Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm going to have to go with some random rambling today because I can't seem to focus on any one thing. It's my day off from work and it seems that the brain has taken the day off as well. Just as well, I need the rest.

I've been playing with the camera quite a bit lately, taking pictures of all the Christmas decorations. It gives me something to play with in photoshop elements and then I have festive pictures to post. Just trying to keep that holly jolly feeling going. (man it's not easy)

For now, I think that Duke has backed off of the blog thing. It may be something I do after the holidays when things slow down and I need something to entertain myself with. It would be a separate blog though. He's not getting this one.

I have several awards that I need to post. I don't know why I insist on letting them pile up like I do. Maybe in the next few days I'll get around to doing that.

I also need to take a picture of that great book I won on Roschelle's blog. I can't believe I haven't done that yet. I got it in the mail last week I think (I'm not sure since my days all seem to run together any more) So the book got here and I haven't really had much time to sit down and do more than skim through it. Another thing for after the holidays I suppose.

I also have a few craft projects done that I want to take pictures of to post here. I just wish I had a better camera or at least a better set up to take pictures. (Maybe that's an idea for Santa, if he thinks of me)

That just about wraps up my random thoughts for the night. Speaking of wrapping up, I think I'll go grab another cup of coffee and wrap up in a blanket. It's mighty cold here tonight.


  1. Like what your doin' with your camera!

  2. Gayle, thanks, I was thinking of maybe using them for Christmas cards. If I ever get around to sending any that is

    Grace, why thanks, I tend to go on photographic

  3. I like these pictures, especially the first one. It looks like it was taken in a dream.

  4. I like the shades and shapes in the first one best, although the second has all the great holiday color.

    You were a top commenter in November at My Quality Day, and so have won a small banner link for a month. I just posted the results. Thanks!

  5. I agree with Ratty about that first picture. I think you could sell Christmas cards with that on them. Hey, that might be a project to keep Duke out of trouble?

  6. I love those christmassy pictures! I wish it wasn't so gloomy all the time here - I'd be able to post better pics.
    Maybe Santa will bring me a light-box?

  7. Ratty, thanks it does look dreamy doesn't it. I love using that effect on pictures

    Sharkbytes Thank you so much. Always a pleasure stopping by your blog

    FishHawk Maybe Duke could come out with his own line of greeting cards Hmmm.

    Duni, I would also like a light box besides the cheapo ghetto one that I made out of a cardboard box :)

  8. I like the photos Ann, I also like random posts because it's hard to focus on just one subject at times at least for me. I'm always glad when the holidays are done.Have a great Sunday.

  9. i agree with ratty about the first photo. it is really cool! and there isn't anything wrong with randomness, kind of breaks things up a little. have a wonderful day ann...hugz!

  10. Good photos! You've got time for Photoshop??? I really hate the craziness of this time of year--not enough time for anything. Sigh.

  11. Good eye! I really need to spend more time learning all the ins and out of Photoshop, hmmmm, when exactly I'm not really sure.

    Enjoy your day!

  12. I think you need a good long rest Girl!! You sound just plain old Tired!!
    You need a warm beach, a Bahama Mama and...Jose. Sally and I will let you borrow him....Hahahaa...hughugs

  13. Lovely decorations! Take a nice rest, sometimes we all need to rest :-)

  14. Lovely photos and I'm in the same boat wondering how much I'll post because my head is somewhere else.

    Happy holidays..

    Dorothy from grammology

  15. I love the photos, especially the top one. What type of camera are you currently using? Hope Santa remembers your wish and brings you someting shiny and new.

  16. Jude thanks focusing isn't my strong point lately

    PJ randomness is good but my blog sure has gotten away from what i intended it to be

    Lin, no kids, no social life, so yeah, I've got

    Me-Me thank you. PSE is one of my favorite past times, takes my mind off things

    Donna Really? Jose? ooh la

    DK Miller yeah a rest in deed, I'm thinking Donna

    Dorothy happy holidays to you also

    Jenny, I use a point and shoot, it's a fujifilm finepix s700. It's not bad but I drool over DSLR'

  17. Ann, I love the photos especially the first one. It has a surreal feeling to it. Isn't it wonderful what you can do with camera software?

  18. Snuggling up with something warm sounds wonderful.

  19. I love the fuzzy effect on the photos. Very enjoyable. Please show us your craft projects, I need some more ideas!

  20. Modern Mom, thanks glad you like them

    Poetic Shutterbug The first seems to be everyone's favorite. I'm always amazed at the difference you can make in a picture and how one picture can have so many different looks

    Miawa, it does doesn't it.

    Buggys I can show you but most are just repeats of ones I've already posted, just different looks

  21. Wonderful photos! Sounds like you're busy but glad you are hanging onto some of the holly jolly of the season!

  22. Cold christmas time is waaaaayyy better than hot and humid christmas time like here in Jakarta. It just doesn't match. You've already captured Christmas in those pictures, about the part of wishing a better camera, i was like that too, and it kept me from taking pictures of moments that would never happen twice. I think Chase Jarvis said it best; "The Best Camera is The One That's With You". So, fire away,.... =D

  23. Good to know you keep this blog :)


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