Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm giving myself a gift

Yes, that's right, I'm giving myself a gift. It's long over due and it's high time I did it.
No the snow men aren't my gift. I just thought that since I was going to ramble on tonight I should throw in a couple of pictures for your entertainment.

For some time now I have had a love hate relationship with Entrecard. I love it because of the exposure it gave my blog and all the wonderful people I have met along the way. I hate it because it's eating up every second of free time I have and taking away all other things I enjoy doing. I've been telling myself that I was going to cut back, yet every night I've felt compelled to do the dropping. First there was the list of favorites to visit and comment on. Then there was the reciprocal drops and after that just filling in with who ever to get to my 300. Even though I was no longer enjoying it I felt like I had to. But why?
Well earlier today when I started my daily ritual I was on Lin's blog Duck and wheel with string
Her post today said exactly what I have been feeling. Here I am doing all these drops on a bunch of blogs that don't even bother to post. I've been on a couple that haven't added a new post since October.

As I continued on with my dropping I finally said enough is enough and I quit right there. I'm going to put a post up on my blog (I still enjoy doing that) then I'm going to spend some time on a few craft projects and maybe do a little on line Christmas shopping. That is my gift. I'm going to burn my fingers with hot glue, spend some money on the people I love and visit the blogs that I enjoy. I'm not giving up Entrecard completely, I'm hanging on to it. I'll drop, just not like I was. Maybe on those long boring winter weekend when there is nothing to do I'll sit and drop away but during the week, after a long day of work, I'm doing something I enjoy.


  1. Go, Ann! I love how you make your stand with photos of adorable smiling snowmen and mistletoe! Me? I've got a goofy dog who pees everywhere! LOL!

    Okay,I'm with you, pally! I'm starting my stand tonight too!! Yea, us!!!!

  2. I love the goofy dog although you can keep the peeing part...lol Your post title absolutely cracked me up. I raise my cup of coffe in a toast to us.

  3. Good for you Ann. In the summer months I'm gone a lot and I don't do a whole lot of dropping. It's just they way it is. I so understand. You go do something for you. It's indeed the perfect gift.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. I find I'm doing less dropping myself, but I'll stick with Entrecard and drop on the blogs I like when I feel like it. It's nice to give yourself a break from time to time and no reason to feel guilty at all. Christmas is such a busy time anyhow so enjoy your present to yourself.

  5. Yeah, bay-beeee! I hear you loud and clear. It's really frustrating at times. Take some time for yourself, you deserve it!

  6. I am really not sure what you are talking about...but it sounds good to me...you should do what makes you happy...life is to short.

  7. I have to admit that it's been nice to not have to drop every day, but I did take a big traffic hit. I've been toying with the idea of coming back, but not dropping like I used to. What do you think?

  8. Taking your time to do what you wish to do must be freeing. Good for you and happy shopping!

  9. Hey Ann!
    That's exactly how I feel. It's like a compulsion, especially when I get messages that encourage me to keep dropping! Haha.
    I found that I still get exposure even though I don't drop 300 every day. Rather do some baking instead :)

    ps - I've got an award for you. Come check it out on my blog!

  10. 300 drops? Oh my! I must admit, I've found some really neat blogs that I would not otherwise have found (sans Entrecard) but I'm not too sure it's really done me any favors for mine. I don't post to it daily - only when I have something to say and the time to post it. I have to say, though, that since I feel obligated to read the posts of the blogs I drop on I'm glad that there are some with big gaps between postings (kinda speeds up the process, you know? :o) Happy crafting to you!

  11. Don't feel bad, Ann. Dropping is time consuming and it's even worse when one is addicted, like me! LOL!

    I wish you all the best. I'll continue visiting you regardless :)

  12. You will be amazed at how free you will feel! I used to do that a long time ago (another blog and some "groups") but it just wasn't worth the time and energy. Now I just do what I have time to do and visit and comment on the ones that I really want to.

    Now get off your computer and do some crafts!

  13. Don't feel bad, I'm struggling with the same thing. I don't know if the dropping helps or not. I mean, I see traffic from Entrecard which I like but only a couple people comment or interact. I know most blogs I just drop and leave. I don't know. Have fun working on your crafts. ;-)

  14. Woof! Thanks for sharing ... We've been very picky on the sites we visit on the Entrecard. Enjoy! your crafting you deserve it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. Good for you! Enjoy your newfound freedom!

  16. Have you been reading my mind? lol I think that same way every other day. Work on finding joy in your life, put back the smiles and be happy! I love your blog and will always be here for you ... hope you keep visiting me - don't you want cool free wordart? ;) Have a great, wondrous, exciting, joyful, merry Merry Christmas, K?

  17. I've really cut back on my dropping too. There are so many more productive ways to spend my time. I'm sure that most of the people who drop on my blog don't even bother to read it. Don't feel bad, and enjoy the extra time!

  18. I had to stop farming on FB just a waste of time and I couldn't figure out really why I was doing it. I only do around a 100 drops a day and I don't drop on the weekends. I had to cut back. There is just so much to do this time of year. Hope you didn't burn your fingers to bad on the glue gun.

  19. I think we'll see lots of people cutting back on the dropping. There is so much to do and enjoy during the holidays that you really need to prioritize your free time. Do it lady, guilt free!

  20. Same here Annie, Love-hate. I set myself a personal goal of 100 a day, pooh on 300! I go to my droppers of that day, my advertisers and ads I placed. Wa-la! that's 100. I gave up on that 300 number long ago. And dowloading the firefox had made a real difference in the time it takes. I'm dropping 100 faster than I could 50 with my original ATT.

    Yeah! do the holiday stuff

  21. i am also doing this. it seems like i add to my blogroll every day and that is what i use to drop. i don't check ec every day and only go to my inbox if i get bored. it is true that it helped with the traffic, but i would rather have people come to my blog to read and visit and not just to drop a card. it started to feel fake to me. i will probably delete my account there one of these days, but for now it remains on the bottom of my page.

    have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

  22. I don't think I've ever made 300 drops from one blog. It's just not worth the time. Nice to have you visiting me more often :-) myqualityday.blogspot.com

  23. I have Never understood "dropping"....but it sounds time consuming! Glad you are backing off it if it makes you happy!!!!hughugs

  24. The Firefox/Entrecard toolbar makes a world of difference as far as time committment! Unbelievable. Anyway I just wanted to say that I love those snowmen in the top picture, very cute!

  25. I say everyday that I'm not going to spend the time dropping...and then I feel so guilty I just do a few...and a few more...and a few more. I'm going on vacation in January for a week and I SWEAR that I'm not going to drop during that week....I think.

  26. Hi Ann...sorry haven't commented for a while. I know exactly what you mean with entrecard...i too have a love/hate relationship with it. If I had never done entrecard i would probably have never come across your site...but it is sooooo time consuming. I have cut my dropping down to regulars only and I now only read up on the sites i have come to love...(such as yours) so do not feel bad if you don't drop daily...I will still be visiting you!!!

  27. Goodness - it's not a career. I know that "obligation" feeling but I fight it quite nicely...

  28. Amen! I never drop cards on blags that haven't been updated in months, not worth the time!

  29. Sandee a long over due gift

    Jude that's my plan

    Me-Me ooooh and I didn't even have to shout...lol

    Gayle indeed

    Tahtimbo go for it but don't let it suck you back in :)

    Beaded Tail freeing is what I'm hoping for

    Duni Compulsion is exactly what it has become for me

    Jen I didn't start out this way, It just grew as my blog started moving up in the ranking and then before I knew it I was dropping like a fool

    Nessa I'm an addict too and I need to break the cycle

    Sheri you are so right

    DK Miller I've gained a lot of followers but I don't think many of them actually follow

    SGR I'm going to start being picky too

    Daisy I'm going to try

    Vicki yes I have...lol I will always visit you I love your blog as well

    Angela I don't think most of the people who drop here actually read either

    B Boys Mom Same here , wondering why? No burns I'm happy to report

    Buggys yep no guilt at all

    Miawa I may not even do 100, unless I really WANT to

    PJ fake is exactly it, except for people like you who visit regularly and actually comment.

    Sharkbytes no it's not. I've enjoyed your blog and I'm glad you've been stopping by here too

    Donna it is, you're better off not knowing

    Buggys, I'm going to have to try that out

    Jennifer that's what I've been doing, saying I won't then turning around and doing it anyway

    Tanyia, it's ok. Yes EC has helped me find some wonderful people that I just adore visiting and you are one of them. I drop by every day to see if you've got a new post up and will continue to do that because yours is one of my favorites.

    Grace I'm gonna start fighting it now too

  30. Pink, oops sorry must have been commenting at the same time here...lol I'm not sure why I was doing it, just helping them to keep their ranking up, and why?

  31. Wow - this post generated some conversation, eh? I only have one thing to say: Amen to that Sistah!

    Stop wasting your time - and do what you enjoy. It's no fun when you feel obligated. I would much rather you spend time gluing and creating a glitter frenzy, than visit a bunch of blogs that don't bother to post, don't add to your experience, or just don't interest you, period. Which includes mine!

    Just make sure you show us what you create - that's the best gift you could ever give us. xx

  32. That's a brave decision you made Ann. Hope you enjoy much more quality time without it :)

  33. Hiya Ann, I've been MIA and just doing a quick catch up on what's been going on in your life. Just saw the poem you posted in November, 'Listen to what I'm not Saying'. I've not been saying a lot about medical tests I've been having so as to not worry my family and friends but the truth is I'm really, really scared of the results which I'll hear of today. Do they know me well enough to know the jokes I've been making are masking my fear?

    Well enough about me, I'll read your blog in more detail later but wanted to say how very cute Duke is and a very talented writer too.

    I also don't know about the dropping but just do only what makes you happy.

    Can't wait to open your gift, thank you for that. (((HUGS)) to you for being such a wonderful peron.

  34. One Creative Queen. I beg to differ with you but YOUR blog is one of the ones that I enjoy visiting. It's not just the blog either it's the queen who rules over it that keep me going back. I'll show you mine if you keep showing us yours....lol (creations that is)

    Vanilla I don't know about brave but I think right now wether it kills the traffic on my blog or not it's something I need to do.

    Judy, isn't that a wonderful poem? And it's true how each of us wear our own masks in different ways. I do hope the results of your tests come out ok and you can take the mask off and smile for real again. Glad you stopped by, you're very welcome for the gift and thank you for such sweet comments.


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