Friday, December 11, 2009


YEAH! It's Friday
I'm a little late with my post tonight. My son decided to confiscate my computer when I got up to get a cup of coffee and rather than kick him out I decided to turn on the TV and see what I could find. This isn't something that I do very often (I'm referring to both giving up my computer AND turning on the TV). I found the most delightful movie on the Hallmark channel. It was called Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle. Once I started watching it I just couldn't stop. It starred James Van Der Beek, Erin Karpluk and Doris Roberts.

So we got snow today. Snow, snow and more snow. I don't think it quit all day long. By the time I got out of work I cleaned about a foot of snow off my car. At least it was the light fluffy stuff and not that heavy wet snow that a lot of you have been getting.

I finally did it the other day, I switched from internet explorer to firefox. I also installed the Entrecard toolbar and I'm really liking it. It makes it so much easier to do my drops. I've also noticed that a few blogs that I was having trouble with getting to load now pop right up no problem.

For the weekend I have way too many things I want to get done. I have Christmas shopping to finish, my daughter and I are planning on baking, I have craft projects to work on, I need to find a Pittsburgh Steelers scarf for my exchange gift at work and I know there are several other things too. I wonder how successful I'll be at getting it all done. If it's like most weekends probably not very.

I'll leave you tonight with a picture I took last winter.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. If I'm not around to post the next couple of days you'll know that I'm actually getting something done :)


  1. That's a long list of "things to do" Ann.. Hope you can have it done just in time! Enjoy!

    And I have an award for you..

    Thank you Award!


  2. You have lots on your to do list but hopefully you find time to relax! I didn't realize Debbie Macomber has movies too. I enjoy her books so will have to look for the movies. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. My IE8 keeps crashing, so I downloaded the Firefox a few weeks back and haven't had a moment of trouble. Loads everything faster and is best of all - doesn't crash! Don't know what took me so long to go to it.

  4. I switched to Firefox a while back. It does slow my computer down a little, but it's still way better that IE! Have you read any Debbie Macomber books? I would strongly suggest "Twenty Wishes" - it's a really great book. I've read all of her's actually :)

  5. You'll love Firefox! Check out Morning Coffee ...

    Have a MERRY weekend Ann ;)

  6. January, why thank you so much, you're such a sweetie

    Beaded tail, I always find time to I'm not sure how many of her book have been made into movies but I sure enjoyed this one.

    Bonehead, same here, I had tons of problems with IE, I'm so glad I switched

    Audgrey no actually I never have read any of her books but I think I may pick one up next time I'm out. I'll look for Twenty wishes.

    Vickie, So far I'm already head over heals (ok so that may be a little overboard but...) I'm on my way now to check out the link, thanks and a Merry weekend to you also.

  7. Have a great weekend, Ann!
    I have a similar list of things to do like you this weekend..Hopefully, we can get them done!

  8. I downloaded firefox about 2 weeks ago, as well as the EC toolbar. What a pleasant difference! I agree that I am able to visit sites I couldn't before.
    Good luck on the chores, have fun with your daughter!

  9. Be assured that I am one of the most technically-challenged somebodies I know of, and that is why I resisted even trying Firefox (despite all of the glowing reports about it I was seeing) until so many of the sites that I wanted to see would not load on IE8. Now to me, the older versions were a lot more stable. For Firefox has been a lot more crash-happy since around 3.something, but it is still a lot better for blog-hopping than Internet Explorer is. Hey, I have even been brave enough to give Google Chrome a try or two while Firefox was having a fit. It's really fast (maybe ever faster than Firefox), but none of the toolbars that I have learned that I do not want to live without will work on Google Chrome--including even their own Google toolbar!

  10. I usually have to tear myself away from my computer, but I do it at least every day so I won't get burnt out. You'll enjoy Firefox very much. I switched over a year ago, and I've been happy with it ever since. Google Chrome works the best but Firefox has the best features.

  11. It's such a busy time of year, isn't it?! Ugh. I'm scrambling to do my drops everyday and try to comment here and there. I'll give you a mulligan over at my place--it's so crazy to try to do it all! :)

    I heart Firefox for Entrecard too.

  12. I hope you get all the things done that you want to get done. This is such a busy time of the year. Enjoy your family. :)

  13. wow you have snow...apparently we are going to get some in the uk next week but I won't hold my far we have just had cold damp fog..HORRIBLE!!

    I love the Hallmark channel, you get some great feel good movies and also some heartrending tear should let your son steal the comp. more often.

    Glad you're liking the can add your favourite blogs now and just load them straight off the bat!!

  14. Google chrome easily crashed when you opened too many tabs. Firefox work just fine. Enjoy your weekend Ann :)

  15. I've been using Firefox since it came on the market - way better than anything else plus all the nifty add-ons like Ad Block Plus, Screen Grab, Undo Closed tabs - those are some of the ones I use - pages more...ah, open source apps - nice!

  16. Well, you go get your work done...I have Firefox, I/Explorer and Safari loaded...when one doesn't work, another one Will!Hahaa

  17. So you have lots of snow too! Fun. Nice picture too.

  18. Hope you're having a great weekend too. Haven't been around much lately but I'm always thinking about my blogging buddies :)

  19. I love Firefox. Be happy with your nice fluffy snow girl! It has been rainy and nasty cold here for two days straight. The horses are sick of it and they are all REALLY cranky (me too :oP

  20. IcyBC good luck with your list

    Buggys I don't know why I didn't do it sooner

    FishHawk I'm always hesitant to change I guess it's a fear of getting something worse and not being able to go back

    Ratty sometimes I think I'm too attached to my computer

    Lin I don't have a busy social schedule it's just the day to day fitting it all in

    Sandee I hope so too

    Allotments4you I'll trade you a little snow for a little fog :)

    Vanilla I never tried google chrome

    Grace Well so far I like it

    Donna good idea always have a back up

    Sharkbytes yep lots of snow, fun except for the shoveling and the driving

    Roschelle, LOL funny even when I'm not blogging or visiting it's still in the back of my head. I'll be doing something and all of a sudden I'll think "that would make a great post" or Oh that reminds me of the post I read on .....'s blog

    Jen aww hope you all get over the cranky's quick and get some sunshine your way.

  21. I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far, and that you got most of what you wanted to do done :)
    Yeah, the Entrecard toolbar is great!

  22. A nice photo with a small pool of snow on branches. Was it late winter back then?

  23. Hey Sis...a little late since you posted this last week but had to stop by and say I missed you and your posts while I was vacationing from the PC lol.

    I loved your post to the dork who works on Sundays...I love the sign you put up and it is awesome cause he is the dork working on a Sunday while you are relaxing with your family...neener neener!

    Hope your holiday shopping went well. I have mine all done...check out my post and see what I bought Marc for Christmas! :) love ya!

  24. Hi Ann I hope you were able to get your list of things done. I love the Hallmark movies and wanted to watch that one, but somehow missed it. Have a great week.

  25. I wanted to see that movie, but I don't know if I get the Hallmark channel. I guess I should pay more attention. Good luck with your to do list. I hope it got completed.

  26. It's Monday again. I don't care for Mondays. Never did.

    Have a terrific week ahead. :)

  27. I have been using the Entrecard Toolbar since it came out. I love it! The only thing I love more is the EntreCard User Script that I found. It pulls all of the drop boxes up to the top left corner. I absolutely hate searching for drop boxes and that thing fixes it so I do not have to. There are a few sites with odd backgrounds that cover it up but only a handful. If you are interested in checking it out...

  28. Duni any weekend is a good weekend

    Jam I don't really recall

    Tanyia, I was wondering where you've been. Bet Marc loved that gift. Love ya too

    Jude, Hallmark is great

    Anne, bummer no Hallmark

    Sandee yep and it was a typical one too

    Melissa, wow, that sounds awesome. i hate searching for those things too. some people have them really buried. I will definitely check that out. thanks

  29. love the pic and having read your last post first (backward me) I know you didn't find the scarf, good luck with that!


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