Thursday, March 31, 2011


Can you believe we've gotten snow again? Last night after dinner I looked out the window and saw it coming down. I took a few pictures just before 7:00 PM

 I guess we got our April Fools joke a couple days early.


  1. Gads, more snow? But what wonderful pictures you got, they could be on the front of greeting cards. It would be hard to pick my favorite, but I love the second one with the beautiful scenery and the little yellow lights twinkling in the houses.

  2. We had ours over the weekend. It didn't stay though. My mom told an old wives tale about spring. She said that it is said, "If we have a late Easter, spring will be late". Hope not.

  3. I won't tell you that it's 80+ degrees here and that we have the air conditioner on. I just won't tell you that.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. My best to Duke. :)

  4. And I won't tell you that it's suppose to be 90 here tomorrow and rainy... Not a good thing because of possible rough weather... Tornados. I'm not nuts about hot days and cold nights.
    Hope you get a break soon!!!

  5. Ginny, yes can you believe it.

    cindy well I guess we are in trouble then aren't we, that is if we follow old wives tales :)

    sandee ok thanks for not telling

    donna I so appreciate my blog pals keeping their warm temperatures a secret from me...rofl

  6. Beautiful pix. WOW- we missed that one, and I'm not complaining. It's time to put the snowshoes away!

  7. The hell???!

    When is it going to end???? WHEN????!

  8. Oh wow! That's incredible! We finally had sunny blue skies today and it was just gorgeous. At least Duke likes the snow!

  9. Ohh - lovely photos - we got rain. Yay for rain; Boo for snow

  10. Terrific photos!
    I guess I shouldn't say that for the past few days we are finally in the upper 60's :)
    Stay warm.

  11. Well I can say it looks absolutely beautiful, but I'm betting you are good and tired of the white stuff by now. If it makes you feel any better, we got two days of heavy rains out of the last system :oP

  12. We got another half inch or so a couple of days ago. Methinks you have been a very bad influence upon our weather.

  13. I cannot believe this crazy weather!

    And thanks for all of your wonderful comments, Ann. I really appreciate your feedback.

  14. Oh you poor girl! Will it never end? There are predictions of snow for this weekend ~ but hopefully not like the dump you received!

    Keep warm Ann!
    xo Catherine

  15. Well it looks like you got more snow than us. We got a dusting of wet stuff.

  16. OH NO! not again! you poor spring starved person. so March came in like a lion and out like a lion, maybe spring will spring today and it will all go away.

  17. I think "old man winter" must have a crush on you, he just won't go away!

  18. Awww, I'm sorry, but you can live vicariously through my veggie garden and The Natural Gardner's photos on my site.

    Surely this is your last snow before Spring.

  19. omg, when will this craziness end? grrr!

  20. I have hoped not to see it here anymore, but you never know. I have to fly out west tonight so like to have a clean sky.

  21. Oh nooos. That is horrible Ann. Not the pictures. They are gorgeous. I would be a screaming crazy woman if it snowed here. Duke probably likes it though. Hope it goes away really soon. Take care.

  22. That weather really is getting beyond a joke... you have my sympathy - it must be SO depressing.

  23. It's beautiful but I don't want to be there.

  24. Oh, my - we MUST trade houses one winter...I'd love to have so much snow till I get sick of's been a long time!

    It sure looks lovely. I will be thinking of you as I have my first harvest of leaf lettuce for a salad ;-) (I know I'm bad!)

  25. sharkbytes glad it didn't get you too

    lin that's what I say

    tucker yeah but the snow

    beaded tail just when i thought we were done

    grace I would prefer sunny skies :)

    tahtimbo well glad someone is getting nice weather

    jen you would win that bet

    fishhawk ME? I would never be a bad influence :)

    erika me either

    catherine oh I hope you don't get it too

    russ at least it was just a dusting

    sandra spring starved is exactly what I am

    miawa well I wish he would knock it

    lynn thanks for letting me traipse through your garden and enjoy your nice weather :)

    tanyia I sure hope so

    out on the prairie hope you had good weather for it

    marg it sure is

    philippa thank you and yes it is a bit of a downer

    tammy it's always easier to see other people's snow

    doris OK, when do we

  26. Oh Ann...I feel so terrible grumbling about the wind when you are having to put up with snow again...surely spring can't be that far away!!

  27. allotments4you, ah, no problem. I'm sure that spring has to be coming soon, I just hope our summer isn't as cold as our spring


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