Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes my house finally looks like Christmas. However there are some things going on around here that just do not fit in to the whole spirit of giving.
It seems that a certain little white westie thinks he's a better blogger than I am. Just where does he get off any way.
So I get home from work today and he says that he thinks I should give up snap edit scrap and turn it into a blog all about him. Get this, he wants to call it "Tails of the West(ie). He's just not satisfied with filling in when I don't have anything to post. He also thinks that his material is much better than mine.

So what do you all think? Should I give him the blog or tell him to be happy with what he gets or I cut off his kibble?

(Note to all animal rights activists: I am in no way threatening to stop feeding my dog. This is not a case of animal abuse or neglect. It's a joke, get a life)


  1. Here's an idea - 2 blogs!!! You maintain this one and the Duke can have his, Tails of the West(ie) - great name, by the way. What a cute badge he could have over at EntreCard. Maybe, for a little extra kibble, he could do your dropping for you. ;)

  2. Two blogs sound fun but I have to admit that I have help doing drops for my second blog. It becomes too much otherwise. Whatever you decide I would love to see more of Duke even if it is just as guest posts.

  3. It sounds like Duke has gone off and gotten the Big Head over his post. He sounds like one of those high-maintenance Hollywood types. Here's what I would do: tell him that when he buys his own computer, he can have his own blog ;)
    Seriously, I think it would be a fun idea for him to have a blog. He could give those cats a run for their money.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I find the concept of animals "blogging" ridiculous and slightly creepy, to be quite honest. I adore YOU, though!

  5. Would people actually NOT get the joke? That's a lovely pic at the top of the post...

  6. Two blogs are a lot of work but we'd certainly read both of them!

  7. That's a rough decision. Tails of the West is a great name for a blog, but I never want you to give up your main writing though. Tell him to start his own blog with that title. I'd visit both, his just for that cool title. I do a second one with just fiction, but I don't post as often there.

  8. Don't give up this blog, Ann. I like white Christmas as I like snow. We do not have snow in our country, so bad.

  9. Me-Me actually it would be 3 blogs. I have another that gets totally neglected by me. That one is not on Entrecard. No way could I do drops for more than 1 blog. As for the name, thanks, I thought it was pretty clever.

    Melissa, I know for a fact that I would NOT get help with dropping, it would most likely, if I do it, be a non EC blog

    Tahtimbo, high maintenance indeed his head has gotten way too big for his little white It's a thought I've been toying with not sure if I'll really do it.

    Vange, I must admit that when I first started leaving comments on some of the "animal" blogs it felt a little weird but what the heck my brain has turned to mush these days any

    Grace, you never know :) Actually I threw that in there thinking it would be funny, it was late for me, what can I say?

    Beaded tail, yeah and just what I need, more work

    Ratty, I don't think I ever actually considered giving up this one, it just sounded good when I was writing the post

    Jam, don't worry not going to. I liked snow when I was a kid but the older I get the more I dislike it. If I could stay in the house and hibernate all winter and just watch it out the window it would be fine. but....

  10. Hmmmmm...Methinks perhaps negotiations are in order. Maybe a 50/50 split with 3 days apiece, and the remaining day to be a shared post. Or - should that offend his sense of self worth - you could try granting him the lion's share of the posting; 4 for him and 3 for you.
    Hey, if all else fails just go for the tried-and-true Milkbone Bribe :o)
    Fun post!

  11. I could already feel the Christmas breeze. I miss my family and my special someone. Hehe!

    A blog for Duke? That would be cool but he can still have a guest post here and everyone just likes him. ;D

  12. I love the title for Duke's proposed blog :)
    I don't think it is at all ridiculous for pets to blog. Quite funny, actually!
    And we all need humor in our lives, don't we?
    Don't give up this blog, though!!!

  13. Hahaaaa...just tell me where to go...I'll follow you anywhere!hughugs

  14. I say ... (aka let it snow) let him blog, let him blog, let him bog! LOL

  15. lol, i love your blog just the way it is!


  16. Jen, excellent suggestions I'll have to see what sir duke thinks

    Junezach this time of year brings back good memories of some special people who are no longer with us but greatly missed

    Duni yes more humor less stress

    FishHawk I should have expected that from

    Donna aww your too sweet. thanks hun

    Vickie ROFL good one, maybe you should write some blog themed Christmas carols as a sideline :)

    PJ thanks you're too kind, must be why I like you so much. hugz back

  17. Love your blog just as it is. Would that mean that Duke wouldn't be guest posting over here? Hmmmm. We don't want to cause him to be overworked.

  18. As long as you think you can managed, I think you can go ahead with your idea Ann. For me, one blog is more than enough to keep me busy

  19. I had 3 blogs at one point which I kept all updated and then it got too much so I only actually work on my senile blog and update my beauty school blog occasionally, but I love seeing Duke and his posts they add charm to your blog. The name is very clever though.

  20. Margie: I think sharing would be nice. Do you get a kibble then too?

  21. Buggy's to be perfectly honest I don't know what it Just another one of those random thoughts that runs through my head.

    Vanilla, I guess I won't know unless I try, we'll see after the first of the year, maybe

    Jude, sometimes I have trouble keeping up with just the one so that's why I haven't made any definite decisions

    Margie sharing is always nice, I suppose I should get my share of kibble as well but it better come in the form of chocolate.

  22. LOL that is so true you have to add a foot note to the crazy animal fanatics out there. I think one of the other comments had the right idea, start another blog just for him. Then when your at work he will have something to do. Although you will have to buy him his own keyboard for paws. I think they have them on sale at Pet Smart this week :-0

  23. ManOverBoard, Maybe Duke should write a letter to Santa Paws and ask for one of those keyboards from Pet

  24. Maybe you should just give Duke his own day once a week like "Duke Day" (LOL)

  25. Miawa, yeah I've done the Duke Day, and I was trying to make a specific day of the week but then it just turned into random, when I couldn't think of anything


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