purpose, so you will allow him to swim longer (you know, do get clean).

  6. Can you blame a guy for wanting just one more swim? :)
    We are dog sitting Mia - who looks just like Duke!!

  7. Yes but aren't little rascals supposed to have a dirty face?

  8. That is just duke's doggy beard. I be he's proud of it. It makes him look cool.

  9. We have a white and tan Shitzu and we he has the same problem. It does give them a little character don't you think.

  10. I grew up grooming my bearded collie... Know all about browning beards ; j.

    It's normal for it to go brown, and very hard to get anything resembling white again.

    For special occasions you can carefully comb out the beard, then use the whitening shampoo (though I simply used what I always used: diluted baby shampoo, cheaper and just as effective) and soda water.

    The above steps should get you to a very clear beige...

    And then, for example for a birthday, a photoshoot, or any kind of special occasion, you can use talcum powder (I used pure cornstarch, again cheaper and that way I was sure there wasn't any nasty smelling and maybe toxic if eaten perfumes) to give the illusion of a brilliant white beard.

    Of course, I don't think having slightly browning beards detracts from Duke's charm at all!
    Quite the contrary, it shows that he's living life to the fullest. That he's a gentleman who has experienced the world... and it's swimming pools, among other things. ; j

  11. Alas, all of the fame and fortune garnered from becoming the star of the show here is finally getting to him. Hopefully, we won't be seeing any stories on Entertainment Tonight of him trying to get frisky with poodles of ill repute while high on catnip anytime soon.

  12. I have a friend with a dog like Duke and she was told exactly the same thing...I think it just gives him more's not dirt its....distinguished!!!

  13. I agree with Ratty. It is his own little beard. It is who he is. But it doesn't matter because we all love him anyway. Have a good weekend.

  14. Ohhh I thought the dirt on his face was due to eating that big bone. LOL
    Well, he really looks so sad but no worries he still has the cutest face on the planet. :D

    Cheer up Dukie boy! ;D

  15. It's caused from his saliva...just like some white dogs have staining around their eyes from tears.
    Found this website that might be helpful...but I know the staining is Actually from all that darn chocolate pudding you feed him...;o)

  16. http://www.lowchensaustralia.

    Trying again!

  17. When mine is clean she wants to get dirty again.I would miss his beard.

  18. Hmmmmm...I see Max isn't the only quadruped that knows how to make "The Face". So tell me - did you cave? :o)

  19. I think he looks perfectly adorable, Ann!

  20. Duke, you are the greatest no matter what color your little face is. It wouldn't be any fun if it was all white. You would be funny looking. So definitely one more swim.
    Have a great week end.

  21. Lovely blog of yours...
    Nice picture.
    Have a nice day...

  22. Poor Duke. Caught with a dirty face for the camera :)

  23. Lin, don't we all :)

    Beaded tail I don't mind so much if he swims but I gotta sleep some time :)

    LDH too bad the chlorine doesn't bleach that beard

    split rock ranch but he keeps doing it over and over and

    tahtimbo I wouldn't doubt that one bit

    Audrey If Mia is anything like Duke then you've got some great entertainment

    Grace lol yes I suppose they are

    Ratty I think he is proud of it

    Dana yes I think it does, maybe if I fed him nothing but white food it would go away

    Alesa great, thanks for the info, I'll have to give that a try.

    Fishhawk I don't think you have to worry about him and poodles but there is a Maltese across the street

    allotments4you it's funny because every picture of a Westie I've seen they have perfectly white fur all over. I guess it's all in what tricks you know to cover it up

    Duni yep cute as can be

    Russ yep no matter how dirty his face is he's still lovable

    Junezach well the bone certainly didn't help

    Donna thanks for the link. He better not be into my chocolate pudding. I do not share anything chocolate

    out on the prairie Duke never seems to mind being dirty

    Jen I think Max had better luck with the face than Duke did. When it gets close to my bed time I do not

    Tanyia yep he sure does

    Marg he took it upon himself today to get that swim in while no one was watching. He does that quite a bit. At least he can get himself back out again when he jumps in

    himmelriket thank you very much and thanks for stopping by

    Alterity Button jewelry yep, happens every time :)

  24. I love Duke's slightly-grubby beard (I have been waiting for the chance to say the word "grubby" because I think it sounds funny).

  25. It makes him all the more adorable than he already is. Duke being my favorite pooch and Daisy being my favorite kitty, I wish there were a way to hook them up :D Wouldn't they make the cutest couple in the world?

  26. Daisy yes grubby is a funny sounding word. I think I will try and say it at least once a day :)

    poetic shutterbug I think they would get along famously :)


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