Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I made for Amanda

Remember the other day I told you about a project I had been working on? Well today I'm going to show you what it is.
I got the idea when I was looking through a book and saw a card that they had used the king of heart from a deck of playing cards. The whole project just sort of took off from there.
I dug into my stash of cardboard and paper and before I knew it I had this.
I was going to send it to her just like this but the more I looked at it, it just seemed to be missing something. I thought about it a couple days, played around with it and decided it needed to be framed. Since I liked the cardboard frame I had made before I thought I would make another one for this. And here is the finished project.
 The tiles that spell out their names are little squares of cardboard that I painted and attached the letters to. Then I strung them on some twine to hang them from a picture hook. I found the headline "Great Catches" in the sports section of the newspaper. There was more to the headline of course but those two words fit perfectly with the theme.
 Notice it also has the words "with two arms" under the headline. Then I found a quote that I really liked, printed it out on parchment paper and glued it to another piece of cardboard.
 Finally one last picture of the back. I know it's not real exciting but I used the crackle paint on the back of it too.
Since I writing this in advance and scheduling it for a later day I don't know what she thinks of it yet but I hope she likes it.


  1. Ann, this is so clever. I like how the over all feel has the gaming thing going on with game tiles and cards, and your quote is lovely. I bet she will absolutely love it!!!

  2. This is gorgeous Ann! And very thoughtful! I'M positive she is going to love it!!!

  3. That is a beautiful gift made with such love and care! She's going to love it!

  4. You are just so creative, Ann. I wish I had talent to create such beautiful pieces of artwork. This is amazing and made with love. Fantastic and thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. She is going to really love it!! It is not only is made with love!! Perfect!!

  6. She will surely like this. I love the grudge feel of it :)

  7. Perfectly wonderful! I love the quote. Makes a lot sense. :D

    Have a great and relaxing weekend!

  8. I love it!! You are so creative :)
    Love the saying too!

  9. Well, if they ever break-up (God forbid), it will make for a great dart board. (LOL?) (Please?)

  10. You can see how that piece was made from love. Crafts and Love go together. If you make a gift, it is truly a gift of love.

  11. She surely will like it, I love it! That cardboard-collage style is just my style. You gave me a great idea for some useless cardboard at home :)

  12. Woof! Woof! Very Nice. For sure she'll like it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. That is really terrific. We know she will like it. We like it a lot. Very clever of you to do all that. You are so good at doing this stuff.
    Have a great day.

  14. Tanyia, thanks, every now and then I come up with a good As for her liking it I got a "yeah, it's cute" so can't be so

    Cinnamon girl thank you very much

    beaded tail I did put a bit of thought into this one and it took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish it

    poetic shutterbug I just wish they didn't take me so long to do I fuss over them forever

    gayle yep, packed it full of love just for her

    vanilla seven I have a thing for

    junezach I thought the quote was the perfect touch

    Duni thanks, The saying just seemed to fit them

    fishhawk LOL and I can see her using it as a dart board too.

    Russ I always liked hand made gifts better than store bought ones. So much more thought put into them

    fullet I have a big box full of cardboard all ready for when an inspiration hits me. I do hope you'll share your idea when you finish it

    Sugar thanks, have a great day sugar

    Marg I don't know about good but I thank you for the compliment and I do have lots of fun making things.

  15. That is so beautiful and creative. You are so talented! I'm sure she will love it:)

  16. Hi Ann, This is my first visit to your blog. are very, very creative. I adore your latest project. Even the back of the frame looks good.

    I looked at your older posts and enjoyed them also!

  17. Fantastic! Love all the small, wonderful touches here.

    Hugs to Duke today!!

  18. That's amazing!! Can I borrow your imagination for a day? LOL

  19. I do like it, even Ian liked it. actually I think he said "thats pretty awesome" and he found a spot in the apartment he wants to hang it in so that when you sitting on the couch you can see it.

  20. Hey...that is pretty cool!!! Great job and I think she will love it :)

  21. This is great Ann...I'm sure she was very pleased with it...and I'm assuming now you've put it up on your blog that Amanda has already happily accepted it!!

  22. Now what would all of you do with other cards?Hmmmmmmmmm, certainly not throw the deck away. Good creation!

  23. Angela why thank you very much

    Jean thank you. I'm glad you found me and I hope to see more of you around here.

    Bossy Betty you would not believe how long I fussed over those

    Audrey you may as well take it today because I don't seem to be using it :)

    Amanda oh yeah! I wasn't sure when I asked you the other day and you said "yeah, it's cute"

    alterity button jewelry thanks and just got the confirmation that she did

    allotments4you I wasn't sure when I scheduled this I just hoped that I did it far enough ahead so that it got to her before this actually posted

    out on the prairie oh heavens no I couldn't throw out the rest of the deck. I'll think of something to do with them. I'm sure that at least the joker has a couple good

  24. What a lovely gesture and a beautiful piece of art. I'm sure she will love it. Who wouldn't? Well, maybe someone whose name isn't Amanda, but I'm just saying. You're very talented and creative.

  25. Dang! You are sooo creative!

  26. That is so fabulous! I am sure she loved it.

  27. Leeuna I was surprised that her boyfriend even liked it. Usually guys are like uh huh,

    Lin I have my moments :) thanks

    Anne thanks, I did finally hear that she did like it.

  28. Ann,

    What an amazing inspiration you have created.

    I love the uniqueness of this project and also the vibrancy of the energy that you have bought into life.

    I am sure Amanda appreciated this craft with great delight.

    It's very loving work.

  29. What a great project, Ann! You thought of so many little details that all add up to a winner. I'm willing to bet they've found the perfect spot to hang it already.

  30. Ann thanks and she did say she liked it

    Ann Amanda said that Ian (her boyfriend) had a spot picked out to hang it.


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