Friday, June 11, 2010

Yard Work

With warm weather you always have plenty of outside work to do. Aside from keeping the pool clean, weeding the flower beds and trimming hedges there's also lawn maintenance.
Wade takes some time to cut some of the branches off of the pear tree. If you ever ran into a pear tree branch while mowing you would know why. The branches have nice little thorns on them and mowing around that tree can be a real pain, literally. Wade hates that tree.
While he does that Duke inspects the mower. After all it's a very old mower and one should check everything out before proceeding. Front tires look good, seem to be holding air pretty well.
Mower deck looks all clear.
Yep, everything looks fine there too.
 Oh piss on it, lets just go have a cold one.
Sorry, just couldn't help myself with that one. I had to do it.


  1. LOL! Didn't see that one coming!

  2. Ha Ha!!! Too funny Ann!!.... Yes, I have a few things to do in my garden this weekend....which will definately lead to a cold drink on my porch.... All work and no they say.... :)

  3. LOLOL...very Funny sweetie!
    Y'all have a Great weekend!!

  4. Oh my, Duke is simply adorable, Ann! You captured, and put the photos beautifully. So funny! Thank you for that much-needed laugh. I love the photos! Lovely yard by the way! :)

  5. Is there anything Duke can't do? He's one amazing little guy, for sure!

  6. It's 11:04 PM - have to laugh quietly so as not to wake my husband....but laughing I am

  7. Oh, that is just too funny!! Thanks, I needed a laugh :)

  8. Ohhhh Duke! What?! Hahahaha!

    Hey Ann you did a good job in capturing Duke's moments. :)

  9. Thanks for a good laugh! I'm finding out the meaning of yard work :(

  10. good to see that Duke has accepted the mower and has decided to honour it...that way Wade has no excuses for not cutting the lawn this

  11. I believe Duke was just letting everyone know that it is his tractor. You can use it but don't forget who rules.LOL

  12. Beaded tail originally I wasn't going to include that last one but then I just had to

    Kirsten yes gotta get some play time in for sure

    Donna You have a great weekend too

    Tes I sometimes wish my yard wasn't so wide open but it is nice

    Urban cowboy he is pretty versatile however he has yet to find gainful employment to earn his keep

    Grace uh oh we better keep the noise down so as not to wake the husband. :)

    Tahtimbo you are most welcome

    Junezach Duke makes it easy

    Roschelle well I hope you have some good lawn maintenance assistance to help you with it all

    allotments4you Wade is enjoying mowing this year, he's been working on the riding mower for a couple years now and this is the first year he doesn't have to push, he's riding instead and enjoying it

    FishHawk yes he certainly did

    Russ we find it very hard not to forget who rules around

  13. Great Photos - and Willy hates trees in the yard. They are something that slows down the mowing and Willy just wants to get er done.

    10-4 Willy

  14. Way to go Duke. Christen that mower which I am sure has been cristened many many times. Great pictures of your yard. Thanks a lot for the reminder that I need to go mow our lawn. Tomorrow sounds good.
    Have a great week end.

  15. i've had a westie in the past. a scotty too. now have a cairn... completed trifecta.

  16. Funny Duke! A mower is always useful, but Duke knows he has the right to express himself freely :)

  17. Tee hee. I love Duke's attitude. I have the same one sometimes. Your yard is lovely, by the way. We have a fence around ours to keep the dogs from visiting the neighbors. I would rather have it open around the house, but our neighbors hate dogs. Yeah, I know, I don't understand it either.

  18. Duke did a good job on the inspection! Laughing out loud...

  19. Hillbilly Willy I don't mind trees but the pear tree bites when you try and get around it

    Marg today was a mowing day here too and a little gardening as well.

    Jason I always had labs before Duke. I never knew how much spunk one little dog could have :)

    fullet and express himself he does, quite often

    Leeuna I have that attitude all the time, so maybe it's my fault he's like My next door neighbor doesn't like dogs either but lucky for me they rarely come out of their house.

    Cinnamon girl, he's always very

  20. Hahahaha! I LOVE Dukie! I'm with him on having so much work to do. :)

  21. Lin yeah I take on Duke's attitude quite often, could explain the mess around here :)

    Poetic shutterbug, I wasn't planning on going that route but in the end I decided I liked it


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