Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knickknack Pattywack

You can give the dog a bone.
But don't even think about trying to take it back from him.
 He may look like he's sleeping in the next one but believe me he's got one eye on that bone.
 He did actually growl at me for getting to close to it. This isn't the first time he has gotten overly protective of his prize. I bought him a soup bone at Christmas time and he was growling at anyone who got too close. He's not like that with any of his toys or other chewie items. He seems to be quite proud of himself for guarding his treasure so well.
 Or is he daring me to just try and take it away?


  1. I don't think he's daring you one bit, I think he's telling you to leave his bone alone. Just what I think.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Looks like a mighty proud dog to be enjoying his bone. That's the spirit, and what a truly wonderful experience to be part of. Thanks for sharing it all with us. :)

  3. Hahaha...He's wore Out from guarding it!!Hahaaa...poor DUKE!!!

  4. Ann, thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to exploring your world.

  5. I am pretty sure he is telling you to stay away! lol

    Ginger loves those big ole bones, too! She loves to carry it around with her, break off smaller pieces, and then hide them in the cushions of the couch lol

  6. wow you actually got him another one...I thought you said at Christmas that you werent going to buy him another one.

  7. That's how I feel when someone wants to share my cheesecake! I have never bite anyone though :)

  8. I think he's daring you. He has that "look" about him. And, I know what I'm talking about, because I watched the "Dog Whisperer" once for a whole 5 minutes (that's how long it took me to find the lost remote) :-)

    Enjoy your prize, Duke! It's well deserved.

  9. That is a big ol' bone for little ol' Duke! I bet he's cute carrying it around!

  10. He looks like he's smiling!

  11. You have one cute furbaby. Great photos & story.:-D)

  12. Hahahaha! What happened to you Duke? :)

    Yeah. Don't ever get close to a dog if it is enjoying a wish bone. It will really growl at you! LOL

    This just made my day! ^_^

  13. Haha!
    Sammy usually gobbles up his snacks in no time :)

  14. He does look positively tickled with his prize, doesn't he? Duke, I have to say that you are one photogenic little dude :o)

  15. Well, when I told you to tell Duke to take a chunk out of your husband's rear because of his severe aversion to country-fried music, I didn't think it would go that far.

  16. Duke, you are one lucky pup!

  17. What a lucky dog! Duke really seems to enjoy his bone. :-)

  18. That's a really big bone!! Should keep him going for a while :)
    Yum Yum!

  19. Okay lets do a little test here. Ann grab the bone and see what he does. Better let your husband, just in case.LOL I bet he is all growl.We can take Claudias right out of her mouth.

  20. He looks like he is telling you to go ahead and make his day. I am glad he is enjoying it so much!

  21. I have a collection of marrow bones, that evertime I pick them up they get pulled out and are all over again.Hard on the feet.

  22. That's a mighty big bone for a little Duke :) so cute!

    Urmm.. with bones and food.. i don't even dare take it away from my dogs.. after i have given to them.. they are overly protective too!

  23. His prized bone is as big as he is! I can tell by the look on Dukes face that no one is getting between him and his bone.

  24. That's a good lookin' bone ~ I'd guard it too!

  25. LMAO, he does have that one eye open in that photo :D Hey, I don't blame him, I'd be the same way. I'll share anything but food and treats is a no - no.

  26. Ha, Duke is just like my little guy when it comes to bones. He always knows where it's at, who's around it, etc.

  27. That is his bone and no one is taking it. Just look at that expression on his face. Forget it Mom if you think you are getting this back to chew on yourself. No way. Just go get your own bone. LOL
    Have a great day.

  28. Sandee and he made it quite clear that I was NOT to touch it :)

    Donna I think you're right not only guarding it but carrying it around with him everywhere he went

    lifeshighway you're quite welcome I enjoyed the visit. Hope to see more of you around here

    Tanyia I'm very sure. Duke just keeps working on the whole thing

    Amanda No I said I wasn't going to get him another SOUP bone, this wasn't a soup bone I got it at the lawn and garden store in Meadville

    LDH LOL , don't mess with a ladies cheesecake

    tahtimbo well you watched the dog whisperer longer than I did :)

    beaded tail he sure is, I've tried to get pictures but haven't been too successful, he's usually running away from me when he has it in his mouth

    Grace, it does look like a smile. Probably cuz he likes that bone so much

    Jean Yes he's a cute one and full of personality too

    Junezach you've now seen the dark side of Duke :)

    Duni so does Duke but with a bone it takes him quite awhile

    Jen Yes he does

    FishHawk Duke is very good at following commands, you really need to be careful what you say to him

    Daisy lucky and spoiled

    DKMiller He loves them but he won't share

    Audrey Yep, they do last him quite a while, and eventually the growling stops once he's had them for a while

    Russ Most things I can take out of his mouth but the really big bones forget about it. Once I get the growl from him I usually leave him alone

    Anne Duke may be a relative of Clint ya never know

    out on the prairie tell me about it, I've stepped on several of Duke's walking through the house in the dark. OUCH

    Anny he doesn't care when it comes to his food dish. that I could pull away from him no problem

    BBoysMom not if he has anything to say about it

    marie Duke keeps a very close eye on it

    Poetic shutterbug well if he ever tried to come near my chocolate I'm giving the growl to him

    urban cowbooy yep, he even takes it outside with him then when I bring him back in he stops to pick it up and bring it with him

    Marg, I don't get why he thinks I would even want it but whatever...lol

  29. Woof! Woof! DUKE that's a huge bone n its exhausting. You sure enjoyed it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  30. Ha! Good for you, Duke. Reminds me a little of Lucy and her squeak toy...although she's sleeping, she periodically checks to make sure it's nearby. Crazy dogs.

  31. Sugar it is a pretty big bone for such a little guy

    vanilla seven he does have a grin there I'm sure of it

    earthtoholly Duke will look like he's asleep but if you get to close he's jumping right up.


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