Monday, March 28, 2011

Signs of spring

I heard someone say that spring was in the air. Oh really? So I looked. I saw snowflakes in the air. Not a lot mind you, but the occasional flake fluttering to the ground didn't look very spring like to me.
I looked in the back yard. I found my birdbath that had fallen in a previous battle with old man winter.

I looked in my front yard. I saw that once again, even though I said I would take care of it in the fall, my flower beds were a total mess. I saw dead leaves, trash blown in from a neighbors overturned garbage can, a pop can discarded by a careless teen walking by. Just as I was about to walk away in disgust, something caught my eye. What's this? Is that green I see? Why yes, yes it is. My Iris are the first ones to bring me the good news that spring really has arrived. 


  1. So what is strong enough to knock that cement bird bath over??? You got bears??? EEEEK!

  2. Today I feel like spring is in the air. I've not felt that way for a very long time. We've had one storm after another blow through California. I'm hoping the weatherman is right and we'll get a taste of spring.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  3. We did have Spring in the air...last week. For the past few days it has been quite chilly...down in the 30's at night...but it is slowly coming back up. We are suppose to get up to 75 by Saturday....Yeah!!
    Hope Spring arrives for you soon!

  4. Yes, I see them, diamonds among the trash. Are you going to use your birdbath?

  5. Your Iris's are proof that spring really is on the way!

    Looks like your bird bath isn't broken... just needs to be set up again. It is a nice one!

  6. Your Iris is very much like mine at the moment .... I was told that Iris have the ability to change colour and although they may be the same colour for several years suddenly one year they can be a very different hue. Just thought I'd share that and we will see if we both have the same colour or will our Iris be different?

    The frost has made its mark over here too - so much damage this year. I have had pot after pot split ..............

  7. Wishing you lots of spring like weather and many iris blooms your way! We had mid 80's and sun last week, but this week we are back in the 50's and we are all "freezing".

  8. What in heavens name could have knocked that over? The only signs of Spring I see is BB's fur turning a much darker orange - from creamsicle orange to a rich reddish orange.

    It's in the 20's tonite and not going much over the mid-50's by the end of the week - Brrr!

  9. Even if you have to look hard for them, the first signs of Spring are always a welcomed sight!

  10. Yay! Your Iris are peeking through. It's spring! It's spring!

  11. I bragged about having such warm weather...well that flew out the door and now it is dog gone cold here in GA...and very stormy.
    Hope Spring "springs" soon for y'all. Dang the weather is getting weirder each year.:(

  12. Yay for spring!
    We are currently revamping our front garden. It was a complete mess!

  13. I am doing the same as you Ann. Looking for any sign of spring. It gets warm for a few days just to kick us back down. Now they are talking about snow.

  14. Are you sure that the birdbath was a result of a hard winter? Duke has been bragging about his kick-boxing technique a lot...

  15. lol my bird bath is the same way, poor thing lol.

    There are a few little signs popping up in my yard as well but not much. I wish we had lots of beautiful flower trees blooming like so many others around us right now!

  16. good morning duke and ann, i had to smile when i saw the bird bath, only because ours looked just like that but 3 pieces. the dogs were chasing each other and hit it and when it turned over, it broke in 3 pieces. it laid there for ONE YEAR before i could nag The Man in to a repair job. it is now in one piece. hope yours does not take a year

  17. I woke to a small dusting of the white stuff, I hope it melts. Lots of green around here.

  18. Thank Goodness for the Iris!
    I love them!

  19. Perhaps this is where the term Spring Cleaning originates.

  20. nice to see that spring has finally made it your can only get better from here!!

  21. Yeah, glad to see you have some green coming up. We have some of those same flowers coming up. Sorry the bird bath took a fall. Spring isn't far away. Hang in there.

  22. Hope the bird bath is ok! Still white here... but it may be gone by the end of the week.

  23. miawa, yes it's about time

    lin i think it's just because the ground gets so wet back there or maybe not I'm not sure

    sandee we've had sunshine but the air is still really cool

    linda same here we get a couple nice days and then it's right back to cold

    ginny oh yes, we'll use the birdbath

    ldh nope, not broken, I think it would take quite a lot to break it

    kloggers mine have never changed color, the ones in my front yard are always purple and the ones in the back are always white. I wonder if they ever will change

    janice thanks, I need it

    grace I don't know exactly but the ground is very wet back there and it may have just gotten extra mushy and started leaning until it fell

    beded tail they sure are

    tammy hooray for spring

    jean don't feel bad I would have bragged too. sorry it got cold for you though

    duni my whole yard is a mess

    russ it's out there I just know it.

    fishhawk ahhh, I wondered what he was doing back there

    tanyia I know, I'm jealous of all the flowers everyone has right now

    sandra luckily this one didn't break but it's made of concrete so it would take a lot. My husband hates stuff like that so he'll be out there as soon as the ground dries up and put it bacvk

    out on the prairie the snow just doesn't want to seem to let go

    donna you said it

    bossy betty you could be right

    allotments4you I just hope it's not another teaser

    marg now I want

    pat, yes, can't wait till they bloom

    sharkbytes I hope for you that the snow does melt. It's time for spring already :)

  24. How exciting to have some green sprouting through!

    Hope your bird bath is fixable!

  25. How do the plants know it's spring but not the sky? It's the same way here. Very cold but the plants are coming up.

  26. catherine, yes but now it's being covered in a blanket of white GRRRRRR

    tammy I have no idea but I wish the darn sky would start listening :)


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