Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I can't believe they got me again.
For probably 5 or 6 years in a row I was getting one of these a year. The last one I did serve on a jury for a one day trial (nothing major). That was probably 4 years ago. The worst part about this is what a long boring day it always turns out to be.
Have you ever served on a jury?


  1. I have been called for 3 times...they sent me to Salt Lake, paid for my meals and motel and I was sent home because I grew up with the judge! What a waste of money! ;D

  2. I never have served on a jury and I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Hope you can get out of it. They should let the people that don't have jobs do that and at least they would be earning a little money.

  3. The last time I went it took 5 days before they sent me home and I didn't get picked for the jury either. I just hate it, but it's so necessary.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  4. Golly, I would say that you're a lucky duck, but you probably don't feel like that! I would love to be called for jury duty, but I've never gotten a notice! My husband has only been called once in his lifetime.

  5. I have never been called for jury duty - I'd like the experience but have never had the chance!

    Hope all is well with you Ann. I'm trying to visit a few blogs today while sitting in one position is an option. Slow going with my healing - I can't get wait to get back into a blogging routine.

  6. Luckily I avoid it. And Alien isn't exactly legal! :O


  7. I have been on one. It was interesting. Called again, but lawyers made a deal.

  8. gee what fun that must be lol. I believe I was summoned once but I got out of it ... I can't really remember why, maybe I was pregnant at the time or something.

  9. I was summoned a few times but never got selected. I would bring some craft stuff to do or a good book to read.

  10. A friend of mine was summoned, and it was a murder trial!! I always wanted to be on a jury, because as a kid I watched Perry Mason, and ever since, I love the law shows. They have finally started summoning me, they did twice. But they waited so long that I can't do it now for medical reasons, wah!!! Who knows, you may get something really interesting!!

  11. My husband just got called too. I have never served but I am sure that will change soon.

  12. Oh Yes.... I had Jury Duty several times when I lived in Texas. I did everything I could to get out of it... It's the way you answer the questions as to whether they keep you on the jury. I was only chosen once or twice though so I guess my answers worked!!!!

    Good Luck.

  13. I just had to go in a month ago but the defense attorney ended up getting sick so we all got to go home. I was on a jury back in college where we convicted the guy of armed robbery. That one was interesting!

  14. Never been! Good luck! Tell us how it goes.

  15. haha no i have never served or have been served papers but for soem reason I've always wanted to! I'm weird I know!

  16. NOOOOO! I hate jury duty. My moms loves it! Ugh. She likes all those people who she can corner and talk to!! And they can't get away from her. ;)

  17. Called once since I've lived here - a total muck-up; waste of time - typical Filthadelphia incompetence!

  18. never have and hope i never have to. ugh!!

  19. We don't do juries in the Philippines, but I always had an idea it would be exciting to do jury duty (I guess real life isn't really like Law & Order, lol).

    Btw, just want to say a late "thank you" for your well wishes for my pregnancy. Had to go on a blogging hiatus, thanks to first trimester woes. God bless!

  20. I am one of those really strange people who LOVE jury duty. I was on a case two years ago and was juror foreman. Yeah, I sort of get into it.....

  21. Been summonsed three or four times, never actually went. First time I had just had my daughter, told them I was nursing and couldn't leave my baby & got out of it. I have neurological problems which mean I don't have the attention span they require ("Juror candidates must be able to attend to tasks for six hours", the summons said--my best is maybe 10-15 minutes), I sent a doctor's note for the others stating I am medically unfit to serve.

    My mother's been a couple times, absolutely hated it.

  22. Hi Ann, been busy but I'm back to blogging. I've never served, but my husband was called a few months back. He wasn't picked that time, but it took up most of the day.

  23. Did Duke write another letter to the editor about you being judgmental again? Just remember, bacon can solve a lot of hurt feelings.

  24. Oh no....
    I've been summoned but not picked...They don't like my attitude...Hahaaa...
    You molest a child and I say, Hang 'em High!

  25. NO, I've wondered why not me? after 60 years. Not that I'm sorry but I have always been a registered voter, I guess somebody just doesn't like me):

  26. summoned once, had a blast, i got to miss work and get paid, i got to talk to the hundreds that were waiting, and also was chosen for the jury. we went through lunch time, and they were done and judge said to us take lunch come back and deliberate and let us know when you are ready. since i am a talker, we went in the room and i said is there anyone here that believes this man is guilty, all said instant no, he is not guilty, we called the bailiff and the judge was still on the seat so they called us back in and we gave not guilty and phooey we were done and i had to go back to work.
    i would not want to be on a murder trial because they go on for weeks and months, but i did like the one i was on.

  27. Woof! Woof! My dad got one this month ... first time. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  28. I almost did once. It got right up to the day of the trial and then they settled.
    I hope you don't get one of those long drawn out murder cases.

  29. Hi Ann, thanks for looking at my blog and leaving a comment. Your photographs are fabulous.

    Zentangling is pretty new to me too, but so much fun and so quick. Have a good evening.


  30. ewwwwww. jury duty is icky sauce. my mama has been summoned 2 times, but both times she was in school in another state and was able to get out of it!!

    the booker man

  31. julie well at least they paid for your meals and motel

    marg i hope you didn't too :)

    sandee whoa, 5 days before you got to go home and your weren't even on a jury? guess they do things different here

    donna not really feeling so lucky. once would be ok but why do I keep getting them when others never do

    marie the one jury I was on was a very short trial, and nothing major, we found him guilty...lol

    sallie uh oh, good thing you avoid it

    sharkbytes the one I was on wasn't all that interesting, rather boring actually

    tanyia one of the times I went I was in the selection for a medical malpractice suit that was expected to last 2 months. Luckily it was associated with a hospital that I do not like and that was good enough to dismiss me

    helen I always take a bag of things to do with me.

    ginny I loved Perry Mason and Matlock was a favorite too. Also a big law and order junkie...lol

    ldh I don't get how they can pick one person numerous times and others never get picked

    betsy apparently my answers are pretty good too because I've been dismissed several times

    beaded tail armed robbbery probably would have been more interesting than the one I served on, the guy was drunk and ran from the cops on a stolen motorcycle

    reeni I'm hoping my number gets dismissed and I don't have to go

    live laugh photograph not weird at all, lots of people would love to serve on a jury, I'm just not one of them...lol

    Lin me too. I usually don't talk to anyone, I sit there bored to death all day long trying to stay awake

    grace I always consider the day a total waste of time when I have to spend it at the court house

    roschelle I hope you never have to also

    spinninglovelydays I watch a lot of law and order and believe me the real thing isn't at all like the show....lol

    bossybetty well maybe you could come and pretend to be me on May 11th. I can see you as foreman :)

    ruth I've never had an excuse of any kind that I could use. Whining and crying and kicking my feet wasn't acceptable...lol

    char, good to see you back. There has only been one time that I went that I was able to leave before noon, all the other times I was there the whole day

    fishhawk maybe I should take some bacon to the court house with me.

    donna hmm, maybe I should make me a special button to wear the day I go...lol

    miawa from what I was told they go by social security numbers so you don't have to be a registered voter to be pickedf

    sandra well the missing work part is great but I usually sit all day long and never have anyone to talk to. I'm not good at making conversation with strangers

    sugar well I hope he doesn't mind it as much as I do :)

    russ I think my boss would freak out if I got stuck on a jury for weeks or months

    rosie your welcome, I enjoyed the visit.

    booker your mama is lucky. I wonder if it's too late to go back to school.lol

  32. The only time I was actually selected for Jury Duty was a very interesting case against Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It lasted 2 weeks and I enjoyed it.

  33. p.s. I did get paid for my time away from the office - I think my employer paid my regular salary.

  34. Once a year seems like a lot of jury duty. I get called every once in a while. No defense lawyer would ever allow me to sit on a jury so it just pisses me off that I have to sit there and wait until they call me in for the interrogation. The good news is that both lawyers usually agree that I should just be summarily dismissed so once I am called I get out fast.

  35. I was getting them all the time too. But I only had to go sit once. The rest of the times I just had to call in every other day for 2 weeks. My husband has never received one. Go figure.

  36. Just once ~ but I didn't get picked. But it was boring sitting there waiting that is for sure.

    Hopefully you won't get picked this time!
    xo Catherine

  37. Doris, that sounds like it would have been an interesting one. I get paid my regular wages from work also plus the 7 or 9 dollars that I get paid from the state

    Anne LOL, I wish they felt that way about me.

    Tammy we always have to call the night before to see if our number is dismissed or not. Only once was mine dismissed. the rest of the times I had to go to the court house. My husband has never had one either.

    catherine most boring way to spend a day if you ask me.

  38. Thankfully I have never had to serve on a jury though my cousin did once on a week long trail. Fingers crossed I won't receive one!!

  39. allotments4you, oh lucky you, hopefully you'll never have to


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