Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time Flies

Why is it that you go to work and the day seems to drag on endlessly but when you get home the time just flies by. So many things that I want to get done in an evening and there just is never enough time. I did manage to visit some of my favorite blogs, ate dinner but haven't done the dishes, still haven't touched the craft projects that I wanted to work on and here it is after 7 p.m. already. I know to a lot of you that seems like it's still early but I get up mighty early in the morning so it's early to bed for me.
I only have time to leave you with a picture before I go and start my nightly routine before going to bed.

Have a great night everyone. 


  1. Don't work a day longer than you have to. Retirement is the best. I absolutely love it. I don't know how I had time to work. I'm busier than ever. I do understand about that early to bed comment though. Did that for years. It's better that working graveyard though. I always hated that.

    Have a terrific day and week. :)

  2. Well, I like the picture a lot! Do what you can, and store up enough energy to smile at the guy at work.

  3. What a cute pic. And yes you're right...there just aren't enough hours in a day. Times almost stands still at work and rolls by like a mighty locomotive when you're at home.

    Hope you have a productive but restful evening!

  4. I do like these wintry pics you are sharing...

  5. I get up early too, and am so tired in the evening that I hardly have much energy left to be productive. It doesn't help that it gets dark so early. Don't be hard on yourself. Relax:) You deserve it!

  6. If you weren't so worried about Duke doing a better job than you, you could have him taking over blogging duties for a while, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you are jealous of a little, sweet, innocent, thrifty, courteous, kind, brave, clean and reverent puppy! (Sorry, I had a Boy Scouts flashback.)

  7. I sleep early..... early in the morning! hehehe!
    Why? I work at night! =D

  8. I feel for ya Ann, I always had the same problem when I worked. If you had a job you loved then the time would also fly there, too bad you have to work with a couple jerky sounding people.

  9. 7pm is just about Our bedtime as well! By 7:30, I'm Dragging!!Hahaa...hughugs

  10. love the pic! i am also an early to bed, early to rise, person. i love the mornings, so calm and peaceful. have a great day ann...hugz!

  11. Ann that is a good idea.We love your pics.So if it gets a little busy around there a picture would be wonderful.

  12. Ann, I think it's because are work is normally for most people just a means to make money so it's not something we look forward to whereas we all love being home and that's why the time goes by so fast. BTW I love the old fashioned look of that photo, it's so warm, even in snow :) and comforting.

  13. Sandee Believe me I don't plan on it but I've got a bit of a wait yet

    Sharkbytes I'm putting on my happy face :)

    Roschelle, thanks work ugh...lol

    Grace thanks hopefully I'll have lots more

    Angela yeah I hate it when it's dark already at 5 p.m.

    FishHawk ROFL oh you crack me up. OK so sweet, yes he is, innocent possibly but thrifty no way, every time I come home with a bag he expects there to be something in it for him.

    Junezach eww I used to work nights, I hated it

    Jude well I guess you them no matter where you work.

    Donna Oh I'm a night owl then I stay up all the way to 9:00....lol

    Grampy, aw thanks, I'm glad you like them

    Poetic Shutterbug I think you are absolutely right. Thanks, glad you like it.


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