Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm on a crochet kick and I can't stop. I'm totally hooked, for now. Knowing my attention span this could end tomorrow.
I bought a book called 150 knit and crochet motifs. I found the cute little flowers in the book and started making a few.

Then I got this bright idea to make a whole bunch of them and make a table runner. I don't want a white runner though so I got an off white color. This next picture is still of the white ones and I haven't trimmed the ends off of them yet.

Hopefully I don't lose interest or get distracted by something else before I finish this. I have way too many projects that get started and sit forever waiting for me to get back to them. I believe I even have a box in the basement that has a few things I started years ago. Well I've got 14 flowers done, just a half a bazillion left to go.

How about you? When you start a project (any kind, not necessarily craft project) do you see it all the way through to the end or do you get distracted, lose interest and move on to something else?


  1. I love your idea, sis, that will look great! I have seen some really cute crocheted buntings lately too! Every time I see one I think of you ... and how you should be making me one! XD

  2. Nothing drives me crazier than to have projects undone! Maybe you cam make something smaller and cute if you can't get the big thing done. These are VERY cute! ;D

  3. These are beautiful Ann! Gonna be Pretty on a table!
    Nope, I'm like a dog with a bone...I stick with it 'till I figure it out...
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. My mom was an expert crocheter and I still have many of her doilies and pillowcases. This will be so pretty, but it's bound to get tedious, I would think. I want to see it when it's done! I usually don't start a project till I'm done with one.

  5. They turned out very pretty! This crochet thing once you start, it's hard to stop because the more you do the faster you'll get.

  6. Depends on the project. Once I start something tho I can get so immersed in it that time stops. Something like crocheting tho can take me years - I tend to lose interest in something like that quickly.

  7. Those will make a very pretty runner! I don't start anything unless I know I can finish it. I think about them forever but nothing actually is in the works until I know I can get them done.

  8. These are cute Ann ~ I hope you are able to complete your project.

    I need to have my craft done within a couple of hours otherwise I lose interest. That's why I like crafting homemade cards so much ~ they are done in an hour our two.

    I started a scrapbook album for my son.... 5 years ago.... it's still not done.... :(

    Happy Weekend friend!
    xo Catherine

  9. I remember when my grandma used to crochet. The thought gives me a feeling of comfort.

  10. These look so great! They are going to make a gorgeous table runner. Can't wait to see it :)

  11. I like those stars or table runner a lot. I just this week threw away about four things that I was doing and they have been sitting in the closet for ten years, so it was time for them to go. I can never stick with anything for long. Has to be done in an hour. But it is fun watching you do it Ann. LOL

  12. When I was a kid my mom always gave us a hook and yarn when we were sick. I carried that knowledge on and made a bunch of wooden hooks and took them to my classroom when I worked with behavioral children. It was fun to see what colors they would choose and a few took home hooks to use.

  13. Looking good Ann. You can do it. Just keep repeating to yourself, no new projects.LOL I use to start a lot of different projects. Can't do it here no room to store them. So I have to finish.

  14. How cute! I wish I knew how to crochet! Sadly, I start a LOT of projects and never finish them! I've gotten some back out and can't even remember that I did them! LOL.

  15. They are beautiful, Ann.
    I attempted to do something like for a blanket. I made almost 200 of the little things and just.gave.up!

  16. I usually get to finish projects, but often I rush them because I'm so keen to move on to the next thing! Your crochet work looks great.

  17. If I start a project I will usually finish it even if I need to hire someone to help me complete the job.

  18. Tanyia, it will look great if I can ever finish

    julie I may end up doing the smaller version

    donna good for you, I wish I was like that more often

    ginny yes, tedious it will be and that is why I wonder if I'll ever

    helen it is hard to stop but then I tend to burn myself out after doing so much

    grace if I don't have other projects in mind I'm not so bad but the minute I think of something new I want to start it and lose interest in what I'm doing

    beaded tail I also think about lots of projects all the time, I think that's half my problem

    catherine I prefer projects that I can finish quickly, less chance of losing interest

    ratty it doesn't seem like as many people are interested in it as there used to be. I could be wrong

    fishhawk, me eith

    duni I love the idea, now I hope I can make it

    marg I should probably go through my stuff and get rid of the projects I know I'll never finish

    out on the prairie what a neat idea

    russ easier said than

    donna I'm glad I'm not alone. I wanted to learn to crochet for the longest time and one day bought a book and sat down and taught myself

    erika sounds like something I would do

    philippa rushing things, that's another thing I'm guilty of

    ron wish I could hire someone to come finish my projects for

  19. The flowers look very delicate and difficult to make. Lovely!

  20. Love the flowers and you already know I'm not crafty. Maybe one of the reasons I don't is because when I start something it has to be finished before I leave it, oops! my OCD is showing.

  21. i always finish what i start (this does NOT include housework), but when i learn something new, for instance in photo shop, i will do it for a while and not do again for a year, then i will have forgotten how to do it and struggle to remember. i don't do crafts, and i did try to crochet and did NOT finish because it was driving me crazy. these are pretty and i like the off white better also. can't wait to see the finished product. we are waiting so you have to finish

  22. I can't sew or crochet or knit for nuts.. seems i might have 2 left hands.. haha.. anyways i always do think that people who knit are the calmest people.

    btw.. i can't do cross-stitch too.. i don't have the patience to see it through.. hehehe

    love the crochet flowers!

  23. So pretty! I should learn how to crochet. You can combine it with glass beads. I have a book about it. But I have not had time to pursue it.

    Thank you for visiting my post about my apple treasury on Etsy. You are first commenter.

    The snow has finally melted here. But we did get a last snow fall a week ago. And there are still piles of dirty ice and snow after huge snow drifts. Snow drops are blooming in spots.

  24. I don't have any craft projects as I'm not crafty. So there is nothing sitting around waiting for me to finish. Can't wait to see your finished project.

    Have a terrific weekend. My best to Duke. :)

  25. These are lovely Ann and you definitely need something calming and relaxing and warm with all that horrible snow outside!!

  26. Josep believe it or not they are very easy

    miawa I only wish I was a little more like that

    sandra i tend to give up easily when I get frustrated with something, it could explain the amount of unfinished projects

    anny well I don't know about the calm part, i tend to have my moments. I do TRY to be calm if that counts

    anna oh I know, I just wish I knew how to make jewelry. Karen from Will Oaks Studio uses crochet in her gorgeous creations

    sandee I wish I didn't have things waiting for me :)

    allotments4you the snow is gone for now but I saw earlier that it's in the forecast for tonight.

  27. Oh, of course, I'm one of those with boxes filled with unfinished projects. I suspect you knew that.

  28. Ann, your photography keeps getting better and better. Love your pics and super envious of your talent :)

  29. That will make a beautiful table runner. I know you can finish it!
    I used to start things and not finish but when it comes to crochet I can't wait to see the finished product.
    Good luck.

  30. sharkbytes no I didn't but it's nice to know I'm not alone :)

    roschelle aw how sweet of you to say, now if I could only see it :)

    connie girl oh I sure hope so. My attention span just seems to be getting shorter all the time though

  31. I regularly get distracted but I have been making some wire nests lately and seem to on a roll with them.
    I love your crocheted flowers and together they will make a beautiful runner!

  32. marie, distractions seems to be my middle name these I hope I can finish the project


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