Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More from the past

Not everything I found in my archives was sad like the picture I showed yesterday.
Here's another one that I found. This was the original, unedited picture.

Next to it was an edited version I had done.

Not bad I suppose but after seeing it I wanted to see where I could go with it a year later. Had my skills changed at all? Just a little test to see if I could do better. I think so but everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to things like this.


  1. The texture look like a art print. You added more sky on the fake sunset it looks like.

  2. I love both edits. The first edit just adds some much needed color. The second edit reminds me of a picture that grandma may have. Old and weathered, but still beautiful.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. I missed you both. :)

  3. That second one is awesome! I am not very good at all that! ;D

  4. They both rock actually... but I love the older texture look of the newer one :)

  5. Love them both as they have very different feels. Love the one with the accented sky for its color and the textured one because it looks old and faded. Nice work!

  6. Look there is Sandee. I also like both pictures especially the third one with both. They are terrific.

  7. Wow, you are so talented, do you ever send in your pics to magazines or websites for publication? You are a natural photography, just ask Duke :-)

  8. How in the world do you do a sky like that? It's amazing how much you can change up a photo. Maybe Duke is really a persian kitty edited to look like an adorable Westie! :)

  9. Wow!! You are talented!! What kind of photo editing program are you using? These are so cool!! I think I like the middle one best, the one that look like a sunset. you need to show us more pictures like this, with different looks!! Maybe do one a week?

  10. If I send you a picture of myself, could you make me really good-looking?

  11. I so like the third one, it has a professional touch.

  12. I love all of them... each have their own feel to it. You did a very good job with the post on the picture! You have surely improved by many leaps and bounds Ann :)

  13. Beautiful scenery Ann. I might remove the snow patch on the left track if I got time for that, so that it forms continuous line :)

  14. I think they are all great. I do like the sky in the second one.The last edit is great also. A nice old photo. Or so it looks.

  15. Hmmm.... I think I would have a hard time choosing my favorite. Maybe the last one? Fantastic Ann!
    xo Catherine

  16. i vote for the second one, the original edit, that is fantastic and you took a gray day of a photo that was ordinary and made it beautiful and extraordinary.

  17. love those shots ..I always want to walk the tracks just to see where they go..:)

  18. I love both edited versions. The second one is my favorite though.
    You are so talented!

  19. These are all wonderful! I am impressed!

  20. I also am impressed with your editing skills. Both are very good but I am a sucker for a sunset.

  21. How neat!! I wish I had the capability to do that to my photos. I'm sure it probably takes quite a bit of time to become familiar with the techniques and software, huh?

    Maybe one day I'll slow down enough to give it a try. I'd love to see what I could do with some of my pictures of Louis :)

  22. Wow they really look different with each edit.

  23. out on the prairie I think the one with the sunset was cropped differently

    sandee nice to see you back :) duke and I missed you. I love the aged look for some reason

    julie I enjoy playing around now and then

    tanyia same here, I like the aged look

    ldh thank you, never ceases to amaze me how one picture can take on so many different looks

    marg thanks

    man overboard no I never have, I guess I never see them as being that good in comparison to others

    beaded tail that's actually pretty easy it's a one click kind of thing
    but I assure you Duke is all dog :)

    ginny I use photoshop elements. Maybe if I start getting back into the editing again I will do a weekly thing

    fishhawk, being good looking isn't good enough for you? you want to be REALLY good looking?

    Josep thank you so much. I was pleased with that one

    anny one picture and so many different possiblities, thank you very much

    Vanilla seven you know I was looking at that and I thought the exact same thing. It's nice to know that someone else sees the same thing I do.

    Russ it does look old and that's always my preference for some reason

    catherine last one is my favorite

    sandra I did that when I first got my current version of photoshop elements. that's when they added that new tool

    livintheblues I like tracks, it would be fun to walk them and see where you end up

    angela thanks so much

    bossy betty thanks

    jean I don't get to see many sunsets so I had to make my own...lol

    dss I had a hard time learning this program for some reason but once I figured it out it wasn't so bad

    june zach thank you very much

    tammy, who would guess they were all the same picture

  24. Very cool and I like the "aged" effect the best. Like them all. And I love trains and tracks!!! I use to live my one and while the repeating sounds annoyed everyone else I found them comforting, loved it.

  25. Ann - you are very talented!! I like the aged look! But I also like the others - all for different reasons :-) This is an area I would love to learn more about - all it takes is time. Hugs, antonella :-)

  26. Very nice. I like how the orange one shows the ties- looks like a segmented worm.

  27. I'm impressed with your edits. I *must* learn Photoshop, but its seems so overwhelming. Maybe I can figure it out soon!

  28. It's a nice photo to start with but much better once you edited it!!

    The last edit is very good but my favourite id the middle one as I love sunsets....Like you said it comes down to personal taste!!

  29. Miawa that's my favorite also.

    Antonella thank you. I really enjoy doing this. I don't do as much of it as I used to but still like to play now and then

    sharkbytes hmm interesting observation, I need to go look for the worms now :)

    Janice it seemed overwhelming to me at first also. I thought I would never learn it but it did eventually click

    allotments4you thanks and yes everyone has a different opinion when it comes to things like this.

  30. How cool! I really like how the snow texture turned out on the second one. Fabulous!


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