Friday, December 18, 2009

Round 3

First off I want to thank Lin from Duck and wheel with string for correcting my error in one of the questions in round 2. It seems that the misfit elf is Hermey not Herbie. I guess I must have been thinking of his twin brother when I wrote that. You see Herbie did all the stunts for Hermey in the show so I just got confused. Are you buying that? Nah me neither.
Today all of the questions will be related to Christmas songs. How well do you know your Christmas carols?
Lets get right to it shall we.
1. On Christmas eve why should you jump in bed, cover up your head?
2. If you're not here with me what color Christmas will I have?
3. What Christmas carol is also known as Greensleeves?
4. What did the little lamb say to the shepherd boy?
5. In the song "Jingle Bell Rock" it says, what a bright time, it's the right time to do what?
6. In the song "Sleigh Ride" it says there's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy, when they pass around what?
7. What did my true love give to me on the 7th day of Christmas?
8. Where and when did I see mommy kissing Santa Claus?
9. What Bing Crosby song is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time?
10. What gift did the little drummer boy give to the baby Jesus?

Before I give you the answers tonight I wanted to share a comment left on my last post by Vange of Superficial Gallery 
Olive, the 10th reindeer, cracked me up. I had a kid named Richard in my class and I thought the pledge of allegiance was about him: "and to the republic for Richard stands".
This reminded me of something I used to get teased about when I was a kid. The lyrics to "Hark the herald angels sing" include a line that says "God and sinners reconciled". However I was singing God and sinners wreck themselves. Do any of you have any  lyrics that you've mangled?

If you're ready, here are today's answers
1. Because Santa Claus comes tonight
2. Blue
3. What child is this
4. Do you hear what I hear
5. Rock the night away
6. The coffee and the pumpkin pie
7. Seven swans a swimming
8. Underneath the mistletoe last night
9. White Christmas
10. He played his drum for him

Before I say goodnight, I just want to know which one of the above songs is now stuck in your head?


Sandee said...

This is really fun Ann. Thanks.

Thank goodness that it's White Christmas stuck in my head. I could be a lot worse.

Have a terrific evening. :)

vickie said...

.... and a partridge in a pear tree ... now I can't stop! lol

I love music, got them all :D

I can't remember lyrics I mangled, but I know I did :o uggghhh, too tired tonight.

Thanks Ann - that was a fun challenge!

Lin said...

Oh, Dang! Missed the Swans a Swimming!

And can I just note that there is NO WAY in hell (oops, it's Christmas) that Mary stood there smiling and nodding at some kid banging away on a drum next to her newborn baby??! I'm thinking Girlfriend wanted to murder that kid! I mean, there she is, sitting on that hard scratchy hay, all swollen and sore from birth and some brat is waking her baby! Un huh, no way. She'd kill him. I hate that song.

gayle said...

Oh wow a combination of all of them is playing back and fourth in my head...

BeadedTail said...

Yay! I finally did well on one of your trivia tests! Guess if I learn thing in song it'll stick in my head - just as these songs are now!

tahtimbo said...

I'm 2/10 on this one. Oh, I never have mangled a song, because I don't sing. If I did, the dogs in the neighborhood would go crazy and I would be hauled-off to jail for disturbing the peace :)

Ann said...

Sandee, yes it could be MUCH worse than White Christmas, that's one of my favorites

Vickie, you're welcome. I've always loved the Christmas tunes helped get me in the holly jolly mood

Lin Yeah what was up with that kid. I never minded that song so much it was the 12 days of Christmas that I couldn't stand

Gayle oh noooooooo

Beaded tail well that's a fun way to learn stuff

Tahtimbo, oh it can't be that bad can it?

Jen said...

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ JINGLE BELL ROCK ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Which is infinitely better than one of those stupid TV jingles, right? Loved the quiz, and I really got tickled at the mangled lyrics. I know I sure annihilated them in large quantities at church right before I got my nice new bifocals (well, that and managed to add another two inches to the length of my arms just trying to get the darn hymnal in focus :o)

Grampy said...

Hey!I got seven right.I feel like a winner. After how lousy I have been doing. Oh Well.
Merry Christmas to All.

Jude said...

Hey Ann we're getting a ton of snow so I'm returning the visit and comment, nice not to feel like I have to do any drops and your trivia is fun even though I'm not so bright. Have a great one and thanks Happy holidays.

vange said...

I feel I should add that I still say the pledge wrong. LOL

VanillaSeven said...

Thank God for a friend so observant like Lin :)
Have a great weekend Ann!

Duni said...

Oops. Only 2/10, and now I have #4 ringing in my ears all the time! Thanks, Ann ;-)
Great post!

Anonymous said...

oh boy...I love my Christmas songs but got way too many wrong!! oops!!!!

Grampy said...

I'm hoping Claudia will get use to her coat.Your dog is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

None of them actually, tho I am familiar with them all - after all these little quizzes I realize I know nothing of Christmas trivia. And while this year I bought my husband a Charlie Brown Christmas tree I have no recollection of ever having seen that particular show, or any thing involving Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (except the song of course, by Gene Autry, I believe). I also have a very limited knowledge of Sesame Street, Muppets and the Simpsons, which often makes doing the NYT x-word puzzle a little distracting.

Ann said...

Jen, yes jingle bell rock is much better. My last pair of glasses were bifocals and I never could get used to them.

Grampy, you're a winner for sure, good job

Jude, we got snow too. I know the feeling, I've cut way back and don't feel a bit of guilt

Vange LOL I still sing hark the herald angels sing wrong sometimes too

Vanilla yes indeed

Duni, well it could be a much worse song :)

allotments4you, If I didn't already know the answers I may not have gotten them all right, probably would have had to really think about them and then

Grampy, hopefully she will, Claudia is a real cutie too

Grace I've never done the NYT xword puzzle, but then I'm not very good at them.

Unknown said...

Gosh! This isn't getting any easier. Brings back a lot of great memories though.

Sharkbytes said...

OK! I got ALL of those right. More quizzes that I can be perfect at, please ;-)

Merry Christmas!

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