Sunday, April 3, 2011

The best I can do

I have a ...

Excuse for why I haven't done much this weekend. As a matter of fact I have several of them.
  • I have a case of the blah's and I'm resting up until my energy level is back in check.
  • I spent time with my photoshop elements doing some experimenting a.k.a creative, mindless, time killing
OK, so maybe I only have two. Hey it's better than nothing.


  1. I have a case of I'm gonna jump right out of my least you did something creative - I did laundry!

  2. Well, you do what you do because that's usually what you want to do. Whatever works. Or not.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. It's cartoon like, I like it. Rest sweetie, rest.

  4. Yours are better than mine!! Hahaaaaa

  5. Well now I want some chips and dip! I have some major blahs going on too but I took a nap and did absolutely nothing productive or creative. Hugs to you and Duke!

  6. You weren't killing time - you were having FUN! And look at that pretty truck! Love it - so fun!

  7. Or, how about this:

    I don't need an excuse because I am a super awesome person and I deserve it once in a whiLe :)

  8. wow.. i need a dip too.. hehehe... anything with dips with chips is always a good thing :)

    experimenting is good.. time killing and mindless sometimes.. but that's how we move forward :D

    have a wonderful monday Ann!

  9. Hey, you have posted every evening, and that's what I care about! You are full of energy in blogland.

  10. You sound just like me this past weekend! When you work hard all week, you deserve to do whatever you want on the weekends!


    PS...Bubba wants to know why Duke isn't in this post.

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  12. Nothing like a relaxing weekend to pick you up Ann...and you still have a great post to put up!! :-)

  13. Everyone should have a doing nothing weekend every now and then! :)

  14. With a picture of a cheese truck, I thought you was going with constipation.

  15. Bwah-ha-ha-ha...I thought it was funny (we all need a slug day now and again, right? ;o)

  16. No excuses needed!! :)
    xo Catherine

  17. We have all this rain. I feel the same as you.I like the picture. I'll have to check that web site out.Guess I am not going to do much of anything today.

  18. i am a huge fan of mindless, mindnumbing photo shop play time. enjoy, we are waiting for your creations. have a heluva good time

  19. Without the blahs, the good times wouldn't feel as great. Blah away, but come back refreshed.

  20. Grace, I let Wade do the laundry, I did more laying around being a slug than the creative thing

    beebeebabs, made you

    sandee well i could have thought of better things I wanted to do but wanting to and being able to are two entirely different things :)

    miawa k, I'll rest

    donna I wouldn't say that, mine are just different :)

    beaded tail maybe nothing creative but napping is productive since it refuels the energy. sounds good any

    donna ok I'll buy that. :)

    lisa oh I'll definitely buy that one :)

    anny i love dip :) yes experimenting is good as long as you don't blow anything

    ginny lol, it's my personal challenge to myself. it keeps my mind working. otherwise I sit and vegetate and my brain turns to mush

    sheri i totally agree. I think I'm in need of a vacation bad. I'm starting to feel really burnt out

    allotments4you well it didn't pick me up enough because I was dragging when I went to work this

    pat I've been having way too many of them lately. I need sunshine

    fishhawk ROFL why didn't I think of that

    Jen you betcha

    catherine ok, thanks,

    russ well there's always tomorrow right?

    sandra lol sometimes it's what I do best

    tanyia thanks

    sharkbytes you make an excellent point. I'll have to remember that

  21. Haha...not much going on here either, except in the "entertaining family" department. You deserve a rest! And I love your new theme. The only thing better than one Duke is two!


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