Thursday, March 17, 2011

can't take no for an answer

I think Duke has a bit of a problem. He seems to be so addicted to treats that if I tell him no he goes into fits of rage.
Just the other day he kept bugging and bugging for a treat. Now being the good mom that I am, I know that dog can not live by treats alone. I also know that eating treats before dinner will spoil your appetite. So I did what any mom would do and I said no, not now.
The next thing I know, I hear a crash and this is what I saw
Duke standing atop a pile of rubble. He tore paneling from the walls, tiles from the ceiling and he proclaimed that more destruction would follow if I didn't give in to his demands.

Next Duke asked me if I thought he was convincing enough during our little photo shoot. Since he worked like a pro we headed upstairs for a treat.

This is our basement, a.k.a. the man cave. As you can see the cave is getting some work done on it. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to put a hammer through a wall?


  1. LOL That is so funny! I know how he feels..when I want a treat, I want it NOW! ;D

  2. holy crap you and wade are on a roll with the remodeling! Whatcha doin to the basement now??? OH and Happy St. Patrick's Day Mom! OHhhh and for all of your bloggers.....Her birthday is on Monday :)

  3. Duke did a great job!!!Hahahaa... Bet that treat was Good!!
    And thanks to the Child for giving us a heads Up on the Birthday!!!!

  4. I didn't think Duke did all this damage. I was thinking he wouldn't do that. I was right. Man caves are everywhere. There are many guys I know that have a man cave. Sometimes it doubles as a doghouse.

    So your birthday in on Monday. Nice to know.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  5. I call them cookies, so that is not the word to use unless they are available. We go through a lot in many flavors.

  6. I didn't believe for a minute that Duke would be a bad boy! Nope. A great model though! :)

  7. Oh Boy hammers are such fun when your punching holes in the wall..:)

  8. There's no way sweet little Duke would do any destruction at all! I've never put a hammer through a wall before and the thought of it does sound intriguing but also nervewracking. Hope we get to see the after shot of the mancave!

  9. Poor Duke... See what a doggie can do if he doesn't get his treat?????? ha ha ha

    But I'm sure when you renovate the Man Cave, Duke will be right there to HELP.... BUT--he's going to demand MANY treats. So be sure and have them ready for him!!!!!


  10. No way such a sweet lil fluffy would do such a thing.. hahhahhahaa.. but it was a good photoshoot :) hope he got a big treat for a good job done!

  11. ha, ha, ha, if Duke can do that I sure would love to borrow him to make some destruction in our kitchen so I can get a new kitchen and Duke then will get his treat. :)

  12. Duke should be a professional model! He's so attentive. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  13. I'll admit it. For just a second, you got me!!!

  14. No, but I would love to find out!

  15. Goodness ~ when Duke wants a treat ~ he means business! :)
    xo Catherine

  16. oh yes i love hammering through walls! LOL duke is such a cutie :)

  17. Oh! I LOVE taking hammers and crowbars to walls and things like that. Good job, Duke (and helpers)

  18. I totally understand Duke's actions! Don't hold back on the treats!

  19. Yes, that does look like "LOTS of work". Have fun and store of plenty of treats for the "Dukester"!

  20. Duke is a real model. He looks really upset in the first photo :D

  21. Oh Duke! Hope you got your treat after all ;-)

    Ann, that looks like a lot of work! How cool to have man-cave in your basement :)

  22. The first thing I said was oh no.Then I figured you just had things stored there and he may have accidentally knocked them down. Well I am glad to see Duke is not in trouble.Good luck with redoing the CAVE!

  23. Way to go, Duke! I am going to try that next time my Mommeh says no treats.

  24. What is this?! Some of my favorite blogs today are mentioning home work and I want to do my own home work!!
    I am seriously stuck on what to do with my kitchen....

    Can I borrow Duke?

  25. Wow, what a temper tantrum, LOL!

  26. Duke was terribly convincing! I was actually shaking in my shoes :)

    I have NEVER put a hammer through a wall. But, it's something I've secretly always wanted to try. Hmmmm...

  27. Julie especially when it's

    Amanda yep :) new ceiling, recessed lighting and planking on the walls.

    donna he enjoyed the treat and child is a blabber

    sandee He looked convincing to me with that grumpy face. yep birthday is monday, just another day anymore :)

    out on the prairie yes some words are better left unspoken at times :)

    ldh darn, we didn't fool

    livintheblues yes they are, I enjoyed that part

    beaded tail there will definitely be after shots but this is a much slower project than the last ones

    betsy yep, better not cross him :)

    anny it was fun and he was very cooperative. I didn't think I'd get him to sit still on that pile

    helen you want him to swing by next week?

    reeni well he's not always so good, he's a very moody model :)

    ginny, ha ha ha we fooled

    grace, oh it's lots of fun. if you ever get the chance go for it

    catherine he sure does

    laura it is fun isn't it

    bossy betty I guess it's no different than someone telling me I can't have that chocolate bar

    fishhawk, have you done it often? :)

    roschelle yes, LOTS I better make a trip to the store for treats

    josep he does doesn't he. That is a very grumpy looking Duke

    Duni he usually does

    russ no trouble, just a little fun :) It may take a while to get the cave done but sooner or later

    daisy go for it Daisy and we want to see it too

    erika must be that time of year. So many possibilities for a kitchen and some of them could get mighty pricey. My kitchen was redone about 10 years ago so we aren't planning on doing that

    donna yep a big one :)

    dss if you ever get the opportunity, GO FOR IT :)

  28. Next time we have a demolition for a remodel...I'm callin' Duke!!! "K"???

    I can't wait to see the finished 'Man Cave'!

    God bless and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!!

  29. Good job Duke. You got that Mom's attention. What a riot. Next time she will pass the treats to you. Too funny. Take care.

  30. It is always nice to do work and see your completed project...however there is that huge element of fun and satisfaction when you get to rip something down first!! Of course in my case the middle bit is usually a little bit of...'Oh God...What have I done?? Why on earth did I start this??' But by then it's always too late!

  31. Is Duke busy next weekend? I need to get a new bathroom fitted. I have some treats, okay they're treats for cats but I'm sure they taste just as good :)

  32. That is TOO funny! Wow, Duke, I had no idea you had such a temper :) You must also be in pretty good shape, because it looks as if you didn't even break a sweat :-)
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  33. duke,

    you're an ANIMAL! heeheehee. ;)
    i can't wait to see the finished man cave, and mama says, yes, she knows how fun it is to put a hammer through a wall! :D

    the booker man

  34. nezzy it may take a while to finish. Duke will keep his calendar clear waiting for your

    marg I'll definitely think twice about telling him no :)

    allotments4you right now it's just looking at all the mess and wishing it was finished

    fishhawk, so you've mellowed over the years huh?

    alan oh I don't think Duke would mind if they are cat treats at all :)

    tahtimbo LOL oh yeah, he's in great shape. Me, I was huffing and puffing trying to stop

    booker I can't wait to see the finished cave either :)

  35. HAAA the Dukester has that evil look in his eyes, alas he is a good actor for sure. We all know he is a good boy and life is short, therefore, eat desert first :-)


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