Wednesday, April 13, 2016

help from facebook

I have zero, zip, zilch motivation so I didn't have a clue what to use for a post. I decided to scroll through my facebook page and grab a few ideas.

This was posted by someone and aside from the fact that I don't take a multi vitamin since my last bottle ran out, this fits me

On second thought, I've been in bed at 8:30 quite a lot lately.

Then there was another post that had a sign that said to name a neighborhood game  you played as a child.
When I was growing up there were a lot of kids in my neighborhood all pretty close in age. We frequently all got together and road bikes or played games. I do remember playing Red Rover quite a bit.


  1. we played Red Rover, Hide and Seek, and hop scotch was a big favorite. the one shaped like a cross and the square one. i can't hop now and certainly could not run over and break through hands. i might handle hide and seek if i could rememeber how. so i will take my vitamin and go to bed

  2. Hmmmm...let's see...I remember Hide & Seek, Kick the Can, and Hop Scotch too. It sure has been a lot of years though!! Now, one never sees kids out playing anymore! Not sure that is a good thing...

  3. I remember all those games. And don't feel like the Lone Ranger about going to be early. I do that every night. Why not, I say. Have a great day.

  4. Yep, still a rockstar, Ann! I don't think we played Red Rover but hide & seek or tip the can.
    Oh for the energy of those days!

  5. we played a lot of hide 'n seek and a lot of bike riding as well. the good old days. :)

  6. Hit the sack around 8. Did a birding field day with 4th graders and it wore me out. Kick the can and baseball were our favorites

  7. We were very blessed to me kids in the days before computers. Sunshine, fresh air, and skinned knees are so much better than video games . . . don't you agree. When bedtime came we were tired.

  8. We played about a gabillion different ball games.

  9. We lived on a farm so there weren't any kids around. You could go several miles before you're find another house so playing with others just didn't happen.

    I can remember when I was working and often went to bed early. You get up mighty early.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  10. I remember Barbie Dolls, bicycling around the 'hood, and kick the can mostly.

    Where I lived, in the Colorado foothills, there wasn't much to do but fish, hunt, play cards, and 'work' the acreages with my dad.

  11. I go to bed after the 11pm news so I guess that makes me a late owl ... and as they say - early to bed - early to rise makes Anne healthy - wealthy and wise.

  12. I found a really funny work saying thing on FB yesterday, but it uses the "f" word a LOT so it really isn't blog worthy. Sad...because it was funny. And true.

    I can't tell you the name of the game we used to play a lot as a kid--it would get us both in trouble with the Political Correctness police. But it was a different era, time and place.

  13. We rode bikes and ran all over the by dark!

  14. Indeed you are
    a rockstar,
    I hope it comes
    with a flashy car.

  15. I'm a night owl-- and hit the hay around 12:30 am -- and up at 6:30 am --- there are days w
    That I catch 40 winks rocking a grand baby.
    As to games with neighbors? We played baseball in the cow pasture.
    And ...dare I use such UN-politically correct language... We were known to play Cowboys and Indians in the little woods!
    Ah! That's a great story... I must write that one down.
    Seriously though, I lived building forts with the neighbor kids!


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