Monday, June 14, 2010

Backyard visitors

The birds have been flocking to the backyard like crazy. I've always had birds but not the variety that I've been seeing so far this year. Normally it's the sparrows and the robins that I see. So far I've spotted, sparrows, robins, goldfinch, house finch,  blue jay and cardinal.
The pictures aren't all that good since most of them were taken through the window. Every time I go outsideand try and get pictures they all take off. I've also had to use my old camera since I can't get close enough with my new one. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to spring for a new lens but for now this is what I get.


  1. I see that we have some of the same visitors. We feed all the birds too. I love to watch them. They also love to take baths in our fountains.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. hey I left you a message on my blog silly. I need you to email me! :( I only have two old email addys for you.

    Anyway...I LOVE blue jay! :) They are one of my faves. I have seen quite a few cardinals here in VA and a lot of finches as well. I love birds!

  3. That cardinal is pretty cool! What an assortment of winged friends you have.

  4. Very nice collage ann :) I wish can see those birds more up close and personal.

  5. We all like to have birdie visitors! The cardinal is so pretty - we don't have any of those around here.

  6. I so wish we had cardinals around here. Back in California, we had blue jays that would just love to come down into our patio and steal the dog food. Does Duke have the same problem?

  7. I think you have done very well capturing all those birds on film. I like the layout. :)

  8. You've really got a nice variety of birds there. Even through the window, getting bird pictures is hard. You did a good job.

  9. Wow! You got different kinds of birds and that is just so wonderful!
    Your photos are nicely shot! ^_^

    Ann, thank you so much for wishes and greetings on my special day. You made it fantastic! I really appreciate it! ^_^

  10. Those pictures are better than you think. In fact, they are great!

  11. Is the cardinal the red one? He is gorgeous!

  12. Great pictures Ann. I go to the In Laws all the time. They have just about any bird you can imagine. They are really into it. They even make their own suet. I especially like the woodpeckers and humming birds.

  13. Nice pictures Ann. Yes those birds are hard to get pictures of.

  14. Don't you just love the cardinals and the blue jays...we had lots of them in Virginia. I'm not crazy about being outdoors but I do so enjoy watching the action...

  15. OOOOOOO. You know how Betty feels about birds! Lucky you to have cardinals!

    Does Duke approve of all this attention you are giving to these winged creatures?

  16. I really like the shots you got! I think birds are fascinating too. Beautiful mosaic!

  17. You do have a lot of different kinds of birds. I don't put out seeds and things for the birds because of all the cats that live here. They would just part themselves under the bird feeder. This makes me a little sad because I do like to watch the birds.
    I think those pictures are fine.
    Have a super day.

  18. Ann, these photos are great and I'm loving what you are doing with these mosaics. Very cool.

  19. Well, I think you did Terrific! Love your photos Girl!

  20. Sandee yep they've been enjoying the bird bath in the back yard quite a bit too

    Tanyia I love all the birds but I think my favorites are the finches

    Urban cowboy I can't believe how many different ones there are this year.

    Vanilla Seven I wish I could too

    Beaded tail I never used to see them very often but this ones been coming around quite a bit

    Tahtimbo We don't keep any dog food outside maybe I should put some out and see what they do

    Lin why thank you disney lady :)

    Ratty so I'm finding out how hard it is. How on earth do you get them all

    junezach thanks and you are most welcome I hope you enjoyed it

    Fishhawk aw shucks, you're just being nice but I thank you :)

    Philippa yes that is the cardinal

    Russ I wish I had hummingbirds around here, I saw some plants at Walmart the other day that are supposed to attract them

    Sheri thanks, and yes they are hard, they're just too fast for me

    Grace I sure do. I kind of wish we were in a more secluded area, then I would have a little more wild life to watch

    Bossy Betty yes I know you like your birds, this one was for you :)
    Duke hasn't objected yet

    LDH I love watching the birds,

    Marg I can see how the cats and birds wouldn't mix too well

    Poetic shutterbug why thanks, I went with that only because it was easier than posting all those pictures. I guess you could say I was being

    Donna thank you, but I'll keep practicing to see if I can improve on them


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