Friday, March 4, 2011

What's that?

Hey Mom, what's that you got there?

Why it's a bag of  chili cheese flavored Frito corn chips Duke. I must say they are quite delicious.
(Duke sniffing softly) I would like to try some of those yummies too.

Now before any of you start yelling at me for teasing poor little Duke with my snack I have blurry proof that I did share.

 It's the best I could do. It's not easy getting a picture of Duke when he's going for the munchies


  1. That's supersonic light speed, LOL!

  2. Hi Ann, Thanks for coming to my blog... Please come back anytime... My hubby and I are retired and we love to hike and collect waterfalls, sunsets, etc... I also love my backyard BIRDS... We also grow beautiful flowers including ROSES... SO--come back often..

    I am enjoying your blog very much... You are quite a talented woman.. Love your Mug Rugs... Cute!!!!!!

    Duke is a cutie also... Looks as if he is 'in charge'... Right???? ha


  3. Duke is very adventurous eating chili cheese. I hope he liked it!

  4. We're glad Duke got to share in the goodies this time! He moves very fast!

  5. Oh oh... Fritos breath... ;)
    xo Catherine

  6. You must have taken that picture one handed, and have reflexes the speed of lightening!!! Can Duke eat very many without getting sick?

  7. miss ann,

    from the bottomest of all of us doggies' hearts, we pile the thankies on you for sharin' your chili cheese fritos with duke! it's a well known factoid that we doggies loooooove chips! heehee.

    the booker man

  8. So what was Dukes verdict on the Chilli snack?? My cat hates anything remotely hot..and won't touch garlic either!!

  9. Donna, when food is involved he always moves that fast

    Betsy you're very welcome, I enjoyed the visit. Glad you stopped by here and hope to see more of you. I always enjoy seeing new faces along with the familiar ones. Yes Duke is the one in charge around

    Alan he's always up for a good adventure :)

    Beaded believe me he often gets to share in the

    catherine, oh yeah :)

    Ginny, yep one handed and not very steady either. Duke only had a few, so I don't know how many it would take for him to get sick but I know he can handle less than a handful.

    booker you are very welcome and i was aware of the factoid because Duke informed me of it early on and reminds me of it often :)

    allotments4you verdict is he likes them. The only thing he doesn't seem to like any more is dog

  10. Did he give it back to you later on--only in a regurgitated form? That's what our well-mannered pups often do when we try to give them goodies like that.

  11. Oh good Duke, I am so glad we didn't have to yell at your Mom. Glad she gave you some. Our Mom wants to know if those are really good since she thinks she needs to get some. Hope you have a super week end.

  12. Uhhhhh....I don't know about using that shot as Proof Girlie!!Hahahaaa....You may need to go in for Another one!
    Happy weekend!

  13. like Duke I think munchies rock..:)

  14. actually i love the blurred snack loving duke, he is beautiful even blurred.

  15. Way to go Duke. You showed everyone how fast you can move.Hope you enjoyed your snack.I know mom did.

  16. Yummy, Duke can come visit us, I will share my goodies, too! :)

  17. From the way Duke is gobbling them up they must be yummy! Never tried them myself, though.

  18. Why he's so photogenic even a blurry pic is good (LOL), I love those chips too with a coca cola of course.

  19. fishhawk no duke usually chooses other methods of recycling

    marg I think they are excellent

    donna this one was tough enough to get. It's not easy shooting a moving target one

    livintheblues absolutely

    sandra yes he sure is

    russ we both enjoyed :)

    tanyia duke wants to know what kind of goodies :)

    duni he sure did enjoy them but he would have preferred that I just hand over the bag

    the old geezer he sure does

    miawa oh yeah, gotta have a coca cola with them

    diasy they are yummy but we try not to eat too many since they are not so good for the waistline lol

  20. Aren't those too spicy, Duke??? Don't eat too many because they will give you bad dog breath!

  21. Lin, probably yes, that is why he got a very small sample :)


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