Monday, December 7, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Today I am going to tell you why I hate Mondays. This could also explain, at least in part, why I'm such a cranky witch at work and people tend to avoid

Lets start by looking at this. Here is where I work every day. This is my table where I do my magical bakery work. I know, you're all drooling over my luxurious work area.  

So do you see that pink paper hanging on my table? Can you read it? No? Well maybe this will help.

Better? Now you probably wonder what that's supposed to mean right? Well I'm going to tell you any way.
I hung this up this morning as a little motivational reminder to myself, and to possibly make other people wonder.
The person who works, and I use that term lightly, on Sunday is making me crazy. He leaves early every week, leaves half the work undone, and what he does do is not done very well. I've complained to the store manager but he just blows it off. We don't quite see eye to eye ever since I dared to go over his head once.

Any way, recently I heard that the store manager told another employee that he was hoping that I would get ticked off enough to quit. HA HA HA is he crazy? I've been there 12 years, it's a half a mile away from home and it pays more than minimum wage. I'm not going anywhere. Besides irritating him is so much fun.

So back to the sign. I'm pretty sure that the Sunday stuff is partially on purpose to try and make me mad. Now every Monday morning when I start to feel the blood boil and steam starts coming out of my ears I've been saying to myself "It's not working, I'm still here" (Sounds really funny if you say it in a sing song nasaly kind of voice) Today I decided that a visual reminder would be helpful as well. Makes me chuckle every time I say it.

And that, my bloggy buddies, is why I hate Mondays. How about you, do you like Mondays?


  1. Hahahaaa!!! You GO Girl! Don't let 'em run you off! Twits!
    Mondays??? Nothing really..It's just 4 more days till Friday...LOL...Otherwise, I'd be pissed!!hughugs

  2. Oh, geesh, that's a bad start to the week. What is his deal??? You gotta beat people like that at their own game. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing you are annoyed. In fact, be extra pleasant and super sweet when it comes to him and it will drive him NUTS. :) Good luck, pally.

  3. Annie!!! You're on the right track - use reverse psychology and be HAPPY when you go in on Mondays ... or at least act like it. Yeah, like Lin said ;) BTW, great sign ROFLMAO!!

  4. So you have a slug to deal with every Monday morning. I've had so many of them over the years. Just keep smiling. I like your approach.

    Have a terrific Tuesday. I know you will. :)

  5. Every body has monday blues sometimes but sheesh! I would hate to think every monday was like that. Hang in their Annie, 12 years 12 years 12 years -

  6. Way to go Ann! Just ignore the bugger... he will be seething inside.. haha!

  7. Donna, good point, I never looked at Mondays that way

    Lin, I'm working on it, hoping that sign will help remind me :)

    Vickie, oh yeah, I love the fact that I can hide my irritation from Mr. Manager man. Bet it drives him nuts that I'm still

    Sandee, yep Tuesdays are good days because I know when I go in things will be as they should be.

    Miawa yep EVERY Monday, it'g getting very redundant. Yeah 12 years.

    Nessa, I'm

  8. It sounds like the store manager needs to grow up. You can be sure that this type of childish behavior will come back and bite him on the butt. Cheers to you for taking the high road. It will drive them crazy!

  9. A "nanny nanny boo boo" sign - Kewl!

  10. Oh yes I hate Mondays...I hate getting up in the mornings,,love to sleep late!!

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  12. Hey, if you run out of more relevant things to dig your boss with, you could hit him with a, "Well, that's not the way they do it on Ace of Cakes (Food Network)!" Of course, if all else fails, you could always send Duke up there to give him an attitude adjustment.

  13. I always wish everyone a "Happy Evil Monday" when I arrive at school/work :o) Although I initially thought that Mondays were evil and should be destroyed, I have since come to the conclusion (after numerous Monday holidays) that TuesdayMondays are far worse than MondayMondays. I've decided it's best to stick with Monday in its original evil format. Don't you think?

  14. I think I only like Mondays as soon as I'm on my way home from work. I usually deal with people that anger me with laughter. I very rarely let them know I'm irritated. I also talk to them more to give them back some of their own medicine.

  15. I hate mondays too. My job is crazy and hectic and to think I have 5 days of it before I get a day off. I guess that's why a lot of people hate them as well.

  16. Argh, like you or anyone needs the Monday aggravation. Yes, it's not working, don't let him get to you!

  17. Hahaha! oh Ann, you're so funny! I'm glad you're seeing the humorous side of things - makes life so much easier!
    The sign is hilarious...wonder if he gets it?

  18. I love this Monday cause my boss is not around :P

  19. What a discouraging way to start the week! Is your store manager 6 years old? Bet he didn't learn that in management 101!

  20. Go Annie! I think that's the best way to do it!

  21. I feel so bad for ya Ann, I loved Mondays because they were my day off :). How unpleasant to have to face that every Monday. At first I thought the sign meant because you love your job so much that you didn't think of it as working. They probably wont even get it unless you explain it. Have a good one Ann.

  22. I only hate Mondays because I have to go back to work. The weekends go by way to fast. You have a much better reason to HATE Mondays.

  23. Don't let them you wear you out.If anything you can get them to quit.I always hated Mondays.Everyone has a hard time going back to work after the weekend. Take care Ann

  24. Woof! You make my mom laughs. Check out my blog ... I did a Happy Monday post. It's part of the menu (after my header) on my blog. Reading it might help you change your perspective on Monday. Let us know. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar.

  25. Tahtimbo I can only hope it bites

    Grace LOL nanny nanny boo boo I like that

    Gayle I like getting up it's the getting dressed and going to work that get me

    FishHawk I'll keep those suggestions in mind :) I can always count on you

    Jen LOL you are so right tuesday monday is much worse than monday monday

    Ratty that is the best part of monday, going home

    Sheri I think you're right

    DK Miller I'm trying not to

    Duni he probably doesn't even care

    Vanilla no boss, lucky you

    Buggys he acts 6 most of the time

    Modern Mom thanks for the cheer :)

    Jude I used to have Mondays off a long time ago.

    B Boys Mom weekend do go by way too fast, no fair

    Grampy Well that's a goal to shoot for any way :)

    SGR read that post, I'll try and keep that in mind from now on :)

  26. Good for you for not taking his crap! How frustrating to have to deal with such juveniles but sounds like you have it handled. Like Tim said, it'll bite him in the butt someday and you'll have the last laugh!

  27. Neither like nor dislike for me. It just another normal day.

  28. I've never been a fan of Mondays - however, Tuesday is just ridiculously useless - so I'd opt to eliminate Tuesdays. Although then we'd probably have to work on Saturday - and only have one day for the weekend, and that's not good, so maybe we should just leave Tuesday alone.


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