Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am experiencing extreme frustration right now. I decided to switch to the updated editor and it is driving me crazy. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but I just don't seem to get it. I was trying to insert two pictures and then add my text in between them. Not only was I not able to add text between the pictures, now I don't even remember what it was that I was going to write about. 
With that said, I'm off to take a chill pill. You can enjoy the holly jolly, fa la la picture I managed to get in.
I just may end up switching back to the old editor tomorrow, I know how to work that one. If I have any typos please excuse them for I can not even find the flipping spell check


  1. Woof! WOW! You actually did a fantastic job on the "photo" above. Something my mom is learning to do ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. I really like what you did with the photo! Looks awesome!
    Are you talking about the new Blogger editor? If so, I tried it for about 10 minutes and then switched back. I couldn't stand it. I had problems adding pictures and then it wouldn't let me add any Alt tags.

  3. I have a very hard time with anything new. Didn't even know there is a new Blogger editor.

  4. Just breath for a minute, slowly....feel better? Have some wine yet? Nice picture. I tried to create a slide show on my post tonight. I feel stupid but I couldn't do what I wanted, now I have a headache.

  5. How about a cup of coffee? :)

    I can't use the new Blogger editor... it's not compatible with my emoticons. I love my emoticons... hehe

  6. I can feel the frustration...:)have never tried the new blogger editor yet....I use my account in facebook to download photos...then copy and paste them on my blog....:)

    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog btw....:)

  7. Technology: Ya gotta love it.

    ...Oh no I don't! Phffffftht! :oP

  8. I had similar problems when I first switched to the new editor, but now I'm glad I switched. I like it better than the old one. Besides, I'm guessing that one of these days they're going to switch everybody over without asking anyway.

  9. So what editor do you use? I'm on WordPress, but I hate their built-in editor. I use Windows Live Writer instead. Working with pictures is a breeze, and it looks very similar to MS-Word, so I feel like I'm in a real editor when I write.

  10. Hang in there. I never even knew you could use an editor. I always just use the built in blogging stuff. Good luck. Hope you are able to get it working.

  11. A back massage will do wonder for stress, provided there is someone skillful enough to do that :)

  12. Us old guys try to stay away from that new fangled stuff.Sometimes if you just leave it alone for awhile and then go back you have better luck. Good Luck.

  13. Huh? I don't even know what you are talking about which makes me feel really stupid. Perhaps I should investigate, or would that just be opening myself up to unnecessary frustration.

  14. I can so relate to this frustration. I hope you get it worked out quickly. Perhaps a nice glass of wine is in order. Couldn't hurt.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  15. I find all that new stuff rattles me also, I'm with Buggys have a glass of wine and relax and then switch back.

  16. I totally understand. I don't change things because it seem to always mess me up.

  17. SGR, thanks, hope your mom is having fun, I know I always do

    Tahtimbo, yes new blogger editor, glad I'm not alone

    Gayle I guess I do too, I'm not big on change

    Buggys I can breathe but its not the same without the wine

    Nessa coffee would probably only make me more

    Dhemz your welcome. Copy and paste huh maybe I have to try that

    Jen I'm with you I thought this stuff was supposed to make life easier

    Ratty I hope I figure it out

    Kathy I use the blogger editor

    Sheri well that's what I use but blogger has an updated version you can switch to

    Vanilla ah hes that would do the trick

    Grampy yes, "sometimes" being the key word

    Lenox Knits, well if you're happy with the way things are I say leave it

    Sandee I wish I had wine

    Jude no wine :( I can switch back though

    B Boys Mom it's certainly nice to know I'm not the only one

  18. I don't know about blogger editor, thank goodness. I use Windows Live Writer too!!

  19. Ann, the photo looks great. I tried using the updated editor and wanted to slit my wrists by the end of the day, so it's back to the old one for me. I know how you feel.

  20. There is NO spell check with the new editor, you have to use the spell check on your Google tool bar. I go back and forth with the editors - they each have something to recommend them

    I do like the picture you managed to get posted...

  21. Poetic Shutterbug, this is actually the second time I've tried it. I switched once before and didn't like it so went back. I guess I'm just a glutton for

    Grace. Yeah figured that out finally. I see that it's underlining miss spelled words as I type. I was going nuts trying to find the darn

  22. I haven't switched anything but I was wondering why I can't place my pictures around as I use to. They come up and that's by-golly where they stay. Hmmm!

  23. Hang in there girl!

    Hi's good to get back to your blog. And I wanted to say "thank you" for your faithful visits to the blog while I was away. It was nice to see your comments whenever I had the chance...made me feel not so disconnected from everything. *hugs*

  24. Miawa, blogger bugs?

    earthtoholly HOLLY WELCOME BACK, glad to see you again. It was a pleasure to stop by while you were away, wanted to keep checking in to see if you were back yet. Hugs to you to, have a great night

  25. I've had constant issues with line spacing with the new editor - but I do find it a little better working with picture uploading and placement. I like too that the font options have increased somewhat. Having a terrible time with Blogger widgets lately though - recent comments, followers, showing more often as a blank space on my blog - very annoying.


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