Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time to move on to plan B

Saturday morning I picked up my daughter and we headed out with specific plans in mind.

First a little breakfast at McDonalds
I know, totally not healthy but I was hungry.

Then we headed to Wal-Mart. I'm determined to get a cat but before I take one home I need to have a few necessities. I picked up a litter box, litter, food and Amanda picked out this dish.

I also purchased a few things that weren't totally necessary but any kitty getting a new home should be welcomed with nice things.

Next stop was the Humane Society. We walked through the adoptable cats and although they didn't have very many we did see a couple we liked. They have signs up that say do not touch the animals and if you want to meet a cat you have to go to the front desk.

Amanda went to the front desk to tell them we wanted to meet Fraya

not a very good picture but here's a little bit about her

Turns out that before you can meet any of the animals you have to fill out an application. So I sit and I fill out the application. I hand it to the girl and I say to Amanda I'm going to head to the bathroom first. When I come out she tells me that before I can adopt an animal Gibbs must be neutered. (No, I haven't had him neutered yet. I know I should have done it but I haven't). Any way, not much sense in meeting and falling in love with a cat that I won't be able to adopt because my dog still has all his manly parts. That's what I get for being honest. So I still don't have a cat but I've got all the stuff for one now.


  1. so sorry, that will be tough on you and on Gibbs and the dollar dept to. that is sad they do it that way, i much prefer our humane society. they only have kitties with problems in crates, all the others live in a very large room, in fact two rooms and they all run free and they encourage people to come and sit and hold and play with the cats to keep them from being stressed. they have so many cats, always 40 or 50 of them. we also have 3 other places Spca and animal control. control is horrible with them stressed in cages... people do have to fill out apps to adopt and they check the houses to make sure people tell he truth.

  2. just had a thought.. sometimes it doesn't pay to put the litter before the cat....i know, just dumb

  3. will get your cat...but Gibbs will have to be "fixed" first. Just a slight delay. I hope that you find a wonderful cat to adopt. They usually have quite a few that need good homes! I adopted two from our local shelter and they were both wonderful!

  4. Now gibbs may be more frustrated with the cat losing his stuff. If you talk of other pets he may think he has to lose another part.

  5. Oh yes.....all other family pets need to be up to date on shots/spayed or neutered.

    Fraya is a doll face.
    Gibbs will so enjoy having some company, I just know it!!
    Time will bring you a new fur baby to the household...soon.

    Love the food dish.

  6. Gibbs, off to the vet with you for a simple little operation. Then the Mom can use her cat stuff and get a nice cat. Hope it all works out for everyone. Sorry, you weren't able to get the cat yesterday.

  7. Derby was 2 when he was 'snipped-snipped' and he did just fine. We didn't have a choice since he was going to be headed to the show ring but that didn't work out.

    When it's Gibb's time - ask your vet to use a laser [instead of a the old knife] because the laser heals much faster - also an important thing to have done is ask your vet to do internal stitches - why - because these don't pull like external ones. Derby didn't incision his because of these two steps by the vet so he didn't need to 'cone of shame'.

  8. Well bugger, I thought there was going to be a kitty coming home with you. Way cute one too.

    Have a purrfect day Ann. Big hug to you and my best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. Dang! Those manly bits are delaying what I thought was going to be an exciting homecoming but you'll still get your kitty! I can't wait! (Sorry Gibbs but it'll be good for you to lose those bits anyway so we're on the side of a kitty still!)

  10. Maybe that contributed to Gibbs potty problems? I know with male cats it is...Anyway, probably better for him (and you) if that gets done. Do you have any idea how Gibbs will react to a kitty? We've had cats and dogs at the same time, the dog, who was the new addition, LOVED the cats; the cats were not thrilled with her!

  11. Good luck on picking out your cat Ann, I have had cats and dogs for many years....even when I was young so I think it's great you are extending your family this way. Fraya looked lovely but I'm sure they all were and when Gibbs had been neutered there will be the perfect cat for your family.x

  12. Yes, it's a lot harder to adopt an animal now. They have definitely gotten stricter. I hope you find and can adopt a kitty soon! Gibbs will have to pay but in the long run he'll be happier, too!

  13. Oh, you gotta know how to fill out those forms. Ugh. such silliness.

  14. It seems to me the most important job would be to get that kitty a loving home and not worry about Gibbs being neutered. After all, he won't be getting the cat pregnant.

  15. I guess they think that Gibbs will be too aggressive towards the cat, but my experience says it's just the opposite. Cats can be very aggressive toward small dogs. She is a pretty cat . . . I like calicos.

  16. I understand the neuter- situation.
    But isn't that a bit extreme?
    What does your dog have to do with the them? Maybe giving you a voucher to bring the kitty back when it's old enough to be spayed- I get that.
    But your dog at home? Sorry, that sounds a little bit 'socialist' to me.
    I also found some irony in the spay/neuter policy -- since your Kitty's name would be Freya (norse goddess of fertility)
    That one made me laugh!
    Keep your eyes peeled-- check papers and bulletin boards, I bet someone has a kitty you can have. ;)

  17. I don't understand why you need to fill out an application before even meeting a cat. I also don't understand the need of Gibbs being neutered since you're not looking to adopt a dog. lol at least you're prepared with supplies when the time is right. :)


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