Monday, December 14, 2009

How do you measure success?

Today is the day you've all been waiting for. You've anxiously awaited the moment that I would reveal whether or not I was successful at completing my to-do list over the weekend. (yes you have) Guess what? I'm not going to tell you. Instead I'll tell you what I did and you can decide for yourself.

First on the list was Christmas shopping. I bought Duke's present, bombed on finding a Pittsburgh Steelers scarf for my gift exchange and blew off buying the gift cards that my son wants. I can not believe that all the stores I went in had everything else Steeler's but no darn scarfs. I only have until this Friday to get a gift for that.

My daughter came over Saturday after she got out of work to get started on the baking. This is what she brought with her.

Neither one of us were really into it so we continued on Sunday. I only baked about 1/2 of what I wanted to because she was hogging my oven with her double batches of everything.

Next was the craft projects. I did some of them. Do you remember a few posts back I showed you the paper flowers? Well I came up with an ornament that was made using the same basic thing.

I made two of the flowers but instead of flattening them I left them in more of a cone shape. I stacked a smaller one on top then added the little glass ball ornament for a head and made a bow for the wings. I just hot glued the whole thing together and there you have an angel. For another post I'll show you an edit I did on a picture I took of one of these on my tree.

Other than that I played around with the camera a little and tried to get a Christmas picture of Duke. This one was the best I could get.
 So on a scale of 1-10 what score would you give me?


  1. Since it sounds like you had a fun weekend I'll give you a 10 even if you didn't complete everything on your list. Having fun is much more important.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. As usual Duke is so handsome! lol
    and i love the ornaments that's very cute!

    Enjoy and More shopping for Christmas!

  3. You were very productive! I have the tree up, but no lights or decorations on it yet. I think we get points for at least getting it into the house and stand, right?

  4. Duke is adorable and I love those cone flowers, What a cool creation. You had fun and that's what matters so I give you a 10 and then some :)

  5. Well you deserve a 8 in getting things done but a 10 for the great angel craft and just enjoying your weekend!!

  6. I don't know that you did it all but you did enough, phew! Duke looks adorable.

  7. Sounds to me like you were very productive. I'll give you a 10. I'm kind of afraid to put up the tree. This is my first Christmas with cats and if I know them like I think I do...they'll destroy it...bit by bit

  8. Sounds pretty productive to me! You got way more done than I did so I'm impressed. Duke is adorable as always too!

  9. 7 Holly-jolly counts for 2 bonus points. So, your score could have been a 9, but I'm just not feeling it from you yet.

  10. Mmmmm how about a 15? Five for you, since you seem to have gotten about half of what you wanted done (which puts you waaaay ahead of me) and ten for Duke in his adorable picture :o)
    That blue fabric in the background is gorgeous!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend and like you accomplished more than I. :-) The picture of Duke is great. He is so cute though so you can't go wrong.

  12. I give you a 10. By the end of the week I'm hoping to have most of my stuff done as well. Great picture of Duke!

  13. You get a 10 for Duke's photo alone!

  14. Definitely a 10! You accomplished a lot, and doesn't that feel so good. Way to go!

  15. I think you got a lot accomplished. I wish I could claim the same thing. I did watch some ALF, I don't know if that counts. Duke's Christmas photo is awesome. He looks great and it is wonderfully composed.

  16. wow I think you got a lot accomplished so I would say... eh, a 9. Those angels are really cute, Ann! I really like them, so creative, and Duke is so stinkin adorable.

  17. You did much better than I did - I'd score you a 10!

    Duke is so cute...give him a big hug from me.

  18. I hate to do lists so I'm not giving a score. It sounds like you're under enough pressure. That's a lot of baking maybe since the daughter did double batces she will share and you can just scratch that one off.

    Those little ornaments are adorable and that photo of Duke is perfect.

    I saw thw comment about cats and saw in the pet store the other day that they sell something specially for cats and trees to keep them from destroying it.

  19. I think you did great! Love your craft and Duke is always cute.

  20. I love the Angels.Can't wait to see them on your tree.And of course Duke is Wonderful.I make list also.I figure if I get half of it done I did a good job.Sounds to me like you get a attagirl. Job well done.

  21. 100% - Those angel ornaments are so pretty and that's a perfect Christmas pic of Duke!

  22. Sandee yeah and fun wasn't even on the list

    January thanks I was happy with they way they turned out

    Lin oh of course you get points.

    Poetic shutterbug thanks and yes I did have fun

    Gayle so does that make it an 18

    Miaw and yet it still feels like I didn't accomplish anything :)

    Roschelle been there, always worried about what the cats would do and not one of them ever did bother the tree, I had a few that liked to lay under it but that was about it.

    Beaded tail it really didn't feel all that productive though

    FishHawk, man you're tough. I work on the holly jolly

    Jen the fabric is actually a table cloth, I just draped it over the tree to use as a backdrop

    DKMiller you should see some of the other pics I got while I was

    Sheri I still have so much left to do, good luck with getting yours done

    Daisy glad I threw that pic of Duke in there otherwise I think my score would have been much lower, Duke saved my hide on this

    Angela beats being lazy that's for sure

    Anne I haven't seen Alf in years

    Tanyia, thanks I kind of liked them

    Split rock ranch hugs to Duke are on the way

    Jude, can you believe that my daughter took every last cookie she baked home with her? She didn't leave any. That's what she's giving everyone at work for presents.

    B Boys Mom thank you very much

    Grampy yeah an attagirl, I did good then :)

    Grace why thank you, I was hoping for a little better on the Duke pic but I'll take what I can get

  23. I think the most impressive thing is that you got a nice Christmas photo of Duke. We've been trying for years to get a decent shot of our Aussie Shepard - she just never sits still in front of the camera!

  24. You are so creative! I love the angels you've made, and the picture of Duke is beautiful!

  25. Bonehead well let me tell you it isn't easy, he doesn't sit still for long

    Icy BC why thank you very much.


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