Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saving Mother Earth the final chapter

No fancy costumers or dancers today but I figured I could stretch this out for one more post.
After a few hours of the sweltering heat, my friend and I decided to check out the craft booths before heading to the comfort of the air conditioned truck.
We visited one called Spotted Pony Traders. They sold Deer and Elk Leather, leather and cloth clothing, furs, antlers, skulls and beads. I'm sure that animal rights activists would have had a heart attack looking at this stuff.
Another booth we visited was Wolfheart's Herbal Remedies. Debbie bought some sinus tea from him and I'm interested to hear how it worked.
We saw jewelry of course and I did buy a necklace but forgot to take a picture of it.
I only snapped two quick pictures while browsing. This particular vendor had all sorts of things made from different parts of deer. He had deer legs, antlers, skulls and even deer hooves. I'm not quite sure what you would do with those things but there they were.
He also had jewelry and dishes of buttons. You might be able to see the buttons at the bottom of this picture. They were made from deer antlers.

 I snapped a quick picture of this display of walking stick, spears and I'm not sure what else was in there.

How about a closer look at that in sepia
And that is the end of my Saving Mother Earth pow-wow experience.

Due to the extreme heat wave we are having I'm skipping sitting in front of my computer tonight. We don't have air conditioning in the house so I'm going to be hanging out in the basement where it's at least a little cooler. So as not to disturb the man in the man cave with the clickety clack of my laptop keyboard I'm shutting down until tomorrow. Catch up with you later.


  1. I feel so sorry for you with no air conditioning in this heat wave! It's to be 101 tomorrow with a heat index of 110! What is the temperature in the basement now? I love your sepia transition of that picture!! And I think we all want to see which necklace you bought, let's see it!!

  2. You save lots and lots of money without an air conditioner. Our runs spring/summer and fall. Heater comes on around November.

    As for the Saving Mother Earth. How fun. I'm guessing that their philosophy was waste nothing. Many cultures adhere to that. Ours not so much.

    Have a terrific evening and stay cool. My best to Duke. :)

  3. I split with my Native American roots when it comes to all those animal parts too, however, I do understand it's the culture. I like the jewelry though! Hope you stay cool in the Mancave tonight!

  4. Wow sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful experience...something everyone should at some point in their lives. Your pictures are fantastic and you can almost hear the sounds of the dancers. My favourite picture is the last one in sepia...just says it all.


  5. oh and I do see the deer buttons. Can't believe they are made from antlers.

    And I certainly won't complain about the below seasonal temperatures and all of the rain in on the west coast of Canada. I can take it any day over the heat so I am feeling for you.

    Hope you can cool off in the man cave...

  6. Hope you're keeping cool down in your man cave! I didn't comment but I saw all of your pictures of the dancers - loved them! I haven't been to a pow wow in so long.

  7. Oh My.... I thought all houses these days had AC... I'm sorry... I know how hot it has been. We turned our AC back on this morning.. I was miserable yesterday --even though we do have good cross ventilation and lots of fans. I don't like AC--so we don't use it unless we have to... Take care, my friend, and stay COOl.

    Thanks for all of the interesting info on the Native Americans.

  8. So did you buy anything?

    And you are the 3rd northerner I've read about that doesn't have a/c - I am surprised - I guess you don't need it that much or that often.

    And know while I live in GA I am from Chicago! lol

  9. Jewelry and crafts - ah - the good stuff!

    My husband loves the ole a/c - me not so much but while it is not so very hot right now it is oppressive, I went out to feed the alley cats and found it hard to get a breath. I usually open the windows at night but haven't since Monday - so humid. There was no way my husband was buying a house without CAC...

  10. Those are impressive spears!
    Actually, we could use some of that heat over here ;-)

  11. Great pictures Ann. I just love the POwWow's. Stay cool if you can. We are having a heat wave here in Connecticut also. 100 plus degrees the next two days and then just the nineties after that.

  12. Your AC out?Not the time to be without it unless you live in that pool/

  13. I hope you can bear the heat. Maybe Duke can go take a dip and then dry-off on you?

  14. oh no on the AC, you should be in the pool with Duke. I like the sepia a lot. and i love the name Wolfheart
    I would have loved seeing this with you but much prefer it in cooler temps. we have Indian reservation here but have never been there, it is a casino and i don't gamble so never thought about it. wonder if they have things like this.

  15. Loved the pictures, the sepia one is way cool...speaking of, stay cool my friend! :D

  16. Looks like some fun and crazy crafts. Can you believe this heat? I'm at work and it's is freezing in here then I go outside and it's like a over. I guess I'm just never happy.

  17. Thanks for sharing all the Pow Wow photos. I went to one in Wisconsin a dozen or so years ago and found it fascinating. I love all the costumes, the colors & textures are amazing. Your photos capture it beautifully! I really love the sephia tone one too!

    I hope the temperatures cool down a bit for you soon.


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