Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas trivia, round 2

It seems that yesterdays questions may have been more difficult than I thought. Maybe because I spent so much time with these questions when I was making the game and then playing it several times. Hopefully today the questions that I  chose will be a little easier for you.
Here we go
1. When did Grandma get run over by a reindeer?
2. Like the song says, "All I want for Christmas is..." what?
3. What child actress starred in Miracle on 34th Street?
4. In 1931 what company began a tradition of featuring Santa in their packaging and advertising at Christmas?
5. What year did A Charlie Brown Christmas make it's television debut?
6. Name at least one of the two stars of the 1954 movie White Christmas.
7. What is the most common flower used at Christmas?
8. What is the name of the 10th reindeer?
9. If we build a snowman in the meadow who can we pretend he is?
10. In Rudolph the red nosed reindeer what was the name of the misfit elf?

 Now for a short picture break while you think about your answers.

Alright, are you ready to see how well you did today?
The answers are
1. Walking home from our house Christmas eve
2. My two front teeth
3. Natalie Wood
4. The Coca-Cola company
5. 1965
6. Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby
7. The Poinsettia
8. Olive (you know, all of the other reindeer) If you still don't get it try singing the song
9. Parson Brown
10. Herbie


  1. What year did A Charlie Brown Christmas make it's television debut? I was a freshman in high school. Good grief Charlie Brown.

    Thanks for the smiles. Some of these I've not thought about in some years.

    Have a terrific day Ann. :)

  2. Oh, I only missed two this time! And OLIVE is one of my favs and I missed it! Rats!!! Um, the elf is Hermey, not Herbie. Do I get extra credits for that???

  3. I didn't miss a single one! High-five!!!

  4. Sandee, I won't tell you how old I

    Lin oops my bad, you do indeed get extra credit.

    Me-Me Alright.

  5. I got two right today! I need to brush up on my Christmas trivia.

  6. Hey I knew lots more of these! A clever and fun idea Ann :o)

  7. beaded tail, don't feel bad, I even got one

    Jen, good job, glad you liked it

  8. I am with Beaded tail.I am getting worse. Only two today.

  9. Hmm, I'm a bit embarassed, trivia has never been my thing. I got 7 wrong but of those 5 I was like "oh YEA!" when I read the answers. LOL. Do I at least get an A for honesty???

  10. NO! NO!! NO!!! All I want for Christmas is a hippopotamus!!!! (Yes, as a matter of fact, I did indeed look up how to spell it.)

  11. 5/10 - that's not too bad, isn't it?

  12. I knew some of them, but got a number of them wrong. I guess I need to spend more time learning about Christmas trivia.

  13. Boy I feel special today I got 6 right.

  14. We did much better husband helped.... loved ##8

  15. Well I certainly have to brush up on my holiday trivia, I only got 2 correct - Guess it's all that spiked eggnog I've been drinking :) I love the contests though :)

  16. Olive, the 10th reindeer, cracked me up. I had a kid named Richard in my class and I thought the pledge of alleigance was about him: "and to the republic for Richard stands".

  17. You're too smart for me!!Hahaa...My head still hurts from getting hacked...but I'm Loving that SnowGlobe!!
    Sweet night to you!!hughugs

  18. Grampy better luck tomorrow

    DKMiller, you get an A just for trying

    FishHawk LOL leave it to you to want a hippopotamus. I didn't even look at your comment to see how to spell it, I learned a song in 4th grade that's a great

    Duni not bad at all

    Anne only if you really want to

    Jude Good job

    Poetic shutterbug spiked eggnog sounds good

    Vane LOL too funny

    Donna it's easy to be smart when you have the answers written down in front of you


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