Friday, April 29, 2011

Brilliant observation

Do you remember this photo in yesterday's post?
I got an email from my cousin Carol. There was a copy of this picture and her comment was...
But of course -- he was on Guardian Angel duty!

I never even saw the angel wings until she mentioned it. Did you?


  1. Duke's ears DO look like angel wings! So cute.
    I'm so glad to hear that you basement is safe...maybe the guardian angel was watching over you as well!!

  2. We missed the wings but then again, we already know Duke is an angel! :)

  3. Oh I see those angel winds!

  4. Yikes, Duke IS an angel!! Well, I always knew that. You know, many angels are depicted as female, but there are only male angels in the bible...I'll have to research into canine angels.

  5. Well of course he is ~ no doubt about that!!!

    xo Catherine

  6. Duke IS an angel for sure, Ann.... I love the 'wings'..... Cute picture..

  7. That's pretty good. He really does look like an angel here.

  8. Okay, I am now officially ashamed of myself.

  9. Nope, missed it (but how funny is that?)

  10. Oh my, yes - he does look like an angel!!! What a guy!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. We missed the angel wing thing too. But like Sharla said, we already know that Duke is an Angel. I also think that is a great picture anyway.

  12. I missed it too. What a great shot. Now that you mentioned it they are standing right out.Now Duke can use this picture against you. Just in case he accidentally does something wrong.LOL

  13. You will have to wait for him to fly I expect.Funny

  14. All great photo's - I think Lola wants to share some ideas about the man cave. Have a great weekend!

  15. Lola is gorgeous--I can see why Duke keeps watch:)

    And I was glad to see that the basement was safe. After the rush of horrible storms this week it was good news.

  16. I can see then now, but didn't the other day. She is right...

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  17. Of course Duke has angel wings! So nice that he has someone to visit him. They will be the best of friends, I can see it now!

  18. marie, They do, I hadn't noticed till it was pointed out to me

    beaded tail I figured you did ;)

    ldh I do now, how did i ever miss it before

    tanyia but much warmer :)

    ginny I wonder why that is with angels. I guess they figure guys wouldn't make a good looking angel.

    catherine yep

    betsy he sure is.

    ratty I knew there was something special about that dog :)

    fishhawk and you even admit to it

    Jen me too and it is it really is

    ann I figured there should be some sort of documentation on this

    marg yes, i think all Duke's fans feel that way

    philippa she sure is

    russ, I can't believe I didn't see it. Maybe I wasn't supposed to know

    beebeebabs :)

    out on the prairie oh I hope he doesn't try that little trick

    bossy plain as can be isn't it

    katie I bet she does, the guys may not approve though

    erika she is, cute as can be. Duke is fascinated with her

    sandee I didn't either, never even gave it a thought

    sher I think he really enjoys it. I sure hope they get along once Lola gets bigger.

  19. I DO see the angel wings on Duke! But I already knew that he is a sweet angel.

  20. Daisy, he may need to polish his halo occasionally though :)


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