Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After

Hooray it's Friday. Boo, it's snowing again. It was more shoveling when we got home tonight. Now I'm way behind on reading all your blogs. I'm even last minute on writing this one.
On to the subject. Tonight lets do a little before and after.
I can't believe I'm showing you this one but Duke told me to just do it. Since some of you asked for a picture of the new hair color I've got a before and after. The before I took with my cell phone to send my daughter a picture of my new hair cut. Really bad picture. The after, not much better. The lighting is way different in the two pictures but I think you can tell the difference.

Yuck, I hate pictures of
OK, lets move on to a Duke before and after.
Of course you can't improve on Duke's already handsome face so the after is an edit to the photograph.

and one more Duke for good measure


  1. Great changes! Glad Duke had you show us this!

  2. Both Mom and Duke are looking good..:)

  3. Very nice! Those blue eyes are gorgeous too! More snow! Oh wow! Lovely editing the white in the photos of Duke!

  4. Lots of good looks.Like Duke lightened up.

  5. Your hair looks great! And of course Duke is cute as can be in the snow and with it on his face!

  6. Woof!Woof! Very Nice ANN. LOVE it ... Thanks for sharing you mom picture, DUKE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. I like your new color! It never seems fair that dogs look cute no matter their age.

  8. Loving the new colour is making me really want to do somthing with mine!!

    The edit of Duke is great...I think it would make wonderful christams cards!!

  9. I like your new hair color - it looks very natural. You know, it's awkward anyway to take one's own photo because you have to stretch out your arms and then end up looking stiff - I'm not saying you do, but I feel like a dummy when I photograph myself because I'm just sort of smiling and hoping it will be centered correctly LOL
    Duke is one handsome puppy dog - he looks so pretty - fit to be on the cover of a dog show magazine...

  10. You look great with the new hair color and hair cut, Ann!

  11. Your hair looks great, you look so much like mom it isn't even funny, dude! Oh, and I am glad you photoshopped out the "yellow snow" in Duke's pic! lol

  12. What beautiful portraits of Duke, he is Soooo cute! I love your hair color, and the style as well. It looks like it would be easy to take care of and it can go anywhere.

  13. I noticed that you took out some yellow snow....

    I don't like photos of myself either--that is why I post Hobbes all of the time. :)

  14. Love the color! Can't believe you got snow!!!

  15. The new hair color is right on target. And Duke looks very good in the snow.

  16. Hi Ann, I love your new hair color... It's perfect for you--and makes you look younger.. Bet you FEEL younger also... Congrats!!!!

    Duke likes the new YOU also I bet. What a cutie that Duke is...

  17. Ann it looks a lovely, warm, strawberry blonde and suits your bright, blue eyes - rather like the cornflowers look bright and fresh in the fields of wheat and barley!

    Duke, of course, looks the typical gentleman - he doesn't even need a dickie-bow.

  18. HUBBA! HUBBA! (If Wade gets jealous, just tell him that this is directed towards Duke.)

  19. Great color Ann.The style is also perfect. Makes you look sexier. Oops! Hope Wade is not reading this. Of course Duke is looking good as usual.

  20. i love the new hair color. much better than the old color. and you are soooooo right. nothing can make Duke look better because he is already soooo handsome. I really like that last edit, i am thinking new header shot for that one.

  21. I like both changes, Duke's photo is so funny, with the snow on his nose :)

  22. We love your new hair color and good for Duke for telling you to show us. Duke, you are looking extra special too. We of course like both pictures. All the pictures are fantastic.

  23. I'm LOVING the color! Fits you perfectly!!
    And I feel the same way about having my photo taken....Hahaaa...Aren't we Silly?!! Who cares...I sure don't anymore!
    You're beautiful...AND SO IS THE DUKE! That shot is Gorgeous Ann!!

  24. Both of you look mahvelous! Of course Duke has just about turned invisible man on us out there in the snow ;o)

  25. The new color and cut are adorable! I hate pics of me too, they never look like I imagine I look (-:, the mind is a tricky thing! But I like my version better than the cameras of me...

  26. Your hair is gorgeous! What a wonderful change!

    And Duke!!! Your incredble editing makes him look like an angel pooch! Absolutely fabulous!

  27. I love the new color. You look so much younger in picture 2. As for Duke, he always looks good. I'd love to have his stylist!

  28. Your hair looks beautiful. I hate coloring my gray. It is a never ending battle but I think I look better. Your new color makes your eyes so bright and pretty.

  29. You and Duke both look great before and after :-)

  30. bossy betty, duke does seem to know best :)

    livintheblues we both thank you

    ldh why thank you. I really liked the edit of duke

    out on the prairie he does look good in the light doesn't he

    beaded tail I laughed when I saw the snow on his face in the picture

    sugar thanks

    ann well we get chocolate they get to stay cute. it's a fair trade I guess

    allotments4you thanks I thought the same thing about the pic of duke

    doris thanks I always feel a bit silly taking my own picture but what the heck it's all cheap entertainment

    helen thank you very much

    tanyia I'll pretend I didn't read

    ginny I was quite proud of the duke picture. The hair is wash and go, I do as little fussing as possible

    lin lol, I was going to take it out of the original too but then figured what the heck

    grace thanks, I can't believe it either, enough already\

    ratty thanks, duke sort of fits right in with all that white

    betsy thank you and yes it is a bit of an uplift to the ego :)

    kloggers such a sweet thing to say thank you

    fishhawk LOL, a laugh and a compliment all in one day, thank you kindly

    russ between you and fishhawk I think I'm thank you

    sandra I like the new color too but unfortunately it's the old color more often because I just hate having to go through the hassle of coloring it

    josep i thought it was pretty funny too

    marg duke is a smart one.

    donna thanks and yeah, I'm getting to the point where who cares comes out of my mouth more often than not.

    jean thanks, yes duke could get lost in a blizzard

    miawa thank you I'm the same way, my mind tells me I look a whole lot different than what I really do

    donna thank you very much. Why duke is an angel pooch :)

    sheri too bad the color couldn't make me feel

    karen thank you, I also hate coloring and don't do it as often as it needs to be done. just lazy I guess

    the old geezer thank you very much

  31. Your hair looks very pretty Ann! I don't think anyone like their own photos ~ that's what photoshop is for! :)

    Duke is adorable as always ~ glad you got rid of the yellow snow behind him in the first photo! hahaha!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  32. miss ann!

    i totally dig your new fur color, and you have super pretty blue eyes, too! pretty please make sure you give duke an extra treatsie for encouragin' you to post your pics. :) btw, i like how you edited the pee out of duke's pic. teeheehee.

    the booker man

  33. Your hair is a pretty color! My Mommeh can never decide between golden blond (gets too brassy) or ash blond (gets an almost greenish undertone). Duke's edited photo looks like it could be on a greeting card.

    ps: I saw the yellow snow. Hahaha!

  34. catherine thank you. Yes I didn't think the yellow snow was very

    booker thank you very much. I'll be sure to give Duke extra treats and tell him they are from you :). Yep, had to edit out the yellow snow

    daisy thank you, I always use the ash blond, probably doesn't look it in the picture because of the lighting. I'm always too chicken to try anything different. I think everyone caught that yellow snow, I was hoping no one would

  35. Great cut and color! The color looks very natural. Thumps-up!

  36. Ann- who cares about the hair color? I love your smile! Thanks for showing us.

  37. A white dog in the snow? Duke just wanted to pretend to be subtle for a moment.

  38. I love you hair, it really looks great.

  39. Jean, thanks, hopefully next time I go for a cut I can get that same girl. The place I go changes stylists often for some reason

    sharkybtes most of the time I don't especially since I wear a hat all day at work. Duke and subtle just don't seem to

    tammy thank you very much :)


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