Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quilled card

I have a little project that I've been dieing to show you. I made a couple of things for Amanda and I want to be sure that she got them before I post them. I'm writing my posts ahead of time and scheduling them so it's hard to know for sure when she'll get the package. I think it's pretty safe to at least show you the card that I made for her.
 It's nothing super fancy but I liked the way it turned out. I made the flower pots and stems in photoshop elements then printed them out and glued on the quilled flowers and leaves. I'll give it a couple more days then I'll be back with the other thing that I made for her. Just a hint, it's another one of my cardboard projects.


  1. This is perfect! Have you ever considered selling them on Etsy?!!!

  2. It's beautiful that's what it is. I love it. You should think about selling these kinds of things. I think you would do well.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. So cute! I agree...I think you should sell them.

  4. Ann, this rocks!V I love how it turned out. Quilling is something I wanted to try for years now and just never seem to have gotten around to it! GREAT job! :)

  5. That is very fun and cute!

  6. The flowers texture looks like 3D! Beautifully done Ann.

  7. That is so cute! I agree with Reeni, you should consider selling on Etsy! And I'm going to sign up for a Photoshop class!

  8. Very cute card! I love the way it tuned out too!

  9. This is very nice. I like the way you made the flowers pop out like that.

  10. Yet another talent. I love the effect. I also agree that you should sell some of the things that you make.

  11. Oh, that is such a pretty card. It shows how much love went into it :)

  12. I hope you watered those plants real good before you sent them.

  13. That is a lovely card! So are so very creative and talented.

  14. Great job!! Those make great gifts!!

  15. You did it again Ann! How beautiful your craft is! Nice gift for Amanda! ^_^

  16. It looks wonderful, Ann! All the layering and little pots are just the right touches with your quilling. I bet Amanda loved it.

  17. Lovely card, Ann! Don't you just love the potential of quilling teamed with computer graphics?

  18. I LOVE that! My mom taught me how to quill ages ago (late '70s)...I forgot how much I missed doing it!

  19. It's terrific, she'll love it! Now I'm itching to get back to my quilling patterns and do something (you're a bad influence, chickie ;o)

  20. Love your quilling projects! This card is so pretty!

  21. I have wanted to try quilling but I doubt my fingers will let me manipulate something so tiny.
    The card is beautiful!

  22. That is so gorgeous. You should definitely sell those. Completely uncrafty people like myself would enjoy them.

  23. Played with a few while camping. Found a pattern site with a national club.You have it down well!

  24. Not Fancy, huh??!!! LOOK at those curly cues! Lord, I'd have those stuck off in my hair and probably hanging on my Ears!!Hahaaa
    You're Good!!
    Happy weekend dear friend!

  25. I have to agree with everyone else. that you should sell those on Etsy or somewhere. They are really nice. We like them a lot. Then do one of Duke and that would really sell a lot.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. cinnamon girl yes I have thought about it but I hold myself

    Sandee thank you very much, I have thought about it, I just don't know where to begin

    Sheri thank you

    Tanyia, well I know you would be great at it. You should give it a try.

    Grace, thanks, I just hope Amanda liked it too

    vanilla seven I suppose it is actually since the pieces are raised.

    Beaded tail thanks and maybe some day :) Have fun with that class

    LDH thanks, I was happy with it

    Ratty thanks, it was pretty easy, just gluing the little pieces on the background

    Russ, thanks maybe some day I will I'm such a procrastinator

    Duni, thanks, I've always thought that hand made was better than store bought

    FishHawk yep, gave em a good soaking before it went in the box

    DKmiller thanks, I had fun doing it

    gayle so I'm finding out, I've had all kinds of ideas going through my head

    Junezach thanks, I hope she liked it

    BeeBeebabs why thanks and thanks for stopping by

    Ann this one just seemed to go together so easy compared to other things I've tried to do.

    Philippa yes I do. I've had so many ideas I hardly know where to start

    Alterity button jewelry thanks I wish I had heard about this years ago.

    Jen thanks. I've always wanted to be a bad influence. At least this is in a good

    bossy betty thank you very much

    Nico I have a hard time with some of the pieces not only with the hands but with the eyes too :)

    Anne thanks, you guys just may talk me into doing that

    out on the prairie oh you'll have to share that pattern site.

    donna well believe me I've seen much fancier. I bet you would look cute with all that stuff stuck in your hair and handing off your

  27. Marg, thank you very much. A quilled Duke is a very cool idea, I'll have to figure out how to do that


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