Sunday, December 20, 2009

I can hardly wait

Well hello everyone. Mom didn't feel like blogging yesterday and since she still doesn't feel like it today, I'm filling in. Can you believe that it's almost Christmas? I'm very excited about it.

Just in case Santas might be reading moms blog I thought I would put my letter to him here

Dear Santa,
Hi, it's me, Duke. I have been very good this year. I would like some new toys and some chewy things. If it's not too much trouble. I promise I won't eat your cookies or drink your milk. I'll also try real hard not to bark when your reindeer land on the roof.

Hey! I have so been good. Who said I haven't?


  1. Love the expression in the last photo. He is a little cutie and has been good all year so Duke, Santa will let you eat all his cookies and bring you lots of treats :)

  2. I'm with Poetic Shutterbug, that last expression is priceless. Well, Duke, you know that Santa knows when you've been bad or good (scary, I know). I'm sure that you will get lots of chewy toys and maybe even some special yummy treats. Have a great Christmas! Now, I need to think of something to write about...

  3. I'm sure that you are going to get lots of great gifts from Santa (and mom too). I know you've been very good all year long. How could you not be. Look at that handsome (innocent) fact of yours.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. Poetic Shutterbug. yeah, don't know where the last expression came from but I knew it had to go up on the blog (um I mean Duke knew)

    Tahtimbo well Duke thinks that KoKo and YumYum need to write to Santa before it gets too late

    Sandee Duke is pretty sure he'll be getting something, he's been snooping :)

  5. Look at that face! Who could ever think that Duke is anything but sweet???! :) Good luck with Santa, Duke!

  6. I'm sure Santa will bring you everything you want!

  7. Lin mostly sweet but he's got an occasional

    Grace, he's hoping

  8. I too love the expression in the last he's saying you better believe me!!

  9. I seem to have a habit of going off in my own direction (and see me do it again here :o) I like the second photo. Duke looks like he just this second popped out from behind the tree, and his little face looks ever so hopeful!

  10. We're sure Santa will bring you everything you want Duke! You are just so adorable!

  11. Gayle,actaully I think the look meant "will you put the camera away already"

    Jen as a matter of fact he did just pop out from behind the tree. He was over by the door and I was hiding behind the tree waiting for him to come around so I could get the picture. Can't believe a plan actually

    Beaded tail gees I hope he doesn't get everything he wants, the house isn't big enough for all that :)

  12. Hey there, Duke! I am so glad you are back. Please, don't get me wrong. I really love your mommy, but her Christmas trivia questions were really bumming me out. Yeah, I suppose it would have been different if I had of known more of the answers. Anyway, I am sure Santa is gonna bring you everything you hope for, and that includes an hour on the dinner table after everyone passes out from eating too much without getting into any trouble!

  13. Hi Duke, thanks for the post. You're pictures are mighty cute. Good luck with the not barking and I hope you get everything you asked for! Merry Christmas!

  14. I believe you Duke ;)

    Hope you get ALL you asked for ... and plenty of hugs!

  15. No problem Duke.We all believe you. No one will say anything bad about you to Santa. In fact I think I saw your name on Santa's nice list.

  16. Oh are so adorable Santa won't be able to say no to you whether you've been naughty or nice...and I know you've been nice...and I think you deserve extra special presents for helping Mum out on her blog!!!!

  17. FishHawk, poor bummed out fishhawk I suppose I'll forgive you for putting bad ideas in Duke's head about the

    DK Miller, thanks, I hope I get everything too :)

    Vickie, hugs and puppy kisses all around :)

    Grampy Yeah, I'm on Santa's good list. I bet Claudia is there too

    Vange, Merry Christmas to you too

    allotments4you I'm hoping Santa thinks that way

  18. Duke is so adorable and should get whatever he wants just because he's so handsome. I hope your Christmas will be happy,fun,and safe, take care.

  19. Duke seems like a great dog. Our dog Sydney asked Santa for the same sort of things this year. Unfortunately, not once this year did Sydney step in and offer to write a blog when I was short on time or ideas. I will use Duke as an example when Santa leaves Sydney only a couple of dry milk bones and she wonders why. ;)

  20. Well Duke I'm sure you have been (except that little episode a while back on the table)but I'm sure Santa doesn't expect perfection.
    Thanks for filling in for mom, I always enjoy it when you jump in.
    Mom's friend,

  21. I am sure that a beautiful and well behaved dog like you would get lots of Christmas presents.

  22. I love this post!

    ... so does my Chihuahua "Martin"

    I saw you at Sandee's blog and stopped in. Hope you are OK - I saw your last post.
    Big hugs from SpeedyCat Hollydale in Minnesota :-)


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