Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful

As I sit here at my computer I can hear the wind howling outside. It makes me shiver just listening. We don't have snow yet but it's in the forecast for tonight so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Maybe I should accidentally on purpose forget to set my We've had high winds all day with a mixture of sun and rain and we are currently under a lake effect snow warning.

The reason I'm showing you this really BAD picture is because this is what I've been using for the last couple of edits that I've posted. My mother bought this for me years ago for Christmas. It' animated with a horse drawn sleigh that moves through the town. It has a maypole with kids going around it and various other characters that move slightly as the sleigh rides by. I've taken pictures of this at different angles and then did the edits. I've really liked the way they've come out and I plan on doing a few more.

This is the latest picture that I did and I think it's very fitting for today since I can't stop the snow from coming even if I tried

To close my post for the evening I would like to leave a message to FishHawk of As the crackerhead crumbles The following was the comment that he left on my last blog post.
If you weren't so worried about Duke doing a better job than you, you could have him taking over blogging duties for a while, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you are jealous of a little, sweet, innocent, thrifty, courteous, kind, brave, clean and reverent puppy! (Sorry, I had a Boy Scouts flashback.)

I just want to say that I am not jealous of Duke and I would be more than happy to let him do another blog post but he's sleeping now so he can'

Loved the comment and wanted to share the laugh with everyone.
Have a great night and if you're neck of the woods is as cold as it is here, stay warm. If you are one of the lucky ones to live in warmer climates I AM jealous of you :)


  1. Oh boy, if the storm moving your way is anything like what passed through here the past 24 hours, hang on to your hat! Lots of wet, heavy snow (I'm gonna' hurt tomorrow!) that has just kept coming...and now, the wind is howling and the temps. are dropping, perhaps to negative 20 tonight. Unreal. Keep warm!

  2. We had a cold snap here in California and that's what you are experiencing now. We didn't have the winds that bad, but it was cold and it snowed in Sacramento. Snowed in Sacramento!!! I don't think that's happened since the 70s.

    Stay warm. Best regards to Duke. I chuckled at the comment by the way. :)

  3. We had snow last night. I was expecting rain until I awoke to 7 inches of snow out my window. I hope it goes easier for you.

  4. WillOaks boy I hope that's not what we're getting. Oh my negative 20? I'm cold just reading that.

    Sandee wow, it's cold all over isn't it? I thought the comment was histerical

    Anne I thought we would have snow this morning but it was rain instead, just the opposite of you.

  5. I hope we get snow this year but want it to wait until after Christmas!

  6. It's bitter cold here but no snow thankfully. Loved the comment about Duke - very funny!

  7. I wish we've snow here in Malaysia! ;)

  8. Duke looks so sweet when he's asleep :)

    No snow here--heavy rains, though, which are not fun either!

  9. Thanks. I needed that too. By the way, if that was Duke you sent down to pee on our bed to prove a point, he got my wife's side. She is not at all happy. If it wasn't Duke, I don't know what happened. For none of our sweet little darlings would do such a thing.

  10. Hello,
    I invite you to visit my blog.

  11. Been very cold here in NY too, we needed a white Christmas though and we got it yesterday!
    Cute little dog~ Come visit my Blog when you get the chance!

  12. Yes, it's cooooolllldd! The wind is whipping around outside and I am staying inside today!!

  13. Oh, the wind! And rain! It was scary! Too warm here for snow ... *sigh*.

    The photo source revealed ... cool ... ingenious!

    Let Duke rest - blogging can wear you out! LOL

  14. It's been freezing in some parts of the bay area and snow down to the 500 foot level. While it's normally in the 60's here in San Francisco this time of year, it's been in the 40's during the day and 30's at night brrrr. I like that little animated village your Mom gave you :)

  15. Thankfully we have only had small amounts of snow, but the wind has been whipping around pretty bad and has almost totaly destroyed my bamboo chimes. Love the photos you've been sharing and nice to see the source that inspired you. Duke is a sweetie and I'm looking forward to more posts from him.

  16. We're experiencing our first snow storm today, and the wind cut right through my two layers of clothing!

  17. That wind is still going here. The ground is all white outside. Thank goodness its nice and warm inside. Winter is here.

  18. Hi Ann...Haven't had time to come on for a while with all the christmas stuff but great to be able to go back and read through always I have enjoyed all your posts and I am truly sorry I haven't been around for a while. I'm hoping to have more time now to write something on my own blog and keep up with everyone else's....

  19. Gotta love those funny comments. Makes blogging worth it all. It's been 20 degrees the past 2 days with serious wind chill. But at least we don't have any snow so I can't complain too much. Stay warm!

  20. We've been having a bit of a cold snap here in Arizona, the lows have been down in the 40's. Although we haven't had any snow in Phoenix, Flagstaff had blizzard-type conditions. Yikes!

    I'm with you, you should forget to set your alarm clock accidentally on purpose.

  21. Gayle the only time I don't mind snow is on Christmas day

    Beaded tail hope the snow passes over you, stay warm

    Monica I'll gladly send you some

    Duni sometimes rain is just as bad

    FishHawk I am so glad that I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment or it would have seriously been all over my computer screen. Almost died laughing.

    Fernanda I stopped by and you have some cute stuff there but no translation so I couldn't read it.

    Karen i'll be sure to stop by and see you

    Buggy oh how I wish I could too

    Vickie I never disturb Duke when he's quiet and

    Poetic shutterbug oh my you must be freezing. Although right now 40 would feel pretty warm to me.

    Jude Duke just may have a spot coming up soon.

    IcyBC same here the wind was killer but it was 3 layers for me

    B Boys Mom unfortunately yes it is. Can you tell this is not my favorite season :)

    Allotments for you, it's ok, this is a crazy time of year. It's easy for me since I don't have any kids at home to take care of.

    Lenox Knits same here snow hasn't really hit us yet, just a dusting

    Me-Me well I hope it warms back up for you soon. I should have done that this morning with the alarm, don't know why I got

  22. Thank you very much for the nice comment you made after visiting my Etsy shop~If you search for Inspiration By Karen on Facebook you can become a Fan if you would like to~

  23. Ah, so that's where those pics came from, I was wondering - they are delightful


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